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Friday 26, February, 2016
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La Médecine holistique, à Philadelphie
Viva la Vie Saine - Le Centre pour la Médecine Holistique, classés par PHL17 et Fox29 #1 ne prescrivant pas de médicaments de l'établissement médical de Philadelphie. Ce centre médical dirigé par internationalement reconnu, Médecin, Acupuncteur, Homéopathe et Hypnothérapeute Victor Tsan. Le centre est situé au cœur de La région du Nord-est de la ville, tout proche des lieux de shopping et de transport public. Notre signature services sont les suivants: L'Acupuncture La Médecine Homéopathique L'hypnose et de l'Hypnothérapie Le Reiki Pendant des années, Viva la Vie Saine garde le titre de n ° 1 du centre holistique.

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obama care does not offer ppo health care plans hmo only enroll

obama care does not offer ppo health care plans. hmo only. open enrollment pain. purchased a very expensive monthly obama healthcare plan. mistake. the monthly fees are ridiculous and high health care costs. a few hundred dollars for obamacare enrollment. i wrongly believed i could select my own doctors. ppo doctors. not the case. obamacare does not have ppo plans. no ppo medical plans. dumb. spoke to various representatives and complained that my deductible was very high. monthly premiums super pricey. the obamacare exchange told me that I would have to pay a much higher premium. the health exchange directed me to www.myhpnonline.com and told me to complain about health care prices, I ...

nate diaz connor mcgregor 170 pound catchweight fight ufc round

nate diaz is fighting connor mcgregor at 170 pound catch weight. will be the fight of the night. conor will knock out nate diaz in round one, according to fighter connor mcgregor. march 5th is the fight date. holly holm versus miesha tate. bad ass fighter rafael dos anjos has either a bruised foot or a broken foot. mcgregor is currently winning the trash talking, war of words between the two fighters, causing connor mcgregor to call nate diaz "nicks little brother". frankie edgar was to eager to fight, but calls UFC the ultimate fighting connor, because for some reason, the mixed martial artist is avoiding the matchup. rumor has it that struggling brazilian jose aldo pressured ufc dana ...

michael moore where to invade next bombs low ticket sales views

michael moore movie bombs in theaters. where to invade next is a disaster movie. low views. low ticket sales. michael moore tried to boost ticket views to his movie where to invade next, but audiences stayed away. fat prick michael moore of stupid white men fame claimed that his movie was seen on 300 screens. that might be true, but three hundred movie screens is a defeat and complete failure in terms of gross ticket sales. "where to invade next" is a movie about all the good things other countries do, like providing free education and free medical care and less black people in jail, due to the decriminalization of hard drugs like cocaine. audiences hate michael moore because of his ...

department motor vehicles tropicana text messages phone privacy

no phone privacy at the tripicana dmv. walked in for a license renewal. transfer of license from california to nevada. marked the box for a state ID card in addition to the drivers license. walked out with never a license to driver nor a identification card. three hour fiasco. arrived early as the tropicana dmv opens at eight am. saw a line of 150 people. several people cut the outside dmv lines. walked to the front of the line. huge, fat black woman starts yelling at the applicants in line. move it. walk faster. chubby obese fat lady just barking orders. picked up the drivers registration form and the affidavit of residency form. spent 1.5 hours waiting as they all out residents phone ...

republican voter registration delays election official agency

applied by mail on the 9th of the month for the republican caucus. both the republican caucus website and the election agency website could not locate my information in their system. spoike to the head of the republican nevada committee a few minutes ago. the clerk checked 4 republican lists and could not find my full first name nor full last name. luckily I saved my voter application receipt. I never save my receipts, but I had a feeling my voter election slip would be lost in the mail. it says: if you do not receive a nevada voter registration card in the mail within 10 days, please call or visit your county election department. i thought the nevada online system had a programming bug, ...

highly addicting snack factory pretzel crips thin crunchy treat

baked pretzel goodness. low fat prezels. original snack factory pretzel crisps; the crunchy pretzel crackers. party size. motto is rethink your pretzel. french onion dip caramelized onion and thyme. crunchy. dip them. stack them. flavor and crunch that I love. a bit lighter, crispier, and melts in your mouth. great pairing. favorite toppings. this is a wholesome snack. great appetizers. this snack is made by princeton vanguard. going crazy eating the entire bag. all flavors are delicious, but the honey mustard flavor coupled with the onion flavor blows my mind. decent price of under three bucks a bag of a 9.35 ounce size. oh my goodness. ingredients are wheat flour, onion powder, whey ...

republican caucus finder clark county nevada voter registration

republican caucus finder clark county nevada voter registration. did several searches on where to register to caucus and what the clark county caucus locations are. google has few searches under "nevada caucus finder" - could not find the ted cruz caucus finder. in fact tedcruz.com is not owned by the cruz campaign and seems to be registered to a democrat domain name owner. did another google search under "clark county caucus finder" and marco rubio website. no caucus finder for the rubio campaign either. donald trump made a big deal out of the donaldjtrump.com website having a "las vegas caucus finder" but I could not locate my caucus location because the submit button did not function. ...

comedian andy kaufman is an overated hack stand up routine lousy

lousy comedian andy kaufman is an over rated hack. just watched the saturday night live audition tape of kaufman and I realized what I knew all along which was that lousy comedian andy kaufman is an overrated hack. the guys stand up routine was never funny and did not solicit any laughs from any of my friends. i am a comedy fan and watch comedic performances three times weekly. true comedic geniouses such as jay leno and bill maher. andy kaufman has a dry, boring delivery where he would pause for long durations. these long pauses only relate to two percent of the population. overrated is the key word when watching andy kaufman performance. lousy is another descriptive word that relates to ...

classless clown van jones takes shot at donald trump and media

classless clown van jones was up to his old dirty tricks. cnn placed van jones on its panel of talking heads and pundits, who change their opinion more than their stained boxer shorts. with david axelrod constantly interrupting the woman to his left, classless clown van jones decided he did not like that winner donald trump did not give loser jeb! bush a congratulations for being a quiter speech during winner donald trumps victory speech. classless clown van jones said that the media was giving donald trump a pass and praised jeb! bush even though his brother got the usa into war, caused an economic collapse with the great recession, invaded a sovereign country, played golf while soldiers ...

hussong cantina mexican restaurant cuisine review food tacos

hunsong cantina reviews. this is a mexican taqueria restaurant at the mandalay bay shoppes connecting luxor. rode the tram from excalibur to luxor which passes mandalay bay. was looking for a seafood or pescatarian diet. hussong mexican only has one item on the menu that could be considered in this diet. grilled fish tacos. fried fish tacos are terrible. do not order them. the grilled fish has mango sauce which ads nice flavor to the dish. the cuisine at hussong is not that good. the atmosphere is loud, so no private conversations at hussong cantina. loud band members walk up to tables and begin playing mexican songs. the nachos are not traditional nachos. no melted chedder cheese. light ...

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Sunday 21, February, 2016
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national security agency encrypted devices helped terrorist plan

the head of the national security agency said that encrypted devices helped the paris jihadists carry out the terrorist attacks. that is true. do you know what else helped the islamic terrorists carry out their terror plan? phones. yes, the phones people use to talk to their parents helped the terrorists. president barack obama has now said that he is looking into the possibility that phones will be outlawed by decree or executive order. head of the nsa has also stated that roads and bridges have helped the terrorists carry out the latest islamic attacks. obama has directed both homeland security and the transportation administration to begin dismantling all roads, bridges, to prevent ...

president barack obama pardon iranian who did business with iran

president barack obama of the united states of america decided to pardon all the iranian companies that did business with iran, in violation of the american sanctions that the usa had in place on the iranian regime. oil and gas companies did business with iran. they traded and used tricks to circumvent the us sanctions. the us attorney general took the case and issued warrants for arrest, the forfeiture of assets and the seizing of assets. proceedings were in place to charge the ceo and coo of the companies with high crimes. president barach obama yesterday pardoned all the law breakers. so my question is; what is the purpose of having laws? iranian companies break the laws and they are ...

impractical jokers funnier than ever this year season four murr

murr is my favorite impractical joker. james is a comedy genic, on mark with richard lewis. Q is super funny this season. in previous impractical joker seasons, Q was aprehensive and had performance anxiety disorder. in the newer seasons, brian has come out of his shell. brian has no morals or principles and does not care about the facial expressions of the jokers. Sal and Brian are very good friends while james is true friends with everyone. the impractical jokers are not as funny live, because the show format is unique. what makes the newest impractical jokers season funnier is the craziness and the humiliation factor. blind man cutting hair. pregnant woman proposing to her boyfriend in ...

scam company 1st choice business solutions limited fraud rip off

searched company house for the company 1st choice business solutions ltd. company number 07248590. registered office address 27 old gloucester street, london wc1n 3ax. this address may be a virtual address and not a real physical address. accounting and auditing services. company appointment gerald michael grant. the annual return shows a private company limited by shares. director robert norbert morris is an accountant. both 1st choice business solutions company directors hold only 1 share of stock valued at 1 pound. 1st choice business solutions limited. gerry michael grant is an alias used. 1st choice business solutions rip off. sent them some cash, for a service they never provided, ...

steve harvey talks shit to a 21 year old comedian young family

steve harvey, the guy who does not know the difference between a runner up and a winner, decided to give a little advice to an up and coming young comedian on the popular sindicated game show family fued. harvey was introducing a family he called "a young family" when he asked the 21 year old contestant what he would like to do when he grows up. the young black man answered that he was doing stand up at comedy clubs and open microphone nights. steve harvey was dismissive and said that youngster needed some more world experience and life experience before becoming a comic. later in the show the young man was asked a question: what do women do that starts with the letter C; the boy answered ...

scare tactics by the rigged stock market plunges 1000 points fun

the stock market is fun. great scare tactics by the computers running the rigged economy. during the financial colapse known as the great recession, I was in the middle of it. I was a bull, just because everyone else was a bear and I like to do the opposite of the crowd. the cnbc analysts were near tears, in paranoia stating that what everyone should know, is that the market is controlled by computers, that sit on the backbones of the large exchanges. over the long term of ten years, a nice financial return will be made. over the short term, there would be high fluctuations. scare tactics by the rigged stock market this week caused the stock market to plunge 1000 points. some bears were ...

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Thursday 18, February, 2016
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1st choice formations business company united kingdom fraud scam

1st choice formations. 1st choice business. both companies may have a high level of fraud or a serious ethics problem, corrupt with ethical and scam related issues. used the services of 1st choice formations, with the alias 1st choice formations. noticed some inconsistencies in their process and deals, customer related. when communicating with first choice formations out of london uk, you will not get a valid name or valid contact. the emails will say: admin team, and even after you send them documentation such as passport identification, the "admin team" signer will address you as mr. (first name), causing me to believe this is a team of indians running the company and not british ...

slice of vegas pizza salmon veggie burger going through motions

slice of vegas mandalay bay is known for poor service and a wait staff that only goes through the motions, in order to collect their standard tip sizing of 15-25%. went to this hell hole over the weekend and ordered a veggie burger that tasted like excrement. bean flavoring gave off an odor and poor taste. a colleague ordered a salmon pasta dish where the pasta noodles were cold. saw the four dollar pizza slices but didn't taste it. a group of patrons at the nearby table were not too satisfied with a ricotti pizza where the cheese seemed to sink into the thin crust. waiter was lifeless when he came to the table. poor listening skills, he needed to write down my companions order, but ...

spring valley hospital refuses to provide lab results discharge

long wait times at the spring valley hospital. went to the emergency room there with a variety of symptoms such as back pain, eye pain, hand and leg numbness and was treated like a clown. the discharge nurse accused me of not having a real illness and told me never to step foot in the emergency room again as that room is for real patients with real medical conditions. my discharge letter simply said: acute pain and the doctor said: there is nothing wrong with you and put non-emergent on my release documents. symptoms that were complained about were dizziness, pressure on the limbs and trauma to the side of the head. registration at spring valley hospital is a pain. registration computers ...

its refund seasons stupid h&r block commercial thousand dollars

win thousands of dollars with a stupid h&r block commercial. h&r block, a dinasour in tax services put out a dumb commercial with an old fart actor playing a tax specialist. he tells you nothing about tax deductions, nor does he talk about tax strategies or tax savings. this h&r block actor yells: it's refund season! get your share of thousands of dollars from h&r block. worst marketing idea in years. instead of discussing the benefits of tax preparation, h&r block will give you a thousand dollars if you step foot at one of their thousands of locations. loss of brain cells for sure. h&r block is hopeless. no expertise. just a raffle. just a contest. we beg you: step foot into h&r block tax ...

crystal boba hut green milk tea almond happy hour discount order

the boba hut features crystal boba hut geen milk tea almond and have happy hour discount specials with your order where customers get 50 cents off their purchase. the boba hut is on facebook and instagram and presents iced tea, food, desserts, coffee, milk tea and smoothies. strange that a boba place sells chinese food and asian food. boba is a jelly that comes from a cassava root, that is chewy and sweet in flavor. boba hut has chinese hawaiian fusion. when you buy 10 boba drinks, you get 3.50 off your next order. i ordered a green milk tea almond boba with crystal boba, which was described to me as a boba with less calories. slimy jelly flavor boba. i prefer another boba place actually ...

under george bush watch great recession world trade center iraq

under george bush's watch, the united states had the great recession, the collapse of the world trade center towers, and the disasterous 4 trillion dollar iraq war; now brother jeb brings in george bush to campaign for him in south carolina. read my lips: no new bushes. real my lips: no new taxes was a pledge by the elder, the father, herbert walker bush. do you think that promise was kept? no! he blamed him going back on that promise on the democrats and the democratic party. bush the senior only served 4 years and was easily defeated by bill clinton. the great recession where all the banks issued fake mortgages happened under the reign of george W. bush. now W bush is in south carolina ...