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Friday 13, May, 2016
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bill oreilly defende trayvon martin; punk garoto que derrotou george
bill oreilly fui louco em seu show de hoje. primeiro, ele defendeu polícia que estavam perfurando várias vezes um motorista; onde 4 policiais corruptos foram presos no helicóptero da câmara para espancar um cara que é inocente até provado culpado em um tribunal de direito. em seguida, bill oreilly, cujo show está sendo destruído no classificações meagen kelly disse que george zimmerman vendendo a arma que ele usou para defender-se do punk garoto trayvon martin deveria ter vergonha de si mesmo. bill oreilly é um tolo. ele disse que devemos sentir pena de trayvon martin porque ele era um adolescente. este adolescente anexado e cruelmente beatup george zimmerman. trayvon martin não tem qualquer arranhões em seu rosto, além de que a teria causado pelo tiro. qualquer tolo pode compreender quem é o agressor na situação. um homem (zimmerman) não é um lutador. ele está ensanguentada. ele está machucado. ele é batido. ele é golpeado. outro cara não tem arranhões, sem facial escoriações. bill oreilly perdeu sua mente. george zimmerman, está quebrado. ele pode fazer o dinheiro.

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make me a millionaire inventor television show comments review

saw a ridiculous episode of the show make me a millionaire inventor where an old couple has an idea for a snow cone machine. they did not invent the snow cone machine, nor do they have engineering plans for it. the mechanical engineers made a prototype of a snowcone machine and gifted it to the old couple, a white man and a hispanic woman. a meeting with millionaire investors was then setup. the millionaire angel investors owned vending machines of their own and owned amusement parks as well. for some strange reason the investors gifted $250,000 dollars to the married couple in exchange for 51 percent of the business. However, there was no business. There was no company. The idea could not ...

two for tuesday at capos speakeasy italian mob restaurant vegas

went to lunch at capos, two for tuesday, but it was not buy one get one free; it was $20 dollars off, but the waitress failed to mention the promotion or deal to us. felt ripped off. first, it was not two for 1; second, when I mentioned to the waitress that we did not get our discount, she brought us a portion size that was half the original portion size of the first meal. this was a rip off and disappointing. the main course includes a side dish which the waitress did not present to us. the mob theme is cool. the entrance to capos speakeasy is cool. the dark vibe is not cool. could not see my partner. could not see the menu. could not see the televisions due to a large pole. food was ...

autonation collision center las vegas rating review bad service

having to deal with a lot of trouble, bad service at autonation collision center las vegas. poor rating or terrible rating. bad review due to lying and lies. specifically told to bring the car in. drove 45 minutes to the autonation collision center in las vegas on sahara. made an appointment with autonation beforehand. confirmed appointment with autonation employee. collision center was packed with people. employee gave a specific appointment time. arrived on time. autonation said they could not give an estimate. they could only visually inspect the vehicle. why? because the computers were down. yes the autonation collision center computers were completely down. wasted hours waiting and ...

buffet at asia buffetatasia.com 2380 s. rainbow blvd las vegas

prices at buffet at asia with website buffetatasia.com are a bit high; a bit above average. a bit cheaper during the daytime, on the weekdays. an assortment of cooked crab legs and raw crab legs. nice and fresh and warm. full house of people of all ethnicities. good review. may eat here again, although, as I mentioned the prices are on the high side. fresh clams. large quantities of shrimp. easy to find on the corner of rainbow blvd. multi level facility. great service. good clients. descent deserts for a chinese place. asian flavors. not too ...

senuke 2016 launch filled with errors and mismanagement problems

purchased a copy of senuke 2016. spent hundreds of hours over the first 5 days trying to make it works. element errors. project errors. task errors. crashes. upgrades that actually downgraded to a previous senuke version. hours of time spent with senuke technical support representatives. countless errors where the system crashed. problems where setup could not be run. the senuke staff upgraded users twice in the first 2 days to new versions, but the upgrade module had difficulties. customers paid for month licenses, yearly licenses, lifetime licenses. support questions were ignored, overlooked or not answered. questions on the senuke blog were deleted and removed. senuke software stated ...

killer shrimp restaurant understaffed review rating town square

killer shrimp restaurant in town square review. I would rate this restaurant 3 stars. Ordered several items from their killer menu and the only thing I liked was the macaroni and cheese with shrimp which was mediocre in taste. low rating. killer shrimp restaurant was understaffed. no seating areas even though the restaurant was dead, half full when there were hundreds of people in the town square plaza. poor killer shrimp waitress had to take care of 10 tables by herself, as the management refused to staff the restaurant properly. some terrible gravy style new england clam chowder. shame on the chef. shame on the recipe. do not order the new england clam chowder. no taste. worst. disaster. ...

dr. christopher depalo do center for sight doctor review medical

medical doctor dr. christopher depalo review. really bad, terrible physician. as a young college girl, I need to protect my eyesight. I need good vision for my studies. i went to see doctor christopher depalo 6 weeks ago and was treated terrible. he did not greet me. did not look me in the eyes. very cocky and arrogant doctor. i came in for an eye condition after being seen by my primary physican and another eye doctor. i wanted a second opinon and saw doctor depalo. doctor depalo told me that he felt insulted that I did not take the opinion of the first doctor seriously. doctor depalo was skeptical about vision problems. I told him I wanted a second doctors opinion and physician ...

Illumilatte Brew Society rainbow and russell turkish coffee

illumilatte brew society is a real disaster. ordered a turkish coffee and the bottom of the coffee cup was filled with coffee grains. poor job at filtering or distilling or separating the coffee grains. not sure what kind of faulty machines they use there, or if they have trouble separating their coffee beens. not sure how coffee is dripped or how coffee grains are filtered, but my mouth was full of coffee grinds. coffee grinds on the side of my mouth. coffee grounds on my lips. coffee grounds down my throat. a friend of mine ordered some type of strawberry, raspberry drink and he said it tasted like rubber. he wanted me to taste test it, but I told him I needed to gargle from all the ...

what goes on your mind what you have on your mind what is in

what your mind can conceive is truly powerful. what is in your mind quotes. what causes your mind to race . what was on your mind. what your mind can do will make you smile. people use only 10 percent of their brain. what can your mind do. almost anything. it can control objects. what is in your mind today. use it for powerful purposes. what you have on your mind can be sent in signals and messages to others. what goes on your mind. conceive anything. put quotes around sentences. put quotes around your mind and brain. is your mind racing. today is the day to tell everyone the truth. what are the root causes of a powerful consciousness. today is the day we find out. as humans, we can ...

review of otolaryngologist daniel h. kim, d.o. ear nose throat

ear nose throat consultants daniel h. kim, d.o. doctor review physician notes. story involved doctor kim at ear nose throat consultants of nevanda 702-792-6700. i was a patient of doctor daniel kim, throat doctor, nose doctor, ear doctor. i would not refer him to friends nor family members. he spends the minimum time with his patients and left me confused and disoriented. i went to doctor daniel kim for a nasal condition and consultation. he spent 2 minutes with me and the insurance billed me 500 dollars. outrage. review of doctor services. doctor kim walked into the patient waiting room. before that, he arrived 1 hour late, my patient waiting room time 1.5 hours of lobby time for two ...

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Thursday 14, April, 2016
reviews complaints reviews
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the imperial health spa masturbating strangers in steam room bad

bad news for the imperial health spa on sahara. masturbating strangers in the steam room. had a nice spa experience at imperial spa which is korean owned on sahara avenue. the imperial health spa has a policy that no anal sex, no cunnilingous, and no felatio is allowed. signs are posted threatening to call law enforcement police. most of the patrons are friendly and talkative and the imperial health spa does prohibit masturbating in front of clients but warnings are posted that gay men have been engaging in groping and sexual intercourse on the premises of the spa. the penal code number is posted on most walls. most of the gay clients were looking at my penis. when i entered the steam ...

mt. everest india's cuisine nightly dining lunch buffet sahara

indian mount everest cuisine at everestcuisine.com has good food. almost a 5 star rating on yelp. did not enjoy the dry vegetarian samosa appetizers, even though they were recommended by the manager owner. they were barely edible, dry potato filled, fried and no vegetables were included. the vegetarian samosa needed some herbs and sauces and spices to spice up the flavor. the paneer tikka masala on the other hand was creamy and tasty, yet there was a scarcity of cheese in the cheese paneer. located on las vegas with phone number: 702-892-0950. order the garlic naan. another indian menu item was the bhindi masala with okra. a hint of flavor but will not be reordering this dish. tried the ...

affordable health care lie obamacare no choice in plans provider

no choice in health plans or providers. in my city, I get ONE referral and that clinic is usually booked for 60 days out for the first medical appointment. tried to make a urology appointment. no choice. one urology clinic under the affordable health care network. tried to make an appointment for ear nose and throat. one provider. one clinic. one company services. i was told to wait 2.5 months until a doctor was available. no choice. obamacare lies. healthcare lies. impossible to see a doctor. no competition. hmo plans. one company per specialty in entire network. vision doctor. no choices. wait until one provider is available. no matter the pain. big struggle. lack of competition. no ...

realspellcasting.com Website reviews

I was like most people, I didn't believe in magic however I needed help really bad that was when I got realspellcasting.com witches coven to cast a love spell for me and after 4 months the person in question came back into my life. We haven't talked for over 2 years, I was amazed when Jason Had gave me a call wanting us to get back together. Info on how I found out about realspellcasting.com witches coven: ...

quest diagnostics 4230 burnham avenue find location fertility

quest diagnostics location finder fertility center. sperm sample. there has been some confusion on the drop off location for sperm count samples at quest diagnostics. in the las vegas area, there is only one drop off location for diagnostics. 4230 burnham avenue suite #144 89119. the direct phone number is 702-795-4900. to make an appointment to deliver your sample at the quest diagnostics location, call the following appointment phone number: 702-257-3678 option 2, then option 5. deliver your sperm sample by 1pm. go to the appointment line as you have 30 minutes until your sperms are dead. the quest diagnostic phone number and quest diagnostic location information above are current. other ...

jean philippe patisserie at bellagio salmon crepe combination

terrible combination of flavors for the salmon crepe at jean philippe patisserie at bellagio. was not pleased by the salmon crepe combinations of ingredients. strange taste. strange flavor. seems like some asparagus was added to the 2 pieces of salmon. some white sauce that did not blend well with the dish. mild amount of melted cheese. some type of onions. a bit of artichoke. the mix of ingredients were not flavorful and had a dull flavor. added chopped green beans, some mayonnaise. a spoonful of spinach. regrettable dish. do not order the salmon crepe. your stomach will not be happy. stomach ...

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Wednesday 6, April, 2016
reviews complaints reviews
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tropical cafe smoothie eat better feel better banana peanuts

avoid the avocolada smoothie with avocado, pineapple, spinach, kale, coconut and lime. whoever taste tested this atrocity needs to cleanse their palate. i prefer the chia banana boost with peanut butter, which contains coconut, almond, dates, cinnamon, whole grain oats, chia seeds, roasted banana. sometimes available with peaches and strawberries. several franchise locations. a little strange to call themselves a smoothie cafe when most items on the menu are food items like wraps. casual environment. tropical cafe smoothie with slogan eat better feel better. get the banana peanuts smoothie if you ...

maryland judge tasers shocks electrocutes inmate, gets probation

maryland judge was found guilty of civil rights violation in the case of a black man who was respectful to the judge and the criminal judge had the deputy (bailiff) shock the defendant when he would not stop talking. the same judge deflated the tires of a guy that was in his parking spot in front of the court. the judge's power got him off with probation and a $5,000 dollar fine. the evil judge was ordered to attend anger management classes. the maryland judge sent 50,000 volts of electricity through the black man's body. the black man was tortured and got no money for pain and suffering. maryland judges believe they are superior to the law. the maryland judge used the equivalent of a stun ...

bill oreilly gets a free trip to cuba paid by fox news dollars

loudmouth journalist bill oreilly took his staff on a paid vacation in the name of business to cuba. on monday, bill oreilly returned to the studios of fox news and decided to show a clip of a cuban protest and said the protest was being suppressed by the media and that there was a black out. oreilly's cameras showed about 60 people standing around with some protesters sitting with one man being dragged away. the cuban cameras were aimed at the protest and there were no police spraying the protesters with chemicals. bill oreilly said the protest was an example of socialist policies. oreilly did not mention what the protest was about, why the women protesting were seated and what topics the ...

microsoft edge problems with webcam camera does not initiate

bought a new computer. windows 10 came with microsoft edge browser. latest edition. upgraded to newest edition. on my older computer running microsoft edge browser, the camera would start and the flash would play. The camera light does not come on. I select YES to initiate the camera, but the microsoft edge camera is not playing. using the jaris flv player. version 2.0.17 stable, with an aspect ration 4:3. adobe flash player settings are on allow. went to flash player settings manager. no help. still microsoft version 10 edge browser webcam problems with camera not starting. camera not recording. camera not playing. no ...

sauce labs 14 day trial disable manual sessions for customers

avoid sauce labs. dysfunctional company. review of bad company. major problems with service. poor customer service. no response from team. disabled testing accounts. report of technical issues. a normal response email to a frequently asked question about service outages says: We’ve had to disable manual sessions for non-paying customers (and some paying customers) to curb significant abuse issues. Once we’ve resolved these issues we’ll be restoring full functionality; we do not have an estimate for how long that will take, unfortunately. saucelabs. Your Sauce Labs 14-Day Trial is garbage. it gives you nothing. many customers complaint. a series of complaints against sauce labs. hopefully ...

urology specialists of nevada david v. ludlow, m.s. usonv.com

review of david v. ludlow. report on experience with doctor david v. ludlow. good overall experience. friendly, knowledgeable. urology specialists of nevada is located on tenaya way. make an appointment with doctor ludlow. his office expects you to show up one hour early to do paperwork, even though the paperwork takes only ten minutes. arrived early and went to the paperwork process. the receptionists told me two different appointment times, so I actually waited quite some time in the doctor's lobby. I then get in the small waiting room and waited 30 minutes past the appointment start time until doctor ludlow arrived. the doctor's personality was easy going. no interruptions when ...