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Thursday 3, March, 2016
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ga geong lee, MD κριτικές για west charleston κλινική επείγουσα φροντίδα
ga geong lee, MD. γιατρός αναθεώρηση. healthcare partners 9499 w charleston blvd, suite 150 λας βέγκας, NV 89117 702-228-5477. είδε γιατρός ga geong lee. κινεζική γιατρός. μιλάει αγγλικά. τρομερό γιατρό. απαίσια προσωπικότητα. περικοπές ασθενή. αφιερώνει χρόνο για τον ασθενή. βούρλα ασθενή. περιμέναμε 45 λεπτά για το γιατρό ga geong lee, md στη μεγάλη αίθουσα αναμονής, και άλλα 45 λεπτά στο μικρό γραφείο, χώρο αναμονής. γιατρός geong λη της υγειονομικής περίθαλψης εταίρους μπαίνει μέσα, δεν θα ζητήσω συγγνώμη για την αργοπορία. Της λέω, έχω 3 σοβαρά ιατρικά προβλήματα. της λέω τις προϋποθέσεις και μετά την 2η ιατρική ιστορία, λέει: "θα πάρει καιρό;" έχεις "πολλά πράγματα να μου πεις" - εάν έχετε περισσότερα από δύο ιατρικά προβλήματα, θα πρέπει να κάνετε ένα ραντεβού. "πρέπει να έρθω άλλη φορά" - "ge geong λη" χειρότερος γιατρός. ένα αστέρι ή αρνητικά σχόλια. μου έδωσε 5 λεπτά από την ώρα του γιατρού. μου είπε να σταματήσω να περιγράφοντας την κατάσταση της υγείας μου. είπα να το κανονίσουμε αν έχω μεγάλη λίστα πρόβλημα

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mark rich's new york pizza & pasta summerlin las vegas nevada

drove on 11710 west charleston blvd. suite 150 las vegas, nevada 89135 and saw a pizza shop. the pizza place ended up being an italian kitchen style with pastas, and garlic bread and canolis and pizzas. the chef at mark rich's was making the rounds asking people how there pizza tasted and received generally good reviews and good comments. my lady friend and I were excited about the food preperation and had out mouth watering. we were generally disappointed by the food, although the service at mark rich's new york pizza & pasta in summerlin las vegas nevada was pretty good with friendly waiters and busboys. the pizza dough was tastless. quite bad actually. the pizza bread was horrendous. ...

wells fargo charges three dollar ach fees for bank transfers bad

bad news from wells fargo. the bank is now charging $3 (three dollars) per every ach transfer to a non-wells fargo banking institution. this is how it works. i have been in the automated clearing how industry for 25 years. the cost of an ACH transaction to a non-bank is .25 cents. the cost of a ACH transactions within the banking network is .10 cents. wells fargo is looking to make 3,000 percent profit on bank transfers. the typical bank transfer is $100 (one hundred dollars) - the cost now, for wells fargo customers is 3%. that may not seem like much on the surface, but wells fargo (one of the oldest banks in the united states) has a cost of between 10 and 25 pennies per transaction. this ...

the reform party now includes a klansman mr. duke, a neo nazi

the reform party now includes a klansman, mr. duke, a neo nazi, mr. buchanan and a communist, ms. fulani. this was the statement of donald trump in the year 2000, when the reform party tried to draft him into running for president. at that time, donald trump stated: this is company I do not wish to keep. today donald trump was caught in a lie, when he said: I do not know anything about david duke. I do not know anything about the KKK. The KKK is the ku klux klan and blames jews for all the world's problems. the ku klux klan burned crosses on churches, and hung negros in the south. the fact that trump lied about knowing about david duke, nor about the history of the klan is problematic to ...

rob sneider marries spanish sexy beauty patricia azarcoya acre

rob sneider, 51 years of age is all over the news lately. sneider is touring las vegas with adam sandler and other comedians. sneider married patricia azarcoya acre, an absolutely astonishing beauty. this fine mexican television executive is gorgeous. sneider met her in 2010 and they began dating. later that year, rob sneider knocked her up and had his second child with her. rob sneider is a talented comedian and actor. best know for saturday night life and the movie the animal, sneider obtained popular success in the movie duece bigalow male gigalow. hired by friend adam sandler, to be under contract and star in several comedies, sneider made millions of dollars. patricia azarcoya acre ia ...

erin andrews starts crying trying to get 75 million from court

erin andrews begins to cry, trying to get 75 million dollars from a jury in her court case against nashville marriott. erin andrews turned on the tears. you could barely see erin andrews tits in the adult video. you can't really call it the erin andrews porn video. there is some patting of her belly. there is no erin andrews masturbation scene. andrews stands near a mirror and stares at her naked body showing her perky tits. i am not sure the invasion of erin andrews breasts is worth 75 million dollars. how can marriott hotel know that the peephole would be altered. the man asked for a room close to erin andrews. marriott must have cameras for surveilance on all floors? the andrews video ...

siteground aup and abuse policies a total failure and complaints

spent a few hours researching siteground.com as I found their link through a third party seo provider. siteground is spending millions of dollars on pay per click marketing and advertising as a cloudflare solution, plugging and promoting cloudflare services for cacheing. asked some basic questions related to the siteground abuse policies, the siteground terms of service policies and the site ground adult content policies. I was given a link to a very general site page where siteground.com talked about aup policies that any lawyer would love. siteground.com gave me the impression that the cloud hosting and other cloud services could be disconnected at any moment. spoke to sales associated ...

brasilian anderson silva blows fight for counter punching issues

brasilian anderson silva must retire. silva fought bisping. dana white scored the match for silva, giving silva rounds 1, 3 and 5. dana white said that silva's antics caused issues in the fight. for example, in the 1st round, silva came out sluggish. bisping won the 2nd round handily and the 3rd round was controversial, for a simple reason; lack of aggression. jon jones, the most serious, craziest fighter to ever live, said that anderson's lack of seriousness and aggressive behavior led to his defeat. silva can be a pain in the ass most times, and tends to be a counter puncher instead of a serious fighter and serious contender. in the 3rd round anderson silva kneed bisping, while michael ...

alfred angelo bridal review of fake cnbc show undercover boss

fake cnbc show undercover boss. alfred angelo bridal review. this show was a pain in the ass to watch. each employee knew they were telling their sob stories to the ceo or president of the company. black woman disses her boss; says he is not hot; even though she is a chubby prostitute. the alfred angelo president is a buff dude that was a former model. there is a black gay guy that flirts with him and takes care of his grandpa. there is a homeless lesbian that starts crying on his shoulder. there is a deaf woman who tells the boss her life story and ambitions. paul quentel is the president of alfred angelo bridal. the black gay guy just happens to have his portfolio of sketches handy. he ...

book review the art of the deal relationship with fred trump dad

book review about the art of the deal. read books like "the midas touch" and "think big and kick ass" with robert t. kiyosaki, but I have never read the art of the deal and usually, I am a very slow reader. it could take me months to read a 200 page book. I read "the art of the deal" within 1 week. I could not put it down. I read it in the bathroom. I read it on the toilet. I read it in the shower. I read it in bed. I read it on a couch. trump talks about his relationship with his dad, fred trump and how he was 1 of 5 kids. all the siblings are alive, except for trump's brother who died of alcohol abuse, or alcohol poisoning. the brother wanted to be a pilot. that was his passion. trumps ...

book review but enough about me a memoir burt reynolds biography

read the book: but enough about me a memoir by burt reynolds; an autobiography about people he has met such as donald trump, dinah shore, loni anderson, sally field, jon voight, clint eastwood and crazy bette davis. burt told various stories about how he did not want to start in boogie nights; a fabulous porn movie. burt was a prude. he did not like seeing the skater girl topless. he almost got into a fistfight that played the best friend of mark wahlberg. he told the 27 year old director NO and the director phoned burt reynolds every 10 days to ask him to reconsider. finally burt reynolds had a meeting with the director. the boogie nights director made an off the cuff comment and burt ...

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Monday 29, February, 2016
reviews complaints reviews
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david duke needs to be eliminated from society, endorses trump

david duke of the kkk needs to be eliminated from society. duke got back in the news, with his endorsement of candidate donald j. trump. republican nominee trump has disavowed the endorsement by the leading bigot in the country. yet trump did not use the proper phrasing or vebage to the biased media pundits. instead of stating the phrase: i disavow david duke, donald j. trump needed to make clear: people like david duke need to be eliminated from society. hugo chavez endorsed presidential candidate barak obama in 2008, but this does not compare to the bigotry and hate of klansman david duke, who was himself a candidate for state governor, barely declared victory. at times praising the work ...

stone cold steve austin broken skull challenge see you down road

stone cold steve austin is back. was a goldberg fan but steve austin shows his fan favorite personality as host of the hit television show broken skull challenge. with his catch phrase: see you down the road; steve austin, at 51 years of age, is looking strong and mean and powerful. with steve austin's patented verbal attacks and mouth, the show: broken skull challenge is a 5 star with all the competitive mischief that you would want to see. guys talking smack. guys talking trash. guys backing up their skills. muscular bafoons. steve james anderson, real name of stone cold was a fan favorite in the world wrestling entertainment which has expanded to producing television programs. ring the ...

andrew zimmern loses weight then eats cow testicles and eyeballs

andrew zimmern loses weight then eats cow testicles and eyeballs. watched a current episode of bizarre foods and executive chef, a new show on the food channel. andrew zimmern is known for eating, not cooking, but suprisingly, his contestants on the food channel show are in the top 3 in the judges rankings. somehow zimmen lost a whole person and lost 50 or 60 pounds of fat and is looking lean and mean. recent episode zimmern decided to eat some goat eyeballs and some cow testicles. new vegetarians and new pescatarians are horified, not only at the meat eating, but at the eating of parts of the body like anus and animal brains. andrew zimmern is himself an aquired taste. as host of bizarre ...

puppet marco rubio called lightweight and choker by donald trump

puppet marco rubio called lightweight and choker by donald trump. rubio said that trump had misspelled the word "chocker" - donald responded saying that the reason he did not know how to spell the word 'choker" was that he has never choked a day in his life. marco on the other hand had choked, never ran a business, never hired employees and had no experience. chris christie pointed out that rubio missed sixty percent of his votes on a foreign relations committee. lightweight rubio tried to call trump a "con artist" but all businesses on yelp get complaints. what makes trump's businesses any different? puppet marco was told early in the campaign to smile at trump. puppet rubio is now being ...

anderson silva loses fan starts cheating in third bisping round

former anderson silva fan. silva, who the ufc pumped up as the greatest fighter of all time loses a fan. silva not only was cheating with steroid use and with a viagra cocktail potion, but anderson kicks bisping in the face in the 3rd round of their epic fight on saturday in london england. michael bisping, a great fighter, who likes to trash talk a lot, came into the press conference calling silva a cheater, a fraud, a viagra user. anderson silva began claiming victory at the end of the third round. the refereee herb dean did not put a stop to the fight. the bell had sounded. a knee by the spider hit the british contender as he was trying to explain to herb dean that his mouth piece had ...

news knowingly published false information with malicious intent

several politicians including donald trump have said the supreme court decision to forces prosecuters in a liberl lawsuit to prove that the news organization knowingly published false information with malicious intent would be set aside, repealed, and replaced under a trump presidential administrations. i have long believed that the libel laws are weak. in france, there is a huge burden placed on the plantiff and the maximum award can only be five thousand dollars. in the united states, tabloid publications like the enquirer have long published false stories, knowing that lawsuits can drag on for a number of years, and are usually settled before a long court process. editors and editorial ...

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Saturday 27, February, 2016
reviews complaints reviews
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joinaspca.org aspca commercials just break my heart crying tears

the aspca commercials just break my heart. leaves me crying and in tears to see these poor dogs suffering. animal suffering is sad and hurts. the aspca has a slogan which is: we are the voice. dogs in cages. puppies out in the cold. dogs shivering. dogs being abused. puppies being beating. aspca wants a donation of eighteen dollars a month. dog donations are something that are near and dear to my heart. i have had dogs that were abused by neighbors and abused by strangers. in spain right now, there is an enormous controversy. sled dogs are being bred, trained, used, then tortured and left for dead. chained dogs left in sheds, out in the cold winters. makes a person's eyes fill up with ...

liar kesha lies about doctor luke raping her and changes story

singer kesha changes her lying story again. first kesha says dr. luke raped her. then she says it wasn't rape, but it was sexual assault. we have several letters from kesha thanking doctor luke and praising him for giving her a career and making her famous. now the story has changed for a third time. tmz is reporting that liar kesha, who is going through financial troubles right now, says that dr. luke only 'touched her'. it was previously reported that her claim was that her manager luke only 'made her feel uncomfortable' - several changing stories. first the rape allegation. next the sexual assault allegation. next the 'got too close to me' fabrication. artist kesha now claiming her ...

pathetic trip to new jersey too many bridges and tolls and fines

took a trip to the pathetic state of new jersey. road trip with some friends. hated every minute of the state of new jersey. roads were the worst roads I have ever traveled on. every 10 miles, there would be another damn bridge. later found out the entire state has mostly private bridges paid for not by tax payers, but mostly by new jersey accidental tourists trying to get the hell out of new jersey. in our road trip, we were not visiting atlantic city new jersey. we were trying to head north and then head east, but every 10 minutes, I would reach into my wallet and pull out a $10 bill. I would have to record each amount in my phone notebook for new jersey trip expenses. i must have ...

10th republican debate comments review poll cnn hatchet job fun

fun times at cnn. turned on the television news network and cnn is doing a hatchet job on donald trump. rubio trying to bully trump. scripted rubio decides to attack donald trump. signed up for trump university as was a satisfied customers. political new york politician collected 30 complaints about trump university when there were 1400 satisfied customers. donald trumps attorney shows affidavits of happy customers. these happy students are supporting donald trump. light weight marco rubio was sweating on the stage and got some balls. now rubio is trying to label trump a 'scam artist' - pathetic. man makes 10 billion dollars. makes deals. runs companies. hires employees. settles lawsuits. ...

spanish language story time using complicated words in paragraph

el auto es asequible, gracias el gasto del las ruedas delanteras. convengo que el color del auto fue feo asi que disipar el chisme. tengo prisa comprar este auto. deprisa, yo fui al taller, pero estoy preocupado de la palabrota. tal vez, seria mejor comprar un caballo con la montura y herradura. tengo preocupacion de la manutencion. voy a tirar mi cabello. desammara la agujeta. oi el relampago y trueno. la mayoria de la gente era ociosa. la minoria de la gente, llanto en sus ojos. despedida de mis amigos. al cabo, me senti como un pequeno nino. este era incoveniente. el bebe pertenece a la cuna. me fio en dios. haz los arreglos. tengo que arreglar mis prioridades. la leche rebosa en el ...

donald trump has anal sex with ann coulter republican pundit

anal sex. trump has anal sex w/ ann coulter and ann coulter enjoys the anal prodding by donald J trump. recently headlines confirmed that donald trump separated for a quick hour from his wife melania trump in order to engage in some sexual relations with republican pundit and strategist ann coulter. the anal sex between the two consenting republicans occurred sometime in mid october, while ann coulter was campaigning for don trump. there was an instant attraction and chemistry between the billionaire businessman and the fiery blond bombshell ann coulter. the sparks flew. the birds were singing. a couple birds were chirping. why not traditional sex? why not vaginal sex? our investigative ...