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Tuesday 29, May, 2018
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Agencia de detectives en Hyderabad - Investigación para lograr el éxito
Venus Agencia de Detectives es la principal firma de Investigación en Hyderabad, con un equipo de un investigador privado. Hay numerosos agencia de detectives en Hyderabad sin embargo competente enfoque influye en nosotros para permanecer delante de todos. Venus es reputada agencia de Detectives en Hyderabad que se compone de un equipo profesional de un investigador que es muy experimentado para manejar el caso como Interna de los fraudes, las personas desaparecidas, la vigilancia, la ciberdelincuencia, la pre y post matrimoniales investigación etc. tenemos varios años de experiencia en la realización de diversas investigaciones privadas en Hyderabad.

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wholesale dvd from bulkdvdset.com

bulkdvdset.com is a wholesale online store which supplies wholesales dvds, dropship tv series, moives to the international dvd wholesalers and retailers at cheapest price. Buy from bulkdvdset.com you will love this online dvd shopping store. Our main line range from wholesale dvd, tv serise and moives, you will find the best quality and cheapest dvd boxset here. ...

lago bellagio expensive overpriced food

went to lago restaurant in bellagio. average portion is $30 for 1 bite of food. noisy environment. not enough waiters. the lago waiters are always in a rush. they hardly have time to take your family portraits. there are about 20 dishes on the menu. we went there for a birthday celebration. I asked the waiter if there was anything they did for birthdays. He showed me a pastry (tiny cake) and I said that will be fine. Aside from placing a candy on the cake pastry, the dessert was not fresh and did not taste good. it was stale and lago restaurant needs to upgrade their freshness priority. lago needs to specialize in customer service. presentation of the food was okay. I later found out the ...

infused tea lounge boba smoothies games internet

after a boba place went out of business in my city, I found infused tea lounge. I saw that the boba prices were $4 each. great price. prior to find this boba lounge, I had paid in excess of $8 per boba. infused tea lounge also has $5 smoothies. when you walk into infused tea lounge, you are greeted and infused tea boba has a rewards program where you can enter your number and receive discounts. boba tea lounge also has games, so you can spend a couple relaxing hours there. infused tea lounge also has wifi and I saw several people with their legs up on couches and on their laptops. ordered the taro boba and I made a second boba order for honey boba which was quite delish. give infused tea ...

katy perry kisses boy without consent no permission unwanted

katy perry is an aggressive pop star who kissed a boy without his consent. in the metoo movement, that is considered unwanted touching, unwanted advance and no permission. men have recently been accused of inappropriate touching. the most famous of which is donald trump. two women have claimed that president donald trump went to kiss him on the cheek and gave them a hug. the women described the incident as sexual misconduct and have held 15 interviews to describe how they did not want trump's hug, nor trumps cheek kiss. katy perry has purposeless, sexually and aggressively kissed a 19 year old. first of all, according to nicole eggert who said scott baio was too old to have sex with her ...

physicist stephen hawking dead ignoranus bds movement israel

bigoted and hater physicist stephen hawking died. he was a supporter of the bds movement which stands for boycott divest and sanction, but this so called scientist was using israeli technology to communicate using a speech synthesizer and his cheek muscle to project sound. let's understand this concept. stephen hawking, the ignorant fool, was boycotting israeli technology while using israeli technology. my friend forced me to watch the stephen hawking movie which was incredibly dull and boring to extreme. some people like attorney alan dershowitz rightly called physicist stephen hawking an ignoranus for this anti-israel stance. by divesting and boycotting and sanctioning israeli, hawking ...

cafe summer delicate coffee and dessert review rainbow

cafe summer needs to work on their boba preparation. they need to become more consistent with their boba product delivery. for example, some boba drinks have extra chocolate and some have less chocolate. the problem is that cafe summer on rainbow does not have a preparation chart like most food service restaurants, meaning that you need a strict order of food preparation and drink preparation. simple as that. you need to create products based on ounces and mixtures, but cafe summer delicate coffee and dessert are just freeballing it. it's a shame, because several times, I did receive a good product their. most of the time though, the products are too expensive for just a sugar mixture. ...

maria adolfo fort apache review 1 star service doctor md

had an appointment with maria adolfo, of asian descent, probably filipina, but not sure. overbooked, understaffed. 18 people still waiting their turn. no seats left, at time of my appointment. waited 2 hours. called in. nurse asked 1 question. i responded. did not take notes, not on paper. not on notebook. maria adolfo came in. did not ask me about my health. did not apologize for making me wait 2 hours. treated me poorly. did not ask about my condition. when trying to explain why I came in, I was interrupted. I had 3 things I wanted to tell her. I was stopped. I was given a diagnosis without an exam. maria adolfo began speaking about topics unrelated to my visit. would give maria adolfo 1 ...

sarah silverman: jeff sessions is a racist cunt , bigot, liar

sarah silverman called jeff sessions a racist cunt for using the term anglo american, but do you know who else used that term: barak obama; but actress silverman did not call barak obama a racist cunt. what about the famed attorney lawrence tribe; he also mocked jeff sessions for using the term anglo american, yet internet slouths were able to discover several of his writings, where he used that phrase. bill clinton also used that phrase as governor of the state of arkansaw. obama's attorney general bill baer also used anglo american, which are early laws brought to the states from England. Sarah silverman has yet to apologize, or admit the error of her ways and the tweet is still up. ...

crossbrowsertesting no refund issued no console for debugging

crossbrowsertesting no refund issues no console for debugging. asked for a reimbursement due to faulty tech issues. crossbrowsertesting.com has a chat which is hardly ever monitored. The agents are never online. Said "hello" 18 times over 50 minutes and no one came online. Next the mobile pages are difficult to view due to aspect ratio and the inability to maximize the area, so testers can barely see text and links. Debugging is impossible and there is no clear option for viewing the console for errors. Spent a great deal of money and will now post on several review sites on this horrendous experience with crossbrowsertesting.com; no real time customer support and tiny fonts make this site ...

rex tillerson lies to congress lied to senators committee

committee congressman interviews rex tillerson, secretary of state for the trump whitehouse and he was found to have lied to congress about stipends the palestinians pay terrorists who have committed crimes and then sentenced to prison in israeli jails. palestinian prisoners receive monthly compensation of up to 3500 usd depending on the nature of their crime and the time they are sentenced to prison by israel and the israeli judge. so for example, a palestinian stone thrower receives up to 1000 usd per month and a palestinian killer of a child receives over 3,000 usd. palestinain president mahmoud abbas told diplomats that he will never stop, never cease paying palestinian murderers and ...

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Thursday 15, February, 2018
reviews complaints reviews
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telos phone numbers text messaging fail lack of customer support

telos phones numbers given by the telos app is a bad company offering a useless service. despicable company because telos offers no way to cancel service. cancellation of services is not in the frequently asked questions. there want you to select: pay as you go, when you are on a monthly plan, but the problem is that telos app is buggy and will ask you to purchase more credits. so if you want to deactivate your telos service, you will have to pay more. switching numbers costs more at telos, but the main issue is that SMS texts are not being received. telosapp.com claims it provides a free phone number, but I was billed for mine and when using other services to send texts to it, an error ...

bitit bitcoin exchanger garbage review payment identification

review of bitit.com bitcoin exchanger. completely garbage company playing games with customers IDs, passports and drivers licenses. buyer beware. verification, authentication process is run by amateurs. you have to take a picture holding a piece of paper with today's date on it, with the handwritten word: bitit and your full face inside the picture frame. i have submitted this bitit bitcoin exchanger requirement 8 times and each time, I receive an e-mail saying that the process has failed. flawed procedure for credit card verification. bitit excuses reach new heights. when seeking a bitcoin credit card buying service, I have heard good things about cex.io , but I did hear they have high ...

btcdirect.eu image too blury too hard to read not enough light

btcdirect.eu is the worst bitcoin company that I have had the intense displeasure to deal with. what a worthless, inconsiderate, disaster of a bitcoin purchasing company. i searched with a wait to buy bitcoin with a credit card and btcdirect.eu was recommended. they wanted the front of my ID, too blurry, they wanted the back of my id, too hard to read. they wanted me to hold an ID with my face and they said not enough light. after 100 minutes of trying to upload the documents according to the strict rules and requirements. trying to spend money from a legitimate credit card and normal identification procedures are fine and dandy, but btcdirect.eu really does not want your business. such a ...

charlie sheen donald trump death threat hopes he dies cruel

charlie sheen has H.I.V. aids. he is not going to die, thanks to medicine that keeps hiv patients alive. charlie sheen does not have full blown aids. he also has a girlfriend. i always wondered why charlie sheens girlfriends are not hot. anyway, mr. sheen tweeted that he wishes death on president donald trump. charlie tweets that donald trump should die. this is beyond cruel; hoping that someone will die. pretty pathetic. here is a guy that could potentially face death and hoping and praying and wishing death on another person. quite ridiculous. you nearly have aids buddy and your twitter is full of rants and death threats against the president of the united states. ...

mika brzezinski joe scarborough morning joe thanksgiving liars

thanksgiving liars mike brzezinski and joe scarborough fake news pre-taped and pre-recorded their thanksgiving show faking the news by asking their guests how their thanksgiving was, when thanksgiving holiday had not yet occurred. their political guests continued to lie creating stories about turkeys baking. joe scarborough, thanksgiving liar decided he was going to fake news his way through the morning joe program by talking about mika brzezinski's thanksgiving meal. the whole fiasco from the morning crew at the morning joe show allows fans and viewers to see the deception by an american couple who lie about news events. if mika and joe can lie about something as insignificant about ...

red rock feast buffet review not fresh stale rice dishes

hopped over to red rock buffet called feast with my man and I was unhappy with the service. all the busboys and servers did not want to be there. no smiles. no conversation and no ice in the drinks. went over to the vegan section and all the rice was stale and hard as a rock. no food control. no quality control. went over to the sushi section and the rice rolls were old, not fresh. red rock feast buffett quality standards are lacking. went over to the gelato section and the gelato tasted like frozen yogurt. my husband had several 2 for 1 coupons to the feast buffet but he ended up ripping up all the coupons and we will never set foot. oh, i forgot to mention, no access to silverware. no ...

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Sunday 3, December, 2017
reviews complaints reviews
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trump eminem feud hilarious slim shady does not want fans

slim shady marshall mathers eminem does not want you as a fan if you support donald trump. hilarious. easy for a multi-millionaire to say he does not want your money or want your support. eminem is rich. try saying that as a struggling rapper. try saying that to potential fans when you are dead broke, just starting out. eminem talking trash to donald trump is not courageous. eminem has no courage. courage is saying that you do not want fans, or trump supporters (40% of the population) when you have zero money. of course eminem can say that now. same for poker player daniel negranue. said on his twitter he agrees with eminem and does not want trump fans. daniel negranue is a millionaire. ...

Nuwear sells hot men's jockstrap swimwear by cover male

Nuwear sells very cool men's swimwear styles including bikinis, brief swimwear, thongs swimwear, and jockstrap swimwear, and boardshorts. Nuwear sells several styles of jockstrap swimwear in many colors which would be great for water sports like water polo or at a private Beach and many colorful men's swim thongs! Men's swim thongs and swim jock straps are very hot and sexy made with nylon or polyamides are made for water sports. Swim jocks made in bright colors are made to be used like regular swimsuits or as underwear. Any brand of nylon or polymide or Lycra jockstrap can be used for swimwear and beachwear although I do not usually see them marketed this way at other stores. Why wear ...

bose quiet comfort 35 review return policy refund check 3 weeks

complaint against bose company who has sold quiet comfort 25, quietcomfort 35. paid cash for the headphones. did not like them. was not happy. was not satisfied. no improvement in noise cancellation quality. worse noise than the quietcomfort25. bose added noise cancelling off button and low cancellation button. only the high noice cancellation button remained, which made the other 2 buttons useless. tried to return to bose, the no questions asked return policy was a joke. got bad attitude from bose staff and refund was refused. said not enough money in register and no cash refund given. said would send a check. bose said customer paid in cash. not required to be given cash refund, even ...

groper president herbert walker bush groped countless women

accused groper united states president herbert walker bush groped countless women using a david copperfield joke that goes like this: "do you know who my favorite magician is? david cop a feel. george bush senior, who cost us lives and treasure by having the united states invade kuwait on a lie about babies being taken out of the incubators has been accused of sexually harassing 6 women, as of the date of this posting. groper george bush recently called donald trump a blowhard and a charleton, but it seems many ex-presidents have skeletons in their ...

ER Pediatric Summerlin Hospital review pediatrician

ER Pediatric Summerlin Hospital review. took our child to Summerlin Hospital which has a unit for childrens emergency room. the entire unit is disorganized. 30 patients waiting in the waiting room and 1 doctor to see all the patients. after 3.5 hours of waiting, we were finally admitted where we had to wait .5 hours more. the doctor came in and did a quick check of our baby and told us that the unit of the hospital (children's emergency room) did not have an MRI machine, did not have a EEG machine and conducts no tests on the children that the unit sees. They offered to give us a referral to a child neurologist and left us waiting in the room for half and hour and we finally left without ...

surang thai kitchen menu invited guests invitation

we were invited to a catered affair party at surang thai kitchen. this is an authentic taste of thailand. enjoyed the variance of dishes being served, preselected from the menu, which including intriguing worldwide taste such as: wantons, crab rangoon, pot stickers, tom kha, nom tok with beep or pork. staff was friendly and catered to the diner's needs. try the papaya salad and masaman. the panang was authentic. went with co-workers as invited guests due to a corporate affairs invitation. review of surang thai kitchen on fort apache. highly rated. highly ...