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Saturday 13, August, 2016
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800 degrés neapolita pizzeria de la nourriture examen de la strip de las vegas, pizza
nous avons passé ici trois fois déjà. la nourriture délicieuse. une bonne foule. un service rapide. ligne express type de service. la meilleure chose à commander ici serait la pizza quatre fromages. je pense que pour las vegas prix et la tranche de prix, le 4 pizza au fromage est une bonne valeur pour votre argent. aussi des salades et des boissons. propre salle à manger. candide les noix, les canneberges séchées. de fromages et de viandes. également de la viande, les amoureux de la pizza. des éléments supplémentaires coûtent de l'argent. les salades avec de l'huile d'olive, le citron, le fromage et d'autres saveurs. 4 étoiles sur 5 critique de restaurant.

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lyft surge pricing scam, plus 200% instead of times 200 percent

silly tricky words on the lyft app for their surge pricing. fell for this scam and got a 75 dollar bill for a 5 minute lyft ride. i saw the lyft ride surge pricing and compared it to the uber surge pricing. lyft surge prices said 200% while uber was 350% , but the fine print lyft pricing was not visible until I got the bill. said base price (so the regular price of the lyft ride) PLUS 200% of the base price, equals the entire surge fee. complete scam. they are adding two different numbers to equal the final surge price. the normal way would be to say "this ride will cost you 3x" or "this ride will cost you 2x" but they make customers do complex math and algebra problems where you are ...

sienna extended stay henderson usual band of crooks hang around

this is my first extended stay. was here 1.5 months at the sienna extended stay. except for the usual band of crooks hanging around the outside of the room, all was mostly well. got the extended living room deal. price came out to $1500 a month. hotel style. motel style living. couch. two tvs. small bathroom. two beds in the room. overall comfortable. can not get towels to "save your life" as the saying goes. no wifi. no internet. 1 slow computer in the common area lobby. staff was friendly. neighbors were noisy. could have been worse. area was decent. nothing too ...

ecuador money drama central bank not issuing 100 dollar bills

on my recent trip to ecuador, I walked into the central bank of ecuador and was told by bank officials that $100 dollar bills would be discontinued. for the expatriate community, they must pay high fees to transfer funds from ecuador, to the usa and other communities. 5 percent off the gross amount to leave the country. most banks are only doing cash withdrawals in amounts of $10 and $20 and wire transfer fees are high. usually government forms and u.s.a meddling in local banks. customers voluntarily must disclose tax identification, social security and other personal information which are shared with the united states authorities. this is fine. more hassles for overseas savings and ...

obama campaigns with hillary wastes taxpayer money flying jet

obama and his flying jet airforce one wasting taxpayer money campaigning for hillary clinton instead of working. president barak obama decided to take the day off work again. not to play golf this time or go to camp david or go to hawaii, but to waste jet fuel and bring along his security team and campaign for democratic nominee secretary clinto. obama is screwing half the country by using taxpayer money (his salary and paid bonuses) to campaign for one political party. sitting presidents who are getting paid by taxpayers should not be campaigning for candidates. they should be working and doing their ...

rio buffet food poisoning shrimp lobster seafood bait and switch

bait and switch pricing at the rio buffet seafood for locals. were told by the players club at the rio that locals would receive 50% off their meal. complete lie. fabrication. after waiting in a 50 minute line that stretched and blocked the rio casino, due to only 1 cash register operating at the rio seafood buffet, when 3 cash registers were available, when our party finally got to the front of the line, the rio casino employee told us that we would have to pay full price because we were close to a holiday. ripoff. customers pay double for a tiny section on the right that has more seafood options that the crab legs that all non seafood buffet patrons must pay. not worth it. little value. ...

paradise bakery cafe dallas texas sucks

we did not enjoy our meal at paradise baker cafe in dallas texas. restaurant feels like an assembly line with customers hurried along the ordering process. ordered a tomato soup which had a lack of seasoning or flavor. not my style of restaurant. the cookies which i was looking forward too and wished to be delighted with were stale and flavorless. prices were high. quality was lacking. restaurant was noisy. not good value for the money at paradise bakery cafe dallas texas. experience sucks. 1 ...

billy's stone crab fort lauderdale florida on the river friendly

rented a car as a tourist and walked into billy's stone crab fort lauderdale florida. restaurant is on the river. people are friendly. i was actually there about 30 minutes before they open their doors. manager said to make myself comfortable sitting outside, riverfront. the food was terrible. the scenery was amazing. two types of clam chowder. some type of chili clam chowder which was barely edible. regular clam chowder tasted like it was leftover from yesterday, the day before, or the weekend. needed to the clam chowder crackers to mask the taste of the meal. super expensive menu items. billy's stone crab did pickup as customers starting piling on. my guess is the view pays for the ...

quito airport suites mini hotel inn motel edge capital airport

stayed at the quito airport suites which can be searched by using google search engine. best described as a mini hotel, small inn, motel, which is about 10 minutes from the edge of the capital by driving. was going to take a taxi to the airport surrounding area but the quito airport suites hotel had great customer service and emailed me that for a few dollars more they suggested to pick me up. service was excellent. rooms were basic, but the point is to just get away from the airport and to get closer to the city center. pickup was on time. sign was held to pick me up from the airport. recommended mini hotel "quito airport suites" - friendly service. great people. probably family ...

oakley polarized sunglasses scratched cost 100 for new lenses

oakley polarized sunglasses scratched. cost 100 dollars for replacement lenses. use to be a huge oakley fan, but after going into the stores and seeing the oakley "assembly process", I have lost a lot of faith in the oakley brand. the sunglasses are flimsy and the oakley polarized sunglass lenses scratch easily. took great caution and care for my 300 dollar expensive oakley polarized glasses. something both lenses got scratched within 48 hours. oakley does not do scratch repair, so it costs $100 for replacement lenses. assembly quality is flimsy. cheaply made. they customize your oakley glasses, and if you feel the material and see the teenager employees build your glasses, you will ...

wells fargo lied to me multiple times on bank fees account links

wells fargo lied to me multipe time. walked into a branch. asked about a savings account. was told no fee. asked repeatedly to make sure. opens the savings account for me. reads me the terms and conditions. monthly service fee. asked for a debit card. asked if the debit card would be given to me at the branch. wells fargo associate said it would. spent 1 hour there. waited for my car near the end of the slow account opening process. asked for my savings debit card. wells fargo employee said it would be sent to me in the mail. asked the wells fargo salesperson if I can link my savings account and checking account to my check debit card. wells fargo manager said yes. wells fargo loan ...

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Thursday 11, August, 2016
reviews complaints reviews
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luna rosa ristorante italiano rude stuck up waiters lake vegas

lake las vegas luna rosa ristorante italiano rude and stuck up waiters. nice owner, but I am not sure if the waiter was just an employee or her son. sitting at luna rosa ristorante italiano for abour 25 minutes, until we received our menus. no waiter introductions. just a "what do u want" - ordered a nice glass of red wine and waited for our appetizers and main course. took another 18 minutes for a basket of bread to arrive. still waiting for our main italian dish. kitchen was behind. finished the few slices of bread. during 35 minutes, no waiter served us. I stopped the waiter as he was serving other people and asked for more bread. he stared me down for a good 20 seconds. apparently, i ...

california burrito company mexican food place on miramar road

stopped by here and in general I would rate and recommend this mexican establishment. ordered a ground beef and cheese burrito and it was not exactly stuffed, but it did the job for my taste buds. my friend ordered the surf and turf burrito which was promoted on all the wall displays. seemed okay. had a bite. once again, tiny portions. atmosphere and environment at california burrito company was cozy. small place. seems to attract a crowd. great corner location off miramar road. must know what to order off the menu like the black forest burrito. a bit pricey though. 3.5 ...

pacific auto service in the miramar mira mesa area of san diego

took my car into pacific auto service in the miramar mira mesa area of san diego. was not much of a wait. they do charge for inspecting the vehicle. has a hose that was loose. usually a mechanic would do a minimal inspection and then tell you the charge for labor and parts for replacing or attaching the loose hose, but at pacific auto service they charge you an inspection fee which I did not like. of course the inspection fee goes toward the labor and parts which is a good thing. i liked most of the employees at pacific auto service but there was one guy that was lazy and did not make good eye contact who I did not care ...

idiot uber driver does not use gps, keeps asking for directions

idiot uber driver refuses to use the built-in gps, keeps asking me for directions even though I am visiting the city. i offer to turn on my mobile phone and give him turn by turn directions but he keeps repeating 'don't worry about it" - I put in the correct address and the idiot uber driver has no clue how to get there. i believe the idiot uber driver had a broken mobile phone screen. in fact, 10 minutes prior to picking me up, the idiot uber driver calls me up and asks me how to get to my apartment. complained to uber but the idiot indian support ignores my 8 paragraphs complaint letter and says I needed to enter my destination address. I already did. read the damn support letter. need ...

corner bakery cafe utc shopping center employees

recommend corner bakery cafe utc shopping center. good cookies there. good employees. accidentally ordered a chili dish and had meat content. since i am a vegetarian, i was light headed when i ordered it. the employee was kind enough to replace my order with a soup. also requested extra bread which was brought to the table. a lot of people on their notebook and laptop computers at corner bakery cafe utc shopping center. remodeled and renovated facility with a good selection of sandwiches. thumbs ...

cox cable overcharges homeowners with their contour tv service

the fraudsters at cox cable, known as cox communications is at again. hidden monthly overages such as countour tv guide charges, cox tv starter charges, expanded service charges, faith and value pak, and advanced television service. our household ordered none of the above but got charged for it. a mechanical box problem where a technician had to come out to remove a black switch which was blocking channels and frequencies inside the home. fraud cox added a professional installation fee to our bill statement when nothing had been installed, and no charge notification has been given. a charge of tv self activation kit, late fees, contour record 6 receiver, record 6 dvd service and that ...

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Tuesday 9, August, 2016
reviews complaints reviews
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bellagio poker room an organized unorganized disaster

want a drink from your waitress? she will never arrive at bellagio poker room. do you want some food while playing and betting at a las vegas card room bellagio. better get up from your seat and go to another part of the bellagio casino, because a bellagio waitress will not be bringing you a menu nor food. the dealers have a hard time getting Floor to come to settle disputes and the staff is so understaffed that bellagio poker room has become an organized unorganized mess, disaster. you call in. they say they will put your name on the list. you arrive. your name never got placed. no touching the cards rule is not enforced. poker playing cards are touched. no english at the table rule is ...

edits were not saved instagram error message saving hashtags

instagram gives an error "edits weren't saved" or "edits were not saved" when trying to save your profile, video, photo or picture. this is an instagram error message when instagram is trying to punish their users or some form of instagram punishment that instagram blocks the user's actions, when the user is using repeated hashtags. so if I use #love or #kiss or #sugar often on most of my posts, instagram blocking takes over. let's say I am an instagram business. if I copy and paste my hashtags into instagram, then I could be blocked. The blocks are usually 24 hours, but can be 72 hours or an entire week. Posting duplicate hashtags should not be against instagram rules, but instagram ...

tammy temple lago vista sales agent a community in lake vegas

william lyon signature home. spoke to tammy temple today. nice woman. something in general I hate when going to see model homes is the sign up process. enter your email. enter your full name. get the monthly calls. need to sneak out of their before asked to register and enter all personal details. lake las vegas was a property where millions was spent on an artificial lake in henderson nevada, clark county. now with the vegas economy revived, several new communities, developers, developments and housing projects are being built around the lake. I did enjoy the models by william lyon signature homes around lake las vegas, but the premiums for lots they are asking is insane. lot premium of ...

baboush restaurant market bar ambiance mckinney dallas texas

props to baboush restaurant. amazing ambiance. best salmon kabob this side of texas. recommended salmon kabob is cooked to perfection. juicy flavors. great decor. family friendly atmosphere. dined here with a friend. will never forget that salmon kabob. generous portions. the humus here is the real thing. talk about chic peas. let's give some praise to fine dining at affordable prices. good food. attentive wait staff. fast, kind staff. five star environment. downtown dallas texas. ample parking. dark ...

the noodle man chinese hand pulled noodle bar las vegas dine in

dine in or togo at 6870 south rainbow blvd suite 101 las vegas nevada 89118. our family, relatives, associates and friends ate at the noodle man and we would continue to frequent this establishment. we found the view access to the kitchen enjoyable. we found the portioning of the noodles to be of a gigantic size. meals were rich with contents, meaty, delicious, tasty, and overwhelming with flavors, spices. easy access off all roads and freeways to the noodleman. of course the kitchen chef hand pulls the noodles from a block of goodness right in front of the customers eyes. about a dozen menu items are rich in content and ...

blue ginger thai cafe 6550 n. macarthur blvd las colinas texas

las colinas texas bluegingerthaicafe. i found this thai cafe in colinas texas to be intermediate. ordered a thai seafood platter and was not super elated. the thai dish itself was mediocre. had minimal flavor. spice level of 4 was not spicy at all. portion size was poor. liquids overflowed on the plate. felt like i was at a cheap chinese take out. reviews are not to my liking. blue ginger thai cafe is a spot where you can go if you zero interest in having high end quality thai food. i would restrain from order any seafood portions at las colinas blue ginger thai ...