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Wednesday 6, April, 2016
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jean philippe patisserie at bellagio salmon crepe combination
terrible combination of flavors for the salmon crepe at jean philippe patisserie at bellagio. was not pleased by the salmon crepe combinations of ingredients. strange taste. strange flavor. seems like some asparagus was added to the 2 pieces of salmon. some white sauce that did not blend well with the dish. mild amount of melted cheese. some type of onions. a bit of artichoke. the mix of ingredients were not flavorful and had a dull flavor. added chopped green beans, some mayonnaise. a spoonful of spinach. regrettable dish. do not order the salmon crepe. your stomach will not be happy. stomach pain.

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tropical cafe smoothie eat better feel better banana peanuts

avoid the avocolada smoothie with avocado, pineapple, spinach, kale, coconut and lime. whoever taste tested this atrocity needs to cleanse their palate. i prefer the chia banana boost with peanut butter, which contains coconut, almond, dates, cinnamon, whole grain oats, chia seeds, roasted banana. sometimes available with peaches and strawberries. several franchise locations. a little strange to call themselves a smoothie cafe when most items on the menu are food items like wraps. casual environment. tropical cafe smoothie with slogan eat better feel better. get the banana peanuts smoothie if you ...

maryland judge tasers shocks electrocutes inmate, gets probation

maryland judge was found guilty of civil rights violation in the case of a black man who was respectful to the judge and the criminal judge had the deputy (bailiff) shock the defendant when he would not stop talking. the same judge deflated the tires of a guy that was in his parking spot in front of the court. the judge's power got him off with probation and a $5,000 dollar fine. the evil judge was ordered to attend anger management classes. the maryland judge sent 50,000 volts of electricity through the black man's body. the black man was tortured and got no money for pain and suffering. maryland judges believe they are superior to the law. the maryland judge used the equivalent of a stun ...

bill oreilly gets a free trip to cuba paid by fox news dollars

loudmouth journalist bill oreilly took his staff on a paid vacation in the name of business to cuba. on monday, bill oreilly returned to the studios of fox news and decided to show a clip of a cuban protest and said the protest was being suppressed by the media and that there was a black out. oreilly's cameras showed about 60 people standing around with some protesters sitting with one man being dragged away. the cuban cameras were aimed at the protest and there were no police spraying the protesters with chemicals. bill oreilly said the protest was an example of socialist policies. oreilly did not mention what the protest was about, why the women protesting were seated and what topics the ...

microsoft edge problems with webcam camera does not initiate

bought a new computer. windows 10 came with microsoft edge browser. latest edition. upgraded to newest edition. on my older computer running microsoft edge browser, the camera would start and the flash would play. The camera light does not come on. I select YES to initiate the camera, but the microsoft edge camera is not playing. using the jaris flv player. version 2.0.17 stable, with an aspect ration 4:3. adobe flash player settings are on allow. went to flash player settings manager. no help. still microsoft version 10 edge browser webcam problems with camera not starting. camera not recording. camera not playing. no ...

sauce labs 14 day trial disable manual sessions for customers

avoid sauce labs. dysfunctional company. review of bad company. major problems with service. poor customer service. no response from team. disabled testing accounts. report of technical issues. a normal response email to a frequently asked question about service outages says: We’ve had to disable manual sessions for non-paying customers (and some paying customers) to curb significant abuse issues. Once we’ve resolved these issues we’ll be restoring full functionality; we do not have an estimate for how long that will take, unfortunately. saucelabs. Your Sauce Labs 14-Day Trial is garbage. it gives you nothing. many customers complaint. a series of complaints against sauce labs. hopefully ...

urology specialists of nevada david v. ludlow, m.s. usonv.com

review of david v. ludlow. report on experience with doctor david v. ludlow. good overall experience. friendly, knowledgeable. urology specialists of nevada is located on tenaya way. make an appointment with doctor ludlow. his office expects you to show up one hour early to do paperwork, even though the paperwork takes only ten minutes. arrived early and went to the paperwork process. the receptionists told me two different appointment times, so I actually waited quite some time in the doctor's lobby. I then get in the small waiting room and waited 30 minutes past the appointment start time until doctor ludlow arrived. the doctor's personality was easy going. no interruptions when ...

alexa curtin porn actress porno actor jayden taylors casting

alexa curtin of real housewives of orange county does adult films. alexa curtin was cast in holy michaels production called "casting jayden taylors part 5" the story broke on tmz.com that alexa curtin said a police officer pulled her over. asked her about panties on the back seat of the car and began to make inappropriate remarks and make inappropriate sexual comments. alexa curtin said the cop left and took his squad car with him. later the officer returned in plain clothes and was surprised to see her still waiting for him, following his orders to stay in her vehicle. the officer started touching alex curtin breasts and then inserted his fingers into her vagina. he then told the orange ...

uber driver swerves, drives slowly, takes long way, bad driver

took an uber. driver took wrong route. swerving. car smelled like smoke. need refund. the uber app has several ways where your fare can be reduced. first, show your disapproval of the driver by rating him low. go to select an issue section of the app. you will find categories such as: I lost an item; I need a copy of my receipt; I was charged a cancellation fee; I used the wrong payment method; I had an issue with my fare; I had an issue with my driver; I had an issue with my vehicle; I was involved in an accident. In the category, I had an issue with my vehicle, you will be able to send a complaint letter and report your uber problems. "We expect our partners to keep our vehicles ...

michelle fields lies about wounds at the hands of trump campaign

michelle fields took a picture of bruises she says she sustained at the hands of corey; a father of 4 children. she is besmirching his reputation. luckily, donald trump did not fire his campaign chief. michelle fields needs some vitamin E or some type of supplements. nobody believes that her injuries were made by a momentary grab. corey was hired not only as trump's campaign manager; corey also worked as trump's body guard. he simply moved michelle fields out of way. she got near donald and was touching him without permission. she was warned by the secret service not to touch, harass, or molest billionaire donald trump. the media is slowing down the footage. 10 million dollar bet that if ...


A brand new hair extension method is now quickly generating a ton of buzz in the hair extension industry - the Secret Veil! This technique is completely non-detectable and looks like natural hair when up or down! Created by award-winning hair extension artist, Chantel Allen, it's taking the industry by storm. The Secret Veil certification training course is now available to hair professionals online. Join the Secret Veil revolution + get certified! ...

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Tuesday 29, March, 2016
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medical doctor physician review simi vancise m.d. dignity health

comprehensive review of doctor simi vancise m.d. physician at dignity health. trained and experienced medical professional at dignity health. qualified. a bit of a fast talker. a bit of a poor listener. a bit of an interrupter. overall a good doctor. board certified. works at dignity healthy. website dignityhealth.org. been a patient for quite some time. doctor vancise is good at following up with patient needs. doctor simi is a internist. for the most part, she follows up with patients. she needs to improve her listening skills a bit. overall a favorable review of 4 out of 5 stars. a solid letter grade of B. not that great at letting patients talk or finishing their sentences, but ...

american west southern nevada #1 home builder family business

award winning architecture & design. locally owned family business. building homes since 1984. two-time winner of Ace award for construction excellence. commitment to excellence. American west, under the leadership of larry canarelli, is one of the nation's most successful locally owned homebuilders who has been providing homes for the family of southern nevada since 1984. American west is extremely dedicated to the homebuilders and the community. The neighborhoods are the best planned in las vegas. cutting edge design that is highlighted by amazing architectural features. proven track record of success. homebuilders you can trust to build your new home. only problem is that America west ...

grand opening of new life foot spa special $20 an hour reflex

foot reflexology chart shown at the new life foot spa location. cool experience. right now, new life foot spa is running a special at $15 an hour from 11am to 5pm daily. foot spa is on the corner of Russell and rainbow. grand opening. buy 5 massages get 1 free. got a full pressure one hour massage. tipped 100 percent as the man put a lot of elbow and hand strength into the massage. reasonable price. nice setting. quiet setting. one of the better massage parlors I have been to. relaxing time. great experience. highly recommended. positive review. staffed well with experienced massage ...

pot tea social house taiwan good service amazing food

pot tea social house is the best Taiwan place I have eaten at. a look at the menu, lists pot dishes that are flamed at your table. friendly staff members add broth to your dishes increasing the portion size of your meal. when the customer is content with the food heat, the restaurant staff turns off the flame. pot contents can be vegetables, seafood and meat, or a mix of all food items and ingredients. try their green tea mixed with tapioca boba pieces. pot tea sounds like a coffee or tea establishment, but truly, it is a full menu, full service establishment. enjoy dozens of dishes. share pot tea social house dishes from Taiwan with friends or eat your own personal dish with a side of ...

japanese curry and toppings zen curry house express

review of Japanese curry which has a different color, taste, and flavor than thai curry. it's best to stick to the thai curry. the Japanese curry is black or dark brown. the Japanese curry tastes like gravy. the Japanese curry is not creamy. no intense aroma nor flavors. dishes like curry rice, beef curry, kushi curry, deep fried shrimp curry, topping, side dishes and desserts. zen curry house express is not for me. a rating of one finger up. the middle finger. curry udon needs some added flavors or some spices. zencurryexpress.com - several locations. will not be returning. negative ...

mama oh korean restaurant appetizers list corn cheese potato

our group tried the full appetizer list at mama oh Korean restaurant. saw the yelp rating was 4 stars out of 5 star. taste was a bit bland. we will not be going back to mama oh restaurant. potato appetizers and cheese corn was on my menu. a couple medium sauces that were not appetizing. one waiter did his best, while the entire Korean restaurant was full. coconut shrimp was not the menu but it was overly breaded. spring were not jumbo. a bit on the smaller side. tipped the waiter well as he was alone. no enhanced flavors. simplistic flavors at mama oh. promoted as an Asian fusion place, but mostly meat dishes of a Korean ...

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Monday 28, March, 2016
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euro delicacies europeanfoodlv.com croatian grocery store croats

croation groceries run by croats with croat newspapers in the Serbian language, named euro delicacies. usually these types of stores are run by ukranians or Russians, but this European food store is managed by a nice Croatian lady who is from the cities of Dubrovnik and split. food selections such as borsec, homemade ajvar, red cabbage, horseraddish, fruit tea, and chocolate cheese bars. great natural spring water from Europe as well. this Croatian supermarket has some fruits and vegetables, but not a full bakery or full meat or butcher ...

calculate calculator changing value of a dollar inflation buying

buyer power. a super cool calculator that will calculate the buyer power and the annual inflation over a period of two years. acquaintances and I have been watching several 1950's television shows like the alfred hitchcock program and the jack benny program. they talk about 10,000 dollars and 50,000 dollars like it was nothing. was curious about the time value of money, and wanted to calculate inflation figures but couldn't find a good inflation calculator online. In 1950's, the value of $10 dollars is $100 in today's money. dollar times calculates and determines the value of a dollar using the consumer price index from december of the previous year. You can go in the past as far as 1914. ...

playboy gets rid of nudity average number of subscribers go down

with over 5 million subscribers in 1975 to 800,000 subscribers today, playboy has lost its mind. first hugh heffner said that he is selling the playboy mansion for 200 million dollars; about 4 times what its worth on the open market. then hefner says that all nudity on playboy.com will be gone. no nudity on the playboy cover. larry flynt was looking to buy the playboy mansion, but it was overpriced. now the new playboy cover looks like a snapchat profile with women in bathing suits and bikinis showing their bodies with a smile on their faces. hugh hefner's daughter quit the playboy business. hugh heffner's son quit the playboy business. the ceo and management told heffner junior that he ...

systane ultra eye drops compared to refresh optive advanced drop

systane eye drops lubricant eye drops high performance are the absolute worst in our review of eye drop brands. the product is produced and manufactured by alcon laboratories. the indications are: for the temporary relief of burning and irritation due to dryness of the eyes. one to two drops in the infected eyes are needed. our doctor recommended the drops for dry eyes but we noticed that the drops do not stay in the eye socket, thereby being a waste of product. when squeezing a drop in either eye, the drops fall from the lid, to the cheek bone. about 5-10% of the actual eye drop formula actually stays within the eye barrier. emailed complaints to systane.com but useless. the systane eye ...

rather hard to do business with sonic.net sonic.com biz review

have been trying for 2 weeks now to do business with sonic.com; read about their fight against the U.S. government on the wikipedia website and was impressed. phoned and emailed sonic to see about dedicated hosting. received a reply saying that sonic dedicated hosting was available and I should wait to receive a callback or email. I do receive an apologetic email saying that no dedicated services were available and I should check with co-location services. Shannon mcconnell offered little to no help. sonic does not participate in the "six strikes" plan, in which major U.S. Internet service providers will begin to warn and punish people suspected of infringing copyrights, saying that ISPs ...

penn jillette talks about his experiences celebrity apprentice

a long story written by penn jillette about donald trumps hair that looks like piss cotton candy. jillette admit that he wanted to be more famous, so he appeared on the hit reality show celebrity apprentice. penn says he promised producers that he would be a good little boy and listen to what donald trump wanted to say. i went to see penn and teller show at the rio once and I was bored out of my mind. they did a catching the bullet trick with teeth, which I have seen dozens of times. felt like a carnival performance. saw david copperfield on the other hand and it was an amazing performance. penn jillette hates clay aiken, and disliked donald trump, but penn jillette needed the money, ...