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Monday 28, March, 2016
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japanese curry and toppings zen curry house express
review of Japanese curry which has a different color, taste, and flavor than thai curry. it's best to stick to the thai curry. the Japanese curry is black or dark brown. the Japanese curry tastes like gravy. the Japanese curry is not creamy. no intense aroma nor flavors. dishes like curry rice, beef curry, kushi curry, deep fried shrimp curry, topping, side dishes and desserts. zen curry house express is not for me. a rating of one finger up. the middle finger. curry udon needs some added flavors or some spices. zencurryexpress.com - several locations. will not be returning. negative reviews.

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mama oh korean restaurant appetizers list corn cheese potato

our group tried the full appetizer list at mama oh Korean restaurant. saw the yelp rating was 4 stars out of 5 star. taste was a bit bland. we will not be going back to mama oh restaurant. potato appetizers and cheese corn was on my menu. a couple medium sauces that were not appetizing. one waiter did his best, while the entire Korean restaurant was full. coconut shrimp was not the menu but it was overly breaded. spring were not jumbo. a bit on the smaller side. tipped the waiter well as he was alone. no enhanced flavors. simplistic flavors at mama oh. promoted as an Asian fusion place, but mostly meat dishes of a Korean ...

euro delicacies europeanfoodlv.com croatian grocery store croats

croation groceries run by croats with croat newspapers in the Serbian language, named euro delicacies. usually these types of stores are run by ukranians or Russians, but this European food store is managed by a nice Croatian lady who is from the cities of Dubrovnik and split. food selections such as borsec, homemade ajvar, red cabbage, horseraddish, fruit tea, and chocolate cheese bars. great natural spring water from Europe as well. this Croatian supermarket has some fruits and vegetables, but not a full bakery or full meat or butcher ...

calculate calculator changing value of a dollar inflation buying

buyer power. a super cool calculator that will calculate the buyer power and the annual inflation over a period of two years. acquaintances and I have been watching several 1950's television shows like the alfred hitchcock program and the jack benny program. they talk about 10,000 dollars and 50,000 dollars like it was nothing. was curious about the time value of money, and wanted to calculate inflation figures but couldn't find a good inflation calculator online. In 1950's, the value of $10 dollars is $100 in today's money. dollar times calculates and determines the value of a dollar using the consumer price index from december of the previous year. You can go in the past as far as 1914. ...

playboy gets rid of nudity average number of subscribers go down

with over 5 million subscribers in 1975 to 800,000 subscribers today, playboy has lost its mind. first hugh heffner said that he is selling the playboy mansion for 200 million dollars; about 4 times what its worth on the open market. then hefner says that all nudity on playboy.com will be gone. no nudity on the playboy cover. larry flynt was looking to buy the playboy mansion, but it was overpriced. now the new playboy cover looks like a snapchat profile with women in bathing suits and bikinis showing their bodies with a smile on their faces. hugh hefner's daughter quit the playboy business. hugh heffner's son quit the playboy business. the ceo and management told heffner junior that he ...

systane ultra eye drops compared to refresh optive advanced drop

systane eye drops lubricant eye drops high performance are the absolute worst in our review of eye drop brands. the product is produced and manufactured by alcon laboratories. the indications are: for the temporary relief of burning and irritation due to dryness of the eyes. one to two drops in the infected eyes are needed. our doctor recommended the drops for dry eyes but we noticed that the drops do not stay in the eye socket, thereby being a waste of product. when squeezing a drop in either eye, the drops fall from the lid, to the cheek bone. about 5-10% of the actual eye drop formula actually stays within the eye barrier. emailed complaints to systane.com but useless. the systane eye ...

rather hard to do business with sonic.net sonic.com biz review

have been trying for 2 weeks now to do business with sonic.com; read about their fight against the U.S. government on the wikipedia website and was impressed. phoned and emailed sonic to see about dedicated hosting. received a reply saying that sonic dedicated hosting was available and I should wait to receive a callback or email. I do receive an apologetic email saying that no dedicated services were available and I should check with co-location services. Shannon mcconnell offered little to no help. sonic does not participate in the "six strikes" plan, in which major U.S. Internet service providers will begin to warn and punish people suspected of infringing copyrights, saying that ISPs ...

penn jillette talks about his experiences celebrity apprentice

a long story written by penn jillette about donald trumps hair that looks like piss cotton candy. jillette admit that he wanted to be more famous, so he appeared on the hit reality show celebrity apprentice. penn says he promised producers that he would be a good little boy and listen to what donald trump wanted to say. i went to see penn and teller show at the rio once and I was bored out of my mind. they did a catching the bullet trick with teeth, which I have seen dozens of times. felt like a carnival performance. saw david copperfield on the other hand and it was an amazing performance. penn jillette hates clay aiken, and disliked donald trump, but penn jillette needed the money, ...

optionshouse faulty trading platform negligence payout problems

optionshouse.com is a faulty trading website. very glitch. countless times, the trading website was down and I missed out on making money, or lost money, when I could not make a trade at the higher last price. I would then have to call customer service for a broker trade and wait on hold. The optionshouse delays cost me time and money. I logged in and I wanted to play a trade for a low option (under 5 cents) - The system gave me an error message. I wanted to close a position. I logged in and received a network error. Trade disruptions and more trade interruptions. Options house was negligent. I was purchasing options as low as 2 cents, the commission taken from me was as high as 20%. ...

wifi hotspot tethering boost deal sprint network 8gb internet

good deal out there on the sprint mobile network running on boost. while it is true, that the sprint data and sprint cellular network are absolutely atrocious, the lte (not gsm) deal is decent for your pocketbook. purchased a moto phone from Motorola which is fantastic for the low price. the unlimited boost mobile plan is a prepaid plan that is 60 dollars, but for new customers gets taken down to 55 dollars. sprint is slow. boost is slow. 8gb is not as good as 10 gb on the prepaid tmobile network for the same price, but at lease your cellular phone number can be ported transferred. would have loved to stay with T-Mobile even though the data tethering is rather high. a wifi hotspot is part ...

great vibe at sambalatte caffe lounge bar rampart in boca park

this place reminds me of the living room. a very family room style house setting. you walk in and there are comfy cushioned places to sit next to people doing their homework and job work. sambalatte torrefazione is a caffe lounge and espresso bar. sip. savour. socialized. popular coffee joint with a library coffee shop fee. big social media presence on facebook and instagram. bakery items like muffins, scones, croissants, apple turnovers and food items like caprese baguette, italian cut sandwiches, veggie quiches. for breakfast, starters like egg white frittata and parfait. tomato bisque soup. delightful. coffee from ethiopia, guatamala and brazil. best of all; hot cocoa. oh my goodness. ...

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Friday 25, March, 2016
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eyebrows R us pain bleeding redness scratches skin inflammation

will not be going back to "eyebrows are us" - 14 locations in nevada with a motto: the pioneers of eyebrow threading in nevada. had blood flowing from my left eyebrow. scratches near eyebrow and below eyebrow. girl did not watch hands before touching my skin, nor before handling the thread. has skin inflammation. basically bits and pieces of skin was threaded as well. 5 days later and still redness, scratches, drops of blood. eyebrowsrus.com website. the girl doing my eye brows was not sanitary. no washing of her hands, nor any lubrication of the area. no sanitizer or sanitization of the area. obviously, the eye brow threading was painful. got in the chair and the girl did not ask me how I ...

grimaldi pizza review rock fragments yelling customers bad food

walked into grimaldis and was frustrated with the wait staff. the entire pizza restaurant had ONE waiter. he did not refill our waters. he did not server us. grimaldis waiter still expected a 15% tip. early morning my classmates walked into grimaldi at boca park. one waiter was there. he was busy. the assistant manager came to the table and pushed the wine. we said no. manager then pushed the salad. we said no. manager then pushed appetizer. we said no. pushy manager pushed largest size pizza. we said no. we asked for a small grimaldi's pizza and when it arrived it tasted like rubber. the taste was like someone had added rock fragments to the top of the pizza. no sauce on the pizza ...

account is not authorized to make calls to this phone number

boost mobile error message: your account is not authorized to make calls to this phone number. purchased a sixty dollar prepaid phone package and phone plan for hotspot and ethernet tethering at walmart. spoke to a boost activation specialist. was lied to and told my phone services and text services would be activated instantly and that my boost data services will be activated starting in three hours to seventy to hours. tried and failed. boost error message. star 233; 233 pound; 233 send. call failures. text failures. data failures. tried to speak to a live boost prepaid representative. the boost phone system denied me from talking to a live person. boost said I needed to try the boost ...

Help Students: The Free Education Has Started

Free help to all high School Students in all the Courses and Countries, Help Students brings Student – Teacher relationship to a new level. The main aim of this platform is and will always be to provide free help to high school students, and especially students who are preparing to sit their university entrance exams, so as to improve the students’ knowledge level and better prepare them in their attempts to enter tertiary education. Love for teaching should know no limits, singularities or segregation. Contact: Email: info@help-students.com ...

the juice standard 100% freshly squeezed cold pressed non hpp

bee maginificent juice and bee grateful juice are two options for purchase. review of "the juice standard" with 3 locations in southern nevada. highly priced juice. super non pasteurized juice blends with typical vegetables and in season fruits. $13 dollar bottles of juice. all your favorite bacterias included. warning label on the juice bottle: this product is not pasteurized and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems. this product is produced in a facility that also processes tree nuts. all ingredients are organic, with the exception of alkaline water, himayalan salt, and local honey. grati ...

crossbrowsertesting limit limitations on mobile device emulation

Hired a web developer, programmer. spending good money on development. want to test mobile emulation to make sure videos play and videos can be attached without problems. the website crossbrowsertesting.com claims to offer real devices that can be connected with api programming such as selenium. my developer warned me the camera operation was disabled by cross browser testing. The monthly price is high and crossbrowsertesting has limits on testing features. John Reese: Sorry about that! We do limit access to our mobile devices. We are looking into a change on the Android devices that will allow us to open up the devices much more, but we're still in the research phase so no promises that ...

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Tuesday 22, March, 2016
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rita's ice & frozen custard in green valley near galleria mall

something between ice cream and custard cream Rita's ice custard happiness has a location on rainbow and stephanie. Enjoy italian ice and frozen yogurt. on the 1st day of spring, the mascot for Rita's ice & frozen custard in green valley hands out free ice. is it shaved ice? is it creamy ice? not quite sure. the flavor will sure to delight you. free ice. custard cake and custard cupcakes have always been my salvation. the line for the "free ice" was out the door with dozens of hungry ice cream clients, waiting with this kids and relatives to get a nice cone or cup. rita's frozen custard can afford to give ice cream and ice promotions. ice shaving machines do a great job in seamlessly ...

skinny fats skinnyfats.com review complaints rip off scam prices

scam juice prices at skinny fats. ordered several items from the men. noticed the rip off price on the juice mixes. $8.60 with tax on a carrot juice, which they call a "custom drink" or "custom juice". upgrade your drink order to a slightly larger size and skinnyfats.com charges an astronomical price of $11:19 with tax; for a little bit of fresh juice. you got to be kidding me. i went with a date, so I had to pay these crazy scam prices so I wouldn't look cheap. i would have loved to complain to management. when you first walk into "skinny fats" you see the menu board of the juice prices. for one or two dollars more, you could get an entire meal; a burger with tax costs $13 bucks; you can ...

blackfish documentary sick and twisted kidnapping of baby whales

so the baby wales, orcas were taken and kidnapped by sea world starting in the early 70s. watched the blackfih documentary. sick documentary. twisted documentary. saw the scene where the baby mama's were trying to escape with their young daughter and young son whales, by going in a different locations in the open sea. seaworld staff then followed them and put nets and netting around the open water, effectively trapping all the babies. the mothers were screaming and making whale noises. the father joined the mothers, but they were kept at a distance while the mother whale was crying. there is no record of any orca doing any harm to any human in the wild. they live in big families. they have ...

bookshelf vitalsource does not sync my online textbooks content

syncing problems with the bookshelf program and app by vitalsource. from within the book reader program, it can not search nor find online books that have been purchased. i woke up to note that books that were normally in the catalog of my vitalsource bookshelf had vanished. "update book list" could not locate nor capture data from online resources. the "my account" option had been disabled. bookshelf is a program that is hit or miss. mostly negative reviews and difficult to use. surprised to find out the entire program was unresponsive to windows startup. e-books that normally would be responsive and appear caused the windows startup system to blink. the syncing error will cause ...

class action lawsuit starbucks underfills cappuccino and latte

class action starbucks lawsuit alleging that your "favorite coffee shop" has under filled the 12 ounce, 16 ounce and 18 ounce starbucks coffee cups by as much as 25%. as a long time latte and cappuccino drinker, I have been greatly upset with starbucks coffee. After my order, I notice that the drink is vastly underfilled. My latte is all foam most of the time. Foam does not count in terms of liquid volume. Foam is not part of the damn drink. Put some darn coffee and milk in my cappuccino and latte drinks. so now this class action law suite was filed by two gentlemen who are also researchers and they took a sample of a years work of lattes and compiled the data results. every single one of ...

marco rubio gets in his pickup truck, drives roads against trump

senator marco rubio gets in his pickup truck, drives cross country against donald trump. the freshman senator rubio pledged that he would never stop fighting against contender trump. the "rubio pledge" as it was called was made at a rubio campaign rally, where marco stated "I will get into my pickup truck, and I will drive the great roads of this great country, the united states of america against mr. trump" - The florida senator is a man of his word. Hertz got a call from him; he asked the car rental agency if they had a low ride pickup trucks available in the color grey. Luckily they did. After vehicle inspections, Rubio put down his american express credit card and hit the road. First ...