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Monday 24, June, 2019
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Floor Sweepers, Floor Scrubbers & Floor Cleaning Equipment // Sweepers Australia
NEW & USED Floor Sweepers & Floor Scrubbers to Buy or Hire for end users at wholesale prices! Sweepers Australia offer a comprehensive range of Industrial Floor Sweepers, Industrial Floor Scrubbers and Commercial Cleaning Equipment
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mailchimp acceptable use policy restricted

after spending 2 hours on mailchimp.com trying to make an account, adding my list, funding my account, entering my addresses, importing, adding a template, mailchimp told me they can not support my account, because their e-mail server is "sensitive" to my industry or keywords. WTF. this is complete nonsense. my sensitive industry is buying/selling leads. this is complete idiocy. what kind of mass service is blocking industries such as real estate leads. vacant home real estate leads is being blocked by mailchimp for no reason whatsoever. restrictive policy. mailchimp said a bot blocked my mailing list. why would a bot block a mailing list which has no rejects, no unsubscribes, all opt-ins, ...

Office Furniture Manufacturer in India

We know furniture’s are very important in our daily life and most of the time we have to spend our daily life to our office centers. Furnitures are very crucial things and these are very important for stuffs to take care. The official layout will be up to the mark which can affect on business standard or in the marketing analysis of any company. Office Furniture Manufacturer are one who can offer you best quality furniture which is best in comfort and very health friendly. lots of office furniture’s are used and we need to take care of it. While it’s being damaged, you should call a furniture manufacturer for repairing as office furnitures are the early introduction of any office area. ...

matrimonial investigation in delhi

Our personal surveillance services involve all types of personal investigation including pre and post matrimonial investigation, following, cases of Divorce, (http://cityintelligence.net) cases of love affairs, children investigation, missing persons and many more. However our corporate surveillance services include pre and post employment verifications, assets verifications, industrial surveillance, market research and many more. #Detectives in Delhi #Private Detective Agency in Delhi #Investigation Agency in Delhi #Detectives in Delhi #Detective Agency in Delhi #Investigation Agency in ...

Her Life of Love, random thoughts and more: Part 1 of Many

You are a helpless romantic. Your childhood was filled with love from those around you, you were surrounded by false examples of what love truly is...of how a man should love, treat, speak to a woman. You’d see the fantasies of hollywood’s version of what love was. You made it a fairytale in your dreams. You always fantasized about bad boys and the excitement that they would bring into your life. All you ever wanted to was to be loved, protected and cared for. Your false idea of what love is has corrupted your sweet and loving heart. You were told that just because someone loves you that they wouldn’t ask you to sacrifice your values or who you were. You never felt strong or ...

turnkeyinternet scam holding paypal funds

stay away from turnkeyinternet. after paying for a dedicated server, several days went by, and no service was provided. no dedicated server was given to us. after complaining during live chat and being marked 'priority', 2 days went by and we received an email to sign an official document and to provide a government ID. this was all for a 60 dollar server rental. completely insane policy. we understand on a 500-1000 purchase, but even this may be extreme. signing a contract on a 60 dollar server rental is just completely insane. turnkeyinternet is currently holding our money and is refusing to release it. turnkeyinternet policy is to bill for the service first, without providing any value ...

SugarDaddy Dating Club Top 10 Most Popular Dating Sites

SugarDaddyDatingClub.com lists the most popular sugar daddy dating sites on the web today. SugarDaddy sites are designed for attractive women and wealthy men seeking a mutually beneficial arrangement. The website lists hot articles, a ranking of popular sugardaddy dating sites, ways to identify a salt daddy and ways to identify scams. Full reviews of all sugar daddy dating sites are listed. Updated list for 2018. SugarDaddy app reviews are also listed. Top 5 apps of 2018. Blogs such as the top 5 cities to find a millionaire, dating issues, and devices to use. Tips on where to find sugardaddies and sugarbabies in your city. Sugardaddy and Sugarbaby experiences. A 'how it works' section ...

check n go review payday loans cash advance installment plans

filled out a check n go application and their system is full of bugs. first they lie to you and tell you that you have been approved, next they request many documents. finally they provide a phone number to call that is not answered. how is there a 24 hour website and a phone number with bankers hours. silliness. after selecting a fixed income on checkngo , the website kept saying incomplete documents and pending documents. after repeated attempts to upload the correct documents, the checkngo website ...

costco wholesale refund policy exposed fraud complaint

went to costco wholesale an renewed my yearly membership early. paid $60 and still had 3 months membership remaining from the previous year. asked for the refund because costco neglects to tell their customer that the optometry, eyewear departments are Not part of costco. These are outside companies that rent space within costco. When our sunglasses (oakleys) were purchased, there was no indication that the return, refund policy would be different than costco wholesales. In fact, the area where we bought our sunglasses had no signs and the receipt was not different. The receipt said costco wholesale with the costco address. so we were denied a return, as costco was not responsible. fast ...

SSlotted Angle Racks in India, Slotted Angle Racks Manufacturer

Adequate Steel Fabricators the name speaks about itself, providing world class customized storage solutions for retail and industrial applications since 1967. We are an ISO certified company offering high quality slotted angle racks which are manufactured by using high grade iron can be used for small lighter storage purposes to complex heavy multitier storage applications. These slotted angles racking solution comes with different size and thickness along with customized shelving to fulfil you all types of storage requirements. ...

Private Detective Agency in Delhi

Our life is governed by people around us and sometimes we do have a need to know the intention of people with whom we have to take biggest decisions of our life and that’s the time when private detectives can help us. ...

NetLineup now has a mobile application

NetLineup is the team management tool that leads the market in Georgia for ALTA but also in North Carolina, Florida and Texas (for USTA). As of August 2018 they have launched a new mobile application that's designed to be used by teammates to enter their availability, confirm their position the lineup, chat with other team members, etc. It is said to be sponsored by USTA as they have recently sent an email to all USTA captains. We've just started using the application and it's a great improvement. All USTA teams should use ...

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Thursday 16, August, 2018
reviews complaints reviews
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blackandwhitemagicspells.com reviews

Blackandwhitemagicspells.com reviews: I had found that blackandwhitemagicspells.com is by far the best place to get a real spell casting. I had used their spell casting service many times. What I really like about their site is the fact that you can either buy a black or white magic spell from their spell casters. ...

Evimiz Cleaning Services - The Best Cleaning Company in Dubai

Evimiz Cleaning Services is one of the leading and the best cleaning Company in Dubai that offer Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions. We are an expert cleaning company that use non-toxic cleaning and washing material to provide our customers with green cleaning solutions. We have a team expert and trained home maids and cleaners that can help anyone to make their home or office shiny and clean. ...

Detective Agency in Hyderabad - Investigation to achieve sucess

Venus Detective Agency is the main Investigation firm in Hyderabad, with a team of a private investigator. There is numerous detective agency in Hyderabad yet proficient approach influences us to remain in front of all. Venus is reputed Detective agency in Hyderabad which comprises of a professional team of an investigator who is highly experienced to handle the case like Internal frauds, missing persons, surveillance, cybercrime, pre & post matrimonial investigation etc. we have several years of experience in carrying out a various private investigation in ...

wholesale dvd from bulkdvdset.com

bulkdvdset.com is a wholesale online store which supplies wholesales dvds, dropship tv series, moives to the international dvd wholesalers and retailers at cheapest price. Buy from bulkdvdset.com you will love this online dvd shopping store. Our main line range from wholesale dvd, tv serise and moives, you will find the best quality and cheapest dvd boxset here. ...

lago bellagio expensive overpriced food

went to lago restaurant in bellagio. average portion is $30 for 1 bite of food. noisy environment. not enough waiters. the lago waiters are always in a rush. they hardly have time to take your family portraits. there are about 20 dishes on the menu. we went there for a birthday celebration. I asked the waiter if there was anything they did for birthdays. He showed me a pastry (tiny cake) and I said that will be fine. Aside from placing a candy on the cake pastry, the dessert was not fresh and did not taste good. it was stale and lago restaurant needs to upgrade their freshness priority. lago needs to specialize in customer service. presentation of the food was okay. I later found out the ...

infused tea lounge boba smoothies games internet

after a boba place went out of business in my city, I found infused tea lounge. I saw that the boba prices were $4 each. great price. prior to find this boba lounge, I had paid in excess of $8 per boba. infused tea lounge also has $5 smoothies. when you walk into infused tea lounge, you are greeted and infused tea boba has a rewards program where you can enter your number and receive discounts. boba tea lounge also has games, so you can spend a couple relaxing hours there. infused tea lounge also has wifi and I saw several people with their legs up on couches and on their laptops. ordered the taro boba and I made a second boba order for honey boba which was quite delish. give infused tea ...

katy perry kisses boy without consent no permission unwanted

katy perry is an aggressive pop star who kissed a boy without his consent. in the metoo movement, that is considered unwanted touching, unwanted advance and no permission. men have recently been accused of inappropriate touching. the most famous of which is donald trump. two women have claimed that president donald trump went to kiss him on the cheek and gave them a hug. the women described the incident as sexual misconduct and have held 15 interviews to describe how they did not want trump's hug, nor trumps cheek kiss. katy perry has purposeless, sexually and aggressively kissed a 19 year old. first of all, according to nicole eggert who said scott baio was too old to have sex with her ...

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Thursday 15, March, 2018
reviews complaints reviews
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physicist stephen hawking dead ignoranus bds movement israel

bigoted and hater physicist stephen hawking died. he was a supporter of the bds movement which stands for boycott divest and sanction, but this so called scientist was using israeli technology to communicate using a speech synthesizer and his cheek muscle to project sound. let's understand this concept. stephen hawking, the ignorant fool, was boycotting israeli technology while using israeli technology. my friend forced me to watch the stephen hawking movie which was incredibly dull and boring to extreme. some people like attorney alan dershowitz rightly called physicist stephen hawking an ignoranus for this anti-israel stance. by divesting and boycotting and sanctioning israeli, hawking ...

cafe summer delicate coffee and dessert review rainbow

cafe summer needs to work on their boba preparation. they need to become more consistent with their boba product delivery. for example, some boba drinks have extra chocolate and some have less chocolate. the problem is that cafe summer on rainbow does not have a preparation chart like most food service restaurants, meaning that you need a strict order of food preparation and drink preparation. simple as that. you need to create products based on ounces and mixtures, but cafe summer delicate coffee and dessert are just freeballing it. it's a shame, because several times, I did receive a good product their. most of the time though, the products are too expensive for just a sugar mixture. ...

maria adolfo fort apache review 1 star service doctor md

had an appointment with maria adolfo, of asian descent, probably filipina, but not sure. overbooked, understaffed. 18 people still waiting their turn. no seats left, at time of my appointment. waited 2 hours. called in. nurse asked 1 question. i responded. did not take notes, not on paper. not on notebook. maria adolfo came in. did not ask me about my health. did not apologize for making me wait 2 hours. treated me poorly. did not ask about my condition. when trying to explain why I came in, I was interrupted. I had 3 things I wanted to tell her. I was stopped. I was given a diagnosis without an exam. maria adolfo began speaking about topics unrelated to my visit. would give maria adolfo 1 ...

sarah silverman: jeff sessions is a racist cunt , bigot, liar

sarah silverman called jeff sessions a racist cunt for using the term anglo american, but do you know who else used that term: barak obama; but actress silverman did not call barak obama a racist cunt. what about the famed attorney lawrence tribe; he also mocked jeff sessions for using the term anglo american, yet internet slouths were able to discover several of his writings, where he used that phrase. bill clinton also used that phrase as governor of the state of arkansaw. obama's attorney general bill baer also used anglo american, which are early laws brought to the states from England. Sarah silverman has yet to apologize, or admit the error of her ways and the tweet is still up. ...

crossbrowsertesting no refund issued no console for debugging

crossbrowsertesting no refund issues no console for debugging. asked for a reimbursement due to faulty tech issues. crossbrowsertesting.com has a chat which is hardly ever monitored. The agents are never online. Said "hello" 18 times over 50 minutes and no one came online. Next the mobile pages are difficult to view due to aspect ratio and the inability to maximize the area, so testers can barely see text and links. Debugging is impossible and there is no clear option for viewing the console for errors. Spent a great deal of money and will now post on several review sites on this horrendous experience with crossbrowsertesting.com; no real time customer support and tiny fonts make this site ...

rex tillerson lies to congress lied to senators committee

committee congressman interviews rex tillerson, secretary of state for the trump whitehouse and he was found to have lied to congress about stipends the palestinians pay terrorists who have committed crimes and then sentenced to prison in israeli jails. palestinian prisoners receive monthly compensation of up to 3500 usd depending on the nature of their crime and the time they are sentenced to prison by israel and the israeli judge. so for example, a palestinian stone thrower receives up to 1000 usd per month and a palestinian killer of a child receives over 3,000 usd. palestinain president mahmoud abbas told diplomats that he will never stop, never cease paying palestinian murderers and ...