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Friday 26, December, 2014
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LSUS shreveport university douglas bible dean
Douglas Bible is an associate Dean at LSUS, which stands for Louisiana State University Shreveport. I had a conflict with a teacher regarding the teacher not following her own standards. Douglas Bible was carbon copied on all the correspondence regarding this issue. I wrote to people above and below Mr. Douglas Bible's station at LSUS, however, Mr. Douglas Bible was the only one not to respond. The issues addressed were serious in nature. Yes, they involved a grade, but they also involved LSUS policy. Douglas Bible is a policy maker at LSUS (shreveport). Douglas Bible was contacted directly and refused to return correspondence, nor comment in any fashion. I believe this type of behavior is unacceptable. If you are the DEAN, and a student has a concern, it must be addressed.

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Paul Rud (with one D) ex-taxi driver, Los Angeles

Paul Rud is a russian. Paul Rud is a movie buff. Paul Rud is an ex-taxi driver. Paul Rud lived in Reseda (Los Angeles) Paul Rud lived in Sherman Oaks (Los Angeles). I had helped Paul Rud in many ways including financially. I had befriended him. I got Paul Rud out of a financial mess. I had spent time with him. I had listened to his awful rap music, burning holes in my bloody ears. Paul Rud decided to steal a website from me. Paul Rud decided to pay out $15,000 to a scam artist and thief. Half of this money was mine. Paul Rud decided that he did not want to be friends with me anymore. Paul Rud decided to start spreading rumors about me. Paul Rud loved the Sopranos and he hated RATS ...

Vish Bangalore, Qualcomm, Heartless, Engineer

Vish Bangalore, also known as Vishnu Bangalore, lives in San Diego California, and works for Qualcomm. He is truly the scum of the earth. Vish Bangalore treats friends like dirt. The guy is a walking problem. He never stops complaining. Well, I went on a road trip with this guy, winter time, freezing temperatures. During the road trip, I caught a dreadful case of the FLU. I was stuck in the back of a car for 3 weeks with the FLU, while Vish Bangalore was telling me to "Get over it." I did not sleep for 43 hours straight. I finally got 15 minutes of sleep and Vishnu Bangalore told me wake up, go outside and put .50 cents in the meter. Yes, after not getting any sleep for 43 hours, Vish ...

uknumbers.com dopped calls no voice mail static

uknumbers.com will not be providing you with a UK number that works. it is easy to simply go around handing out various number, but the whole point is for a number to work. uknumbers.com will have numbers that do not forward to your destination. second, all your calls will drop. third, you will not be able to setup voicemail properly. uknumbers.com is a company in the united kingdom. the goal is to be able to get a UK number. however, the goal is also for your UK number to be heard with zero static and for your United Kingdom number not to dropp the calls. I would avoid uknumbers.com - It is simply not a service that works, does not forwards your calls successfully to many ...

avianca airlines, bloody dog, broken items, worst

avianca airlines is the worst airline in south america. the customer service is absolutely dreadful. we transported a dog and the dog was dehydrated and bloody. he was bleeding everywhere. we told avianca and they refused to file a report. later we reported the bloody dog to an avianca manager named juliana parra. she told us she could not help because there was no report! smart company :) file no report, then refuse to help, because there is no report. avianca employees will not look you in the eye. they simply walk away. we transported many items and 25% of our items ended up damaged. we asked to see a supervisor. they refused. we asked to file a report. they said "no one is available." ...

chris rusch fraud scam ripoff lawyer jail liar

chris rusch is a nice guy, but also a crook. i had met him in his office in downtown san diego california. he offers offshore planning, complete with trusts, panama corporations, and bank accounts. any fool can purchase an offshore corp online. the reason us fools need an offshore attorney is for tax planning, for asset protection, and for advice. we want to know someone will be there when we need them. chris rusch fees are very high. For an offshore company and a trust, he will charge $11,500 USD upfront and yearly costs. Recently the US government decided to put chris rusch in jail. It seems he had done some transfers for some unsavory characters. When debarking a plane in Panama, U.S. ...

stickynumber.com - a colossal disappointement

I was very disappointed with stickynumber.com - well at first, I thought that this number provider would have potential. They responded to an email of mine which was shocking. However, my initial optimism turned to pessimism when I realized that their numbers simply do not forward. I am in south america. I had tested all their numbers to see if they would forward and they would not. After responding to one of my emails, they simply gave me a generic "we will look into the problem." They never actually responded further, nor looked into the problem, nor were able to fix the problem. The site itself looks decent, but the service is horrible, simply because no service occurs. No voicemail is ...

purenumber.co.uk, calls not forwarding, terrible

purenumber.co.uk is a site, I would call a time waster. supposedly, you can choose from a list of numbers. the number would be assigned to you with features such as voice mail. however, none of this comes to fruition. you can register, be assigned the number, but will the number work? absolutely not. I highly recommend you to avoid this site? How is the customer service? non-existent. how is the call forwarding? The number does not forward. How is the voice quality on the number? Absolutely terrible? How is the flow of the site? It is dreadful. There is no way to go from the registration page to the actual testing of the site. The entire point of the site is to receive a number that ...

uknumber.co.uk time waster, does not forward phone

Some companies are simply time wasters. I probably spent over 3 hours, trying to get this so-called-service to work. I registered. I followed all procedures, and I was shown a number. I understood that this number was assigned to me. However, when I attempted to forward the number to my phone, it simply would not forward. Calling the number directly would result in very heavy congestion and line static. Well, not believing that a service could be offered that simply did not work, I attempted to register and forward several more times without absolutely zero success. Stay away from uknumber.co.uk - it is simply a time ...

ereceptionist.co.uk terrible service phone number

I had tried to receive a UK phone number, and I looked into Ereceptionist, a UK company. This company simply does not want your business. They do not want to get paid. Over the course of a week, I had sent them five emails, none of which are responded too. I had even signed up an an account and used their support feature. No support was given. The phone numbers do not route to certain countries. For example, if you are located in south american countries with cellular phone plans, your phone call will not be routed. Therefore, there is absolutely no purpose in signing up with this company, due to non-existent customer support and faulty ...

bill g. mckee, william g mckee, san diego la jolla

Mr. William G. Mckee! Bill is a CPA, certified public accountant. He charges high prices and has a reputation for bigotry. However, I have a story that occurred which seems ridiculous, if it wasn't completely true. After several years of being a client of Bill Mckee's, I had finally decided that his prices were too high. Another CPA could do similar work, for a lower price. As you know, several months up to a year prior to when your taxes are due, it is important to meet with your CPA and gather all your paperwork for the year. It is also important to explain all your expenses, deductions, profits and all numerical figures to the CPA. No documents were sent to Mr. Bill Mckee. No telephone ...

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Friday 26, December, 2014
reviews complaints reviews
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highriskpay.com - lambda group, lambda processing

I would stay away from highriskpay.com. This site is run by a person named Ami. Your application will be taken. They will say it is being reviewed. In reality, nothing is being read or reviewed. It is simply being held for a few days. A few days later, you will receive an email saying that you have been approved with a few conditions. Of the conditions is that in order to be "setup" you must pay a large fee. This fee can be $1,000 USD or higher. You will be allowed to start processing. However, this processing will not result in funds transfers to your account. This processing will result in holds. These monetary holds will be out of your control. ...

ipaymentinc.com fraud scam poor customer service

I had used ipaymentinc.com and I must tell you that their customer service is atrocious. After paying several fees to get setup, I did not even have the chance to process. ipaymentinc.com had me pay a setup fee, an integration fee and then a couple days later, with absolutely no notice, shut down the account. When I attempted to find out why the account was terminated, I was not connected to any reasonable person. In fact, I was only put through to the sales department. I asked the woman why my account was terminated after paying hefty fees. She told me " I am not going to let you talk to anyone " and hung up the phone. ...

The UN is a complete joke. Corruption. Fraud.

The United Nations is a big joke. They have corrupt countries sitting on human rights councils. Countries with the most amount of corruption, restrictions against women and tyrannical regimes. Each year, the United States contributes 8 billion dollars to the budget of the UN. However, during the course of the year, various UN programs ask for higher budgets. The UNITED NATIONS is biased. Some countries are condemned 20 times per year, while others with worse human rights records are not condemned. ...

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Friday 26, December, 2014
reviews complaints reviews
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crossbrowsertesting no refund issued no console for debugging

crossbrowsertesting no refund issues no console for debugging. asked for a reimbursement due to faulty tech issues. crossbrowsertesting.com has a chat which is hardly ever monitored. The agents are never online. Said "hello" 18 times over 50 minutes and no one came online. Next the mobile pages are difficult to view due to aspect ratio and the inability to maximize the area, so testers can barely see text and links. Debugging is impossible and there is no clear option for viewing the console for errors. Spent a great deal of money and will now post on several review sites on this horrendous experience with crossbrowsertesting.com; no real time customer support and tiny fonts make this site ...

rex tillerson lies to congress lied to senators committee

committee congressman interviews rex tillerson, secretary of state for the trump whitehouse and he was found to have lied to congress about stipends the palestinians pay terrorists who have committed crimes and then sentenced to prison in israeli jails. palestinian prisoners receive monthly compensation of up to 3500 usd depending on the nature of their crime and the time they are sentenced to prison by israel and the israeli judge. so for example, a palestinian stone thrower receives up to 1000 usd per month and a palestinian killer of a child receives over 3,000 usd. palestinain president mahmoud abbas told diplomats that he will never stop, never cease paying palestinian murderers and ...

telos phone numbers text messaging fail lack of customer support

telos phones numbers given by the telos app is a bad company offering a useless service. despicable company because telos offers no way to cancel service. cancellation of services is not in the frequently asked questions. there want you to select: pay as you go, when you are on a monthly plan, but the problem is that telos app is buggy and will ask you to purchase more credits. so if you want to deactivate your telos service, you will have to pay more. switching numbers costs more at telos, but the main issue is that SMS texts are not being received. telosapp.com claims it provides a free phone number, but I was billed for mine and when using other services to send texts to it, an error ...

bitit bitcoin exchanger garbage review payment identification

review of bitit.com bitcoin exchanger. completely garbage company playing games with customers IDs, passports and drivers licenses. buyer beware. verification, authentication process is run by amateurs. you have to take a picture holding a piece of paper with today's date on it, with the handwritten word: bitit and your full face inside the picture frame. i have submitted this bitit bitcoin exchanger requirement 8 times and each time, I receive an e-mail saying that the process has failed. flawed procedure for credit card verification. bitit excuses reach new heights. when seeking a bitcoin credit card buying service, I have heard good things about cex.io , but I did hear they have high ...

btcdirect.eu image too blury too hard to read not enough light

btcdirect.eu is the worst bitcoin company that I have had the intense displeasure to deal with. what a worthless, inconsiderate, disaster of a bitcoin purchasing company. i searched with a wait to buy bitcoin with a credit card and btcdirect.eu was recommended. they wanted the front of my ID, too blurry, they wanted the back of my id, too hard to read. they wanted me to hold an ID with my face and they said not enough light. after 100 minutes of trying to upload the documents according to the strict rules and requirements. trying to spend money from a legitimate credit card and normal identification procedures are fine and dandy, but btcdirect.eu really does not want your business. such a ...

charlie sheen donald trump death threat hopes he dies cruel

charlie sheen has H.I.V. aids. he is not going to die, thanks to medicine that keeps hiv patients alive. charlie sheen does not have full blown aids. he also has a girlfriend. i always wondered why charlie sheens girlfriends are not hot. anyway, mr. sheen tweeted that he wishes death on president donald trump. charlie tweets that donald trump should die. this is beyond cruel; hoping that someone will die. pretty pathetic. here is a guy that could potentially face death and hoping and praying and wishing death on another person. quite ridiculous. you nearly have aids buddy and your twitter is full of rants and death threats against the president of the united states. ...