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Friday 24, April, 2015
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unethical accountant bill g. mckee la jolla san diego california
i was at the office of account bill mckee a few years back. he offered some questionable accounting tactics. i was actually referred to him by a friend who also wised up and no longer uses him. basically, he was playing tricks the entire time i was his client. he was not taking the paperwork I was giving to him seriously. i was very concerned that his behavior and conduct would get me in trouble with the irs. his manner of speech was unprofessional to say the least. during tax season, he had one level of prices and once my tax record file was due, the prices were increased. i asked for a discount, and he flatly denied me and hung up the phone. for the quality of work, i was able to find another tax accounting company and paid significantly less. the location is at 9404 genesee avenue suite 320 la jolla california 92037 phone number 858-587-8925 bill mckee is not a conservative accountant to say the least. a certified public accountant with loose morals and attitude.

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madm 751 course lousiana state university shreveport

so i am taking a class with doctor michael meeks who is a professor at lousiana state university shreveport. overall, I find him fair. It is not an easy class. there are quite a bit of theories. this is a family business class. doctor michael d meeks is a professor of strategic management and entrepreneurship. there is quite a bit of homework and assignments to finish off the week. there is a 2500 word term paper. there is a few hundred point final exam. there is a 1000 word standard home work assignment. there are videos. there are diagrams. there has to be notes and references. i have another class and both classes require long hours. for doctor meeks class, i encountered a problem with ...

gotham one of the best batman shows ever huge fan of the show

i can not tell you big of a fan i am of the new batman show. i am biting my nails daily to be the first one to download the batman show. i am living overseas so i do not have a direct view of the batman show gotham. what i do is download all the new batman gotham episodes from kickass.to - usually i wait one day for the downloads as they are tens of thousands of seeds the following day. i love all the characters. i usually hate kids. i even like all the kids like selena kyle and bruce way. i hate the way the new batman films are portrayed. they are too dark for me. i like my batman and my bruce wayne with a sense of humor. i like intelligence in my bathman episodes. i like the cops. i ...

corey gil shuster no longer going to palestinian territories

so i see corey gil shusters youtube channel has been focusing on israel enthnicities and all thing israeli. corey gil shuster use to go to the palestinian authority, areas of the west bank, area A, area B. I have noticed he is no longer conducting interviews in the palestinian territories. i have stopped watching many of his interviews because he is not traveling any more. i noticed that he use to conduct half of his interviews with palestinians. i am not sure why he has stopped? has he been threatened. is he scared. is he frightened? corey gil shuter has said that when he goes across the green line, he gets nervous. it seems something has happened to prevent him from interviewing ...

date a millionaire or date a gold digger rich guy wealthy man

so that chinese guy who created seekingarrangement.com is pretty cool. he must have balls of steel. he is not really using a pay per click strategy like his competitors. he is actually doing press releases. he is doing interviews. the press and broadcasters are actually asking him the tough questions. he now has a lot of college girls that are on campus. the college girls are in sororities and they are telling their friends that they want to meet rich guys to pay their bills, for sex, for friendship, for a weekly or a monthly allowance, to pay for school, to get a mentor, to get to travel all over the world, taking trips, eating great food at restaurants. they are called either gold ...

drivers license eucador department of motor vehicles translation

so i was trying to get my drivers license to drive in ecuador. apparently, the government of ecuador offers a program where citizens of other countries, also known as foreigners can exchange their domestic, state licenses for a country ecuadorian license. there is so much paperwork involved. it was easier to obtain my CEDULA (government issued identity card) I made dozens of copies. I got my blood work. I found out my blood type. I went to several government offices. I did color copies. I went and did the eye test, reflex test and hearing test. i waited in the department of motor vehicles line. I was patient. I did a notary. I did an apostille. I contacted california to receive my drivers ...

bardamos tus ideas embroidery company THE POINT cuenca ecuador

we embroider your ideas. i really liked the POINT embroidery company in cuenca ecuador. the manager is leonardo garnica. they did a great job embroidering my logo and designs on my hats and on my shirts. they charged me a fair price. the fee was low and the service was prompt. they offered me next day service. the embroidery company is located on tarqui 10-87 and lamar. they do computerized embroidery and stamping. they also do silk screening. they do jackets, shirts, hats, caps. screen printing is very popular at this company. they also embroider wallets and belts. they embroider your ideas. their phone number is 0999546388. The embroidery company is called THE ...

stephanie ochoa dominguez import export importaciones cuenca

cuenca ecuador import export business 8a importing exporting. i'd like to praise stephanie ochoa dominguez for her help in notarizing documents for me, across the street from millenium plaza. miss dominguez was knowledgeable about her work, prompt, on time, and conducted herself with ethics. ...

Poor quality

My husband recently purchased a necklet for me from Ortak and I was very disappointed with the quality of the product. The necklet was product EN713 costing £179.00 which was quite expensive for a necklet of this type. The chain was supposed to be 17.25" but mine barely measures 15". I telephoned to complain about the item and was told to return it but as it was a present I decided not to. I feel very upset about this product and doubt that I will ever wear it, it will probably remain in my jewellery box. Perhaps the moral is not to buy jewellery on-line where it is impossible to judge the quality of the item. ...

engineer patricio aviles cuenca ecuador director of defense

engineer patricio aviles cuenca ecuador director of defense of consumers. ministry of industry and productivity. ministerio de industrias y productividad. This guy is completely useless. He runs a ministry for customer, consumer complaints but when a customer actually files a complaints, he sends you a message, email that his agency, department can not assist or help you. A restaurant discriminated against me based on the color of my skin, nationality and ethnicity. Patricio Aviles (inginero) paviles@mipro.gob.ec emailed me some forms to fill out. I completed all the paperwork. I gave him the address of the restaurant. The issue is they were charging tourists, foreigners and recent ...

the roast comedy central of justin bieber will farrel jeff ross

jeff ross was funny at the comedy central roast of justin bieber. i downloaded the uncensored version from the torrent, and i watched it dozens of times. kevin hart is an okay comedian, even though i think he is over-rated and in too many unfunny movies. shaquile was funny. ludacris was there. best joke of the night was justin bieber was when he said he and ludacris were working on the baby song and ludacris told him it was the only baby he had ever made on purpose. martha steward was super funny. she became a gangster and she was recounting being a prisoner and her jail experiences and how she had to make a shiv out of bubbleishious gum. there was a saturday night live comedian who ...

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Thursday 2, April, 2015
reviews complaints reviews
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get hard sex jokes will farrel wil farrell kevin hart movie film

get hard sex jokes wil farrel will farel film movie review. i just got done watching the get hard movie and it had quite a bit of laughs. the thing is, i am not quite sure why producers keep throwing money at kevin hart. he is a poor man's eddie murphey and i was never really a fan of eddie murphy either way; basically the movie is about a multi-millionare played by will farrel and he is scammed by the actor who use to play coach. apparently this actor who use to play coach was once thought of to play the actor on modern family, which has to be one of the worst not funny shows to ever been on television, but at least they gave it to the actor ed o'neil, who played Al on married with ...

Thin ice

What is a poster but a sheet of ice glistening under the rays of that endless light pouring from our eyes, reflecting and shining upon a poor gray walls of the reality. Blow and it sparkles, goes in waves and slides on the currents of your breath, keeping its warmth, holding on to it. Don't you ever betray such a one, never abandon a poster that you loved and cherished for it's a betrayal of your own breath, your own heart. ...

cherese j knight social security analyst

cherese j knight division of international operations desk 410-965-9373 is an employee of the social security administration office. the social security office is not a good source in general of help or assistance with any benefits related problems. The office will ignore your claim or simply not respond your contacts through emails or phone calls. on the SSA government website, 4 numbers are listed for residents living abroad. you will get a recording and an answering machine at each of the 4 numbers. I swear that a government job must be the best job, as none of the employees have to answer to anyone. The division of international relations divisions 1 through 4 will not provide any form ...

beatitudemedspa.com address 9040 friars road #500 san diego ca

beatitudemedspa.com beautitude medical spa at the address 9040 friars road #500 san diego, california 92108 united states. a doctor of cosmetology, cosmetologist, esthetician by the name of aeria chang works there. her phone number is: 858-668-6133. I had gone to see doctor aeria change in april 2014. During that time was I deeply disappointed with her conduct and her work. She was not a true professional and she left me with poor treatment results and a sour mood. It all started when I made the appointment at her office. I had to wait over an hour before I was invited in. She then had me wait in the small office for another 1/2 an hour. Finally, she appeared and immediately began to ...

ultimatenutrition.com ultimate nutrition body work out gym eat

ultimatenutrition.com distributor problems ecuador ultimate nutrition body work gym eat healthy. it seems that the ultimate nutrition products such as MEAT carne bolic are not available in ecuador. either that, or their supply partner has gone out of business. ultimatenutrition.com is a manufacturer and producer, distributor of protein products worldwide, for athletes and anyone that wants to bulk up at the gym. the company ultimate nutrition claims such products as shakes, amino acid supplements, pills for energy and general nutrition, weight loss and muscle gain. however, their business model and marketing approach leaves a lot to be desired. their contact form on their website is ...

tony faver marketing

tony faver is a con artist out of los angeles california who does 'marketing' - tony faver is a scam artist in the hollywood area focusing on web hosting, advertising, mlm scams, loan scams, business scams, online dating scams, borrowing scams, relationship scams, fraudulent marketing scams, fraudulent mail order scams, fraudulent housing scams; fraudulent office scams; various rip off schemes; low level cons; fraudulent reporting; money transfer scams. beware. you have been warned. do not do business with tony faver; at your own ...

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Friday 20, March, 2015
reviews complaints reviews
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san diego california la jolla aeria chang english korean chinese

san diego california la jolla aeria chang english korean chinese. i went to see aeria change and she overcharged me. she made promises to my wife about how beautiful she will look; after thousands of dollars and 'the latest in technology and machines' my wife did not have any improvement in her skin, face or body. basically the doctor who i never checked her credentials liked to me, my wife and my family. the assortment of lasers in her clinic, office are plentiful, but the prices are astronomical. i have read some bad reviews of dr. aeria chang, but I had always ignored them. I would say aeria chang has a sour disposition. she does not like to be questioned. i am not sure if her language ...

charles sheen charlie sheen chuck lorre charles levine men show

charles sheen charlie sheen chuck lorre charles levine men show. i have been watching episodes of the ashton kutcher and they are funny and hillarious. there are so many one liners, comedy bits, sexual situations, penis jokes, physical comedy. this many charles levine is a genius. who cares about the fued between chuck and charles. i started watching season 7 and 8 with charlie sheen and while he is not a bad actor and has a few comedic line deliveries such as when he told herb to: enjoy your shower after seeking a porn star film of lindsey, in general the ashton kutcher episodes are a lot funnier. i am in the minority opinion but you can tell that the writing is funnier, better, more ...

payoneer experience phone call live chat customer support flawed

payoneer experience phone call loading card live chat customer support flawed. So i never received my payoneer card. i could not log in. i did the password retrieval and they asked for the four digits of the payoneer loading card. hey payoneer, if i never got shipped the card, can can i restore my account when i do not have the payoneer debit card. well, i called payoneer phone support but they offered little phone support. why is customer service phone support the worst worldwide? i was told 'we can not verify, validate your account, because of the 4 numbers, so we will hang up now' - i then tried customer support through payoneer live chat feature. the payoneer representative also told ...

spanish words of the day learning spanish understanding language

New spanish words of the day; words, nouns, adjectives, pronouns, verbs. start studying, comprehending and improving your spanish language skills: hebilla - buckle for your belt arcilla - clay impulso - momentum repetidamente - repeatedly surgir - to appear (el sol ha surgido por la manana) polvora - gun powder grato - pleasant rasgos - features compustura - COMPOSURE pudor - modesty modesto - modest escasez - shortage chompa - sweater pandilla - gang valija - suitcase turbio - shady desprender - detach or remove mantel - tablecloth rociar - to spray cuerno - horn teja - roof tile humillar - to humiliate ...

banker bankers bank giovanna rivera jep sucre banco servicio

bank banker giovanna rivera. i would say she is in her 20's; she says she learned to speak english by listening to her brother and family. giovanna rivera works at jep bank and i would complaint about her lack of 'bedside manner' also known as poor customer service. if you wish to deal with a person that has a poor disposition then this banker at JEP bank is for you. the branch of JEP bank is on SUCRE next to the streets of simon bolivar and gran colombia in the center of cuenca azuay. an adjective used to describe giovanna rivera is arrogant. another adjective is condescending. the management at JEP bank does not seem to care about employee behavior problems. I would try another bank like ...

movie review focus will smilth film con man artist lame stupid

will smith movie about a con man sucks balls. what the hell was this movie? a movie about stealing watches, a movie about stealing credit cards? a movie about two people falling in love. will smith dates a girl for about an hour, falls in love with her; at first she is a touch girl, yet an hour into the movie, she is sweet and gentle like candy and chocolate. will smith movie FOCUS makes people go blind with lack of interest. so will smith is a gambler, but he is also a con man and a thief. at first his love interest wants to kill him, but will smiths charm makes her fall madly deeply in love with will smith and will smith takes a bullet from his fathers gun (spoiler alert). the movie ...