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Friday 8, July, 2016
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police officer kills boyfriend and fiance did not get help woman
sad case of police officer shooting a black man. little baby in the back seat. black woman uses facebook live to livestream the murder of her fiance by a thug police officer. boyfriend, school teacher told the white officer that he was legally licensed. legally armed. told officer he was reaching for his identification. white thug officer told everyone to keep their hands up. murder officer is a killer who killed a black man for following orders. help did not arrive. ambulance came late. mother sobs. young baby daughter in the back seat.

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sweet tomatoes no clam chowder soup plantation no cheese bread

worst experience at sweet tomatoes. no clam chowder. worst soup selections. no cheese on the cheese bread. usually suppose to resemble pizza, so bread should have some cheese on it. cheap plates. messy environment. dirty establishment. same guys who started soup plantation changed the name in some markets to sweet tomatoes but the food is lacking in many areas such as the poor soup selection and the lack of toppings on the pizza to the cardboard taste of the chocolate muffins. will not be returning to low rated sweet ...

my pillow. stinky pillow, smells of chemicals and strange odor

mypillow.com is a stinky pillow that smells of fumes, chemicals and strange odors. even washing this disgusting smelling pillow does not help. wish it did. fumes from the pillow. could not sleep peacefully. seems someone at the factory sprays some chemicals or strange odors on this pillow. regular pillow. nothing special. loses its shape when you rest your head and shoulders on it. family member bought me this smelly pillow and I regret accepting it. foul odor. machine washable my ass. this pillow fails all ...

dell laptop advanced resolution group chiranjeevi k.s.

buy a dell laptop. spend 2 hours with troubleshooting. buy a warranty from Dell. they do not replace the laptop for electrical problems or mechanical problems. you call their level 1 support. stay on the line with indian help for 2 hours while you update the bios and chipset. indian guy lied to me. said that my broken mousepad (that sticks and does not click left) would be fixed by a bios update. liars and crooks at dell support. how does the physical piece get fixed or repaired by a technological software update. spoke to chiranjeevi ks. requested a new laptop due to heating issues and dell ac adapter burning a whole in the couch. waste of money, technical support from dell ...

cox communicaiton cable box analog to digital channels

so over here at the hoa , home owners association, all the channels are paid for. damn cox communications was suppose to send me a cable box. they said 3 business days. waited 8 business days. no cable box. received assurances from representative after waiting on hold for 40 minutes. now had to waste more time on the 9th day of not receiving the cable box. called them back. waited on hold. said, send me the damn cable box. it is a complimentary, free cable box that they force you to get when the cable was working fine in the first ...

the perfect scoops and boba tea. good name. didn't like me boba

not a bad review. not a negative review. i just ordered wrong. i ordered something with pineapple and berry and vanilla and the combo did not sit well with my taste buds. possibly, if i just went with the tai milk tea which is just tea and milk, I think I would have enjoyed the perfect school and boba tea place a lot better. took some of the boba tea home and the next day, the bobas were no good. maybe the bobas harden and taste like rocks the next day. not sure as I never saved bobas before. i would give it another try at the perfect scoop boba, ordering another boba ...

archies thai bistro las vegas nevada tai food highly rated

went to archies (not sure why a thai restaurant is called archies) and the food was actually pretty good. the portion size was good. saw the yelp review and the reviews were nearly 5 stars. service was good. a couple one table over was deciding whether or not they wanted to take the relationship to the next level. apparently, they had not had sex yet, and the girl had just broken up with her boyfriend but now had feelings for the new guy. older guy was the new guy and girl was wearing way too much makeup at archies thai bristro or is it tai ...

life or debt terrible reality television show with hack analyst

life or debt is one big commercial. fake couple. some women who doesn't really own a tesla, is put as the antaganist. this woman somehow takes back the tesla but first she drives off in it. next, her husband has a whole bunch of t-shirts with a stupid irish gangster logo. he starts making calls and now dozens of distributors want to buy and wholesale his irish thug business. domain name now is for sale. then woman with tesla says screw you, to protaganist, fake television personality analyst who is there to make everyone believe that he helps people in financial distress. phony show. fraud show called life or ...

gorilla cafe las vegas hell smoking smoke druggies creeps weird

weirdos as the gorilla cafe in las vegas. pure hell. no air. no ventilation. no room to shoot pool. no movement allowed as constantly banging into walls and tables and other players. went here with my girlfriend and has a miserable time inhaling fumes. smelled bad. gorilla cafe smoky, creepy, weird pool hall in sin city full of people bringing in their own chemicals in tubes and pipes. not just pipe smoke or cigarette smoke. all kind of criminal elements bringing in tobacco and sick chemicals causing fumes to permeate all over the gorilla cafe. no stars. poor rating. would not recommend. bad ...

keanu movie keye and peele have white wives story about a cat

keanu is not a funny movie. i did not like it. i did not recommend it and i have no interest in seeing a movie about a cat, nor a movie about an ugly black woman who plays the cop. the actor peele is actually a pretty good actor and I think he can make it in hollywood, but I did not like the gangster theme. I did not like the comedic elements. i thought it was a waste of my 15 dollars going to the movies. my friend assured me that this movie was hilarious and he came with me to the movies, seeing it a second time. poor rating. one ...

Re: Bill Oreilly Defends Trayvon

How do you know for certain what happened? Answer is: You don't. No one does except for Mr. Zimmerman at this point. We can all speculate but this is typically proven to be in error. Nonetheless, since we like to speculate, how about this: If you're supposed to be neighborhood watch and you can't defend yourself from one kid without killing him (who is supposedly attacking you for no apparent reason), then you are a poor watchman. You can't fight/defend yourself without a gun? The point is: Teenagers need guidance and discipline not bullets IF, IF, IF they are doing these supposedly thug things. If you disagree with this then you are saying it's OK to shoot and kill any teenager you feel ...

seasons fresh grill utc disorganized restaurant ugly bad service

seasons fresh grill utc was dirty and unkempt when our part of 5 people entered the la jolla university town center location. the establishment restaurant is dirty and ugly with filth on the table cloths. when you walk in, you will see the dirty and the debris on the tables and filth on the ground. yet, seaons fresh grill is super pricey with ridiculous prices. you might say they are outrageous. the rating and review for seasons fresh grill would be 1 star. waitresses make you feel guilty when you do not want to eat at a place where slime is on the ...

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Saturday 25, June, 2016
reviews complaints reviews
Latest news
giada chef restaurant las vegas strip pricey small portions

giada is a female chef who had a restaurant funded under her name on the las vegas strip. the portions are small and the prices are pricey. i would give it a 3 stars out of 5 stars. some of the seats are uncomfortable and in an area with poor access. the portions are few and you have to use a small fork with a small knife, and act like a child and chew even though nothing is really found in your mouth. i will not be returning to giada, although the parking attendants are nice and require the basic 20% gratuity ...

hotwire reservation scam car rental company thrify denied me

hotwire reservation cam for car rentals story. was at the florida airport fort lauderdale and used hotwire.com to book a car rental reservation. I then went to the thrifty car rental ticket counter and was denied. the hotwire terms of service state that no refunds, nor exchanges on the car reservation are allowed. this was fine with me, but thrifty car rental ran my credit and my credit came back with a 488 credit score which thrifty rental service for cars and vehicles denied me the use of a rental car because I do not have a credit card and only have a debit card. now the scam hotwire.com refuses to issue me a refund, so I will have to call the credit card company and dispute the charges ...

hotel 6 de diciembre reviews and ratings in quito ecuador story

stayed at the hotel 6th of december in quito ecuador and was not impressed. they pad the bill at the hotel with extra taxes, extra fees and a mandatory gratuity (tip). staff was nice and helpful. there was construction going on during the day, starting in the early morning of the hotel 6th of December. forget about hot water. all the water came out of the faucet ice cold. even if you are the 7th floor or higher, you can hear all the firetrucks and ambulances and car traffic from the street, also called 6 of diciembre. the hotel lobby is nice. when i checked in, I had a lot of trouble with the wifi. It would go on and off. After troubleshooting the internet and wifi access issues, by going ...

spanish review lessons keywords tags school university lesson

angustiado - distressed conllevar - to lead to demoler - demolish una sentida despedida - heartfelt farewell rafaga - burst/gust reemplazar - replace sustituir - substitute tenue - weak/faint refrenar - restrain bondad - goodness disimular - hide eximir/exentar - exempt alcantarilla - sewer vacilar - hesitate avistamiento - sighting derrochar - to waste despejar - to clear avergonzar - embarrass empapar - to soak jugueton - playful pobreza - poverty ballena - whale asesor - advisor acertar - guess escoltar - escort brotar - sprout peludo - hairy filo - edge enterrar - bury desahogar - vent descuido - careless al respecto - on the matter flojo - loose ...

deputies kill georgia man sherman, taze him, tazer hancuffed

man was handcuffed. pig cops decided to taze him 15 times. his own family called the cops on him. had a bad strain of marijuana causing him to hallucinate. within 7 minutes the pig cops decided to unload their tazers in close proximity, close range while yelling at the man. the man named sherman, was already subdued, squirming yes; resisting within a confined space. own family called the pig cops on the 32 year old man; guy has now died. family suing police. pig cops say they did nothing wrong. body cam footage. police department backs the pig cops. oink ...

serious underfilling and inconsistency at jamba juice smoothies

inconsistency in juice serving at jamba juice. did a small experiment where I would enter Jamba Juice locations. out of 5 times, ordering a green matcha smoothie, you will get various flawed variations like matcha with too little milk, or matcha with no dates, or matcha with no sweetness and bitterness. on 3 of the 5 occasions, I had to ask the teenagers that work there, without any adult supervision, to not underfill my order. ordered the pb love, which is peanut butter, chocolate, bananas and ice. i get five eights or three quarters of the cup filled. inconsistency in recipes and productions at 5 jamba juice locations that I surveyed. run by teenagers without any adult supervision. no ...

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Sunday 22, May, 2016
reviews complaints reviews
Latest news
glenn beck says usa government wasting taxpayers money state

the state department is sending 700 million dollars to refurbish mosques overseas, according to a commentary and news reported on the glenn beck show. glenn beck, formerly of fox news and now having his own internet and radio network called the Blaze, stated that american taxpayers are mad and pissed off at the state department and united states government wasting their money. first, within the united states, there is a separation of church and state. second, we have debt in the trillions. no president will be able to pay off the debt ever, so this is an imaginary number that the government and news media are able to hold over our heads. glenn beck should be commended for bringing up the ...

bill oreilly defends trayvon martin; punk kid who beat up george

bill oreilly went insane on his show today. first, he defended police that were punching repeatedly a motorist; where 4 crooked cops were caught on helicopter camera beating up a guy who is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. then bill oreilly, whose show is being destroyed in the ratings by meagen kelly said that george zimmerman selling the gun he used to defend himself from the punk kid trayvon martin should be ashamed of himself. bill oreilly is a fool. he said we should feel sorry for trayvon martin because he was a teenager. this teenager attached and viciously beatup george zimmerman. trayvon martin did not have any scratches on his face, besides the would inflicted by ...

make me a millionaire inventor television show comments review

saw a ridiculous episode of the show make me a millionaire inventor where an old couple has an idea for a snow cone machine. they did not invent the snow cone machine, nor do they have engineering plans for it. the mechanical engineers made a prototype of a snowcone machine and gifted it to the old couple, a white man and a hispanic woman. a meeting with millionaire investors was then setup. the millionaire angel investors owned vending machines of their own and owned amusement parks as well. for some strange reason the investors gifted $250,000 dollars to the married couple in exchange for 51 percent of the business. However, there was no business. There was no company. The idea could not ...

two for tuesday at capos speakeasy italian mob restaurant vegas

went to lunch at capos, two for tuesday, but it was not buy one get one free; it was $20 dollars off, but the waitress failed to mention the promotion or deal to us. felt ripped off. first, it was not two for 1; second, when I mentioned to the waitress that we did not get our discount, she brought us a portion size that was half the original portion size of the first meal. this was a rip off and disappointing. the main course includes a side dish which the waitress did not present to us. the mob theme is cool. the entrance to capos speakeasy is cool. the dark vibe is not cool. could not see my partner. could not see the menu. could not see the televisions due to a large pole. food was ...

autonation collision center las vegas rating review bad service

having to deal with a lot of trouble, bad service at autonation collision center las vegas. poor rating or terrible rating. bad review due to lying and lies. specifically told to bring the car in. drove 45 minutes to the autonation collision center in las vegas on sahara. made an appointment with autonation beforehand. confirmed appointment with autonation employee. collision center was packed with people. employee gave a specific appointment time. arrived on time. autonation said they could not give an estimate. they could only visually inspect the vehicle. why? because the computers were down. yes the autonation collision center computers were completely down. wasted hours waiting and ...

buffet at asia buffetatasia.com 2380 s. rainbow blvd las vegas

prices at buffet at asia with website buffetatasia.com are a bit high; a bit above average. a bit cheaper during the daytime, on the weekdays. an assortment of cooked crab legs and raw crab legs. nice and fresh and warm. full house of people of all ethnicities. good review. may eat here again, although, as I mentioned the prices are on the high side. fresh clams. large quantities of shrimp. easy to find on the corner of rainbow blvd. multi level facility. great service. good clients. descent deserts for a chinese place. asian flavors. not too ...