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Monday 11, January, 2016
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daymond john invests in fabric to cover garbage bag bad investor
daymond john might be wealthy but his investment choices are questionable. viewed an episode of sharktank in which lori grenier (wearing too much makeup to cover up her dimples) called the knitted garbage bag idea a loser. i agree. so what terrible idea did bad investor daymond john invest his money in? get this. it's a piece of fabric and it tightens around the top of garbage cans. you are fitting, placing, tightening a piece of fabric (that is not disposable fabric) around the top portion lid of a garbage container. you then can wash the fabric by spraying the garbage infested fabric with a hose of high pressure water, or bring it inside the house, and using a washer and dryer to rinse off the mold and stinky banana peel smell of the smelly fabric. bad idea. bad review of the daymond john garbage cover investment. i was yelling at the television. do not invest! stop wasting your money daymond john. it's a wool or cotton sheet that mixes with your garbage. who cares if it's adjustable

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mission boulevard bajabeachcafe san diego pacific beach review

a review of bajabeachcafe. went there with a friend as they had a 4 dollar clam chowder bowl. the baja beach cafe clam chowder bowl contained zero clams and was upsold to 5 dollars when the waitress offered the price. my buddy ordered the same thing at bajabeachcafe and his new england clam chowder bowl in bread contained absolutely zero clams as well. i noticed an item on the menu called lobster mac and cheese. there was no lobster in the macaroni and cheese that I ordered even though the menu item was ten dollars. i was expecting a plate. it came as a side dish. the dish was the size of my pinky, or possibly as big as my thumb. the meal was a disaster. our new england clam chowder bowls ...

getting unwanted gifts air purifier 12 porcelain unicorns shop

recently had a discussion/argument with a sibling. the mother of this relative was buying me unwanted gifts and wasting her time and her money, not to mention my time and my patients. it started innocently enough. i would receive some pants and socks and jackets and sweaters. i hated the colors. i disliked the fit. i disliked being the model because every single time they would bring these artifacts, i would have to drop everything and a fashion show would commence. so i told the mother of this relative to please stop getting unwanted gifts for me. the sibling got upset and yelled at me for ten minutes saying I was ungrateful. I told the sibling that I was grateful, but I did not like the ...

island for sale off the coast of u.s. virgin islands one million

just found a cool 25 acre island off the coast of u.s. virgin islands for sale for 1 million dollars. in this depressing economy, i am sure i can pick it up for a steal for 750k. the island is full of mangrove trees. only about 2 acres of the island are sandy beaches. the island is 7 minutes by boat from a major mainland city. my concern is the government might get involved if I start trimming or cutting down the mangrove trees on my island paradise. there are rules, restrictions and regulations about mangroves. since only two acres of the land are usable space, i can not expand my dwelling. it looks like the existing 5 bedroom, 3 bath home will have to suffice. 1 hour away, you will find ...

Mmogah.com Is a Trustworthy Website for My WoW Gold!

I bought 100,000 wow gold to strengthen my char for leveling fast . I bought at mmogah.com and they deliverd gold via auction house fast(nearly 10 mins). But Blizz recalled the gold and sent me an email which indicated that my 100000 wow gold was totally removed. As a wower who have ever bought gold, I know it's risky for buying gold, but i feel lucky that this site delivered gold to me again. They bear the losses for customers so i highly recommend www.MmoGah.com to all wowers who want to buy wow gold. So… it's a fine day today! https://www.mmogah.com ...

steve jobs movies ashton kutcher new cnn film annoying brutal

the steve jobs movies are brutal to watch. how many countless documentaries will we be forced to endure about steve jobs. he is brilliant. he was a lunatic. he was a family man. he abandoned his family. the ashton kutcher film bombed and it was annoying as hell. then his partner at apple said the ashton kutcher steve jobs movie was unrealistic and he could not recommend it. annoying and brutal are two adjectives critics have said about the portrayal of steve jobs in their movie reviews. now a new cnn film about steve jobs shows a documentary style about the written about pioneer and mogul. people die. movies are made. i have counted 4 steve jobs pictures in the last 36 months. most ...

medicare form b40 part b doctors visits enrollment phone delay

today i called medicare and spent 45 minutes on the phone with them, only to give me the 800# for social security. was on hold and had a long phone delay with social security for one and a half hours. january to march is open enrollment for medicare part B which covers doctors visits but not dental and not vision and not hearing. medicare does not cover dental, vision and hearing but medicare part D does cover prescription drugs. false information on the medicare and social security website as the talking head representatives told me I could enroll by telephone which turned our to be wrong and false enrollment. truth was I have to download a medicare form called medicare B40 form. i then ...

jack links beef jerky raises prices shrinks plastic container

jacks links beef jerky has raised prices on their in store beef jerky supply while shrinking the quantity in the plastic wrap beef jerky containers. jack links first came around in the beef jerky market when they sponsored poker tours on the world poker tour channel. suddenly, beef jerky shelves were concentrated with this one brand and one main product. the price was decent, but not low. you could get 3.5 ounces for about five dollars. now the price has skyrocketed due to jack links share value in the market. simply put, jacks links has gobbled up their competitors so the small beef jerky suppliers are out of business in favor of one big brand. jack links quality is good, yet I have ...

vegas luxury sales and rentals mahsheed barghisavar be careful

be careful with mahsheed.com (mahsheed barghisavar) - i had dealings with her and i found her style to be very direct bait and switch. her website is broken and offers details on properties that are used to entice the renter. no application nor agreement is forthcoming in the las vegas luxury sales and rentals arena. ms. barghisavar is a cunning lady that will return some phone calls and not others; mahsheed will answer some email message but not others, stringing the client along, awaiting an answer on the deposit and monthly rent prices of a rental. homes have been rented underneath the noses of some clients with no communication from miss barghisavar. be careful. you have been warned. ...

ms. philippines is an ordinary looking woman tmz photos skinny

ms. philippines is skinny, emaciated and an ordinary looking woman. tmz took photos of her coming out of a gymnasium and her face was dull and wrinkly. ms. colombia on the contrary is stunning and gorgeous and wears a minimal amount of makeup. her name is arianda guitierrez. once steve harvey of family fued and comedy fame announced the wrong name, it was revealed that there was a rivalry between the latina contestants and between pia alonzo wurtzbach. people do not watch miss universe competition. the pagent was on a little known network and the tmz photos exposed a skinny, untalented filipino contestant. i understand the competition analysis and analytics are not based on looks alone. ...

olivier busquet world poker tour alpha8 commentary florida vegas

watching and listening to olivier busquet world poker tour alpha8 commentary in both the florida and las vegas televised poker versions. the guy is smart. his commentary consists of him either liking the professional poker players play or disliking the play of his friends and competitors. amateur poker players will have little idea of what olivier busquet is talking about with poker book terms such as bluff catcher, taking that line, bet for value, and other terms not found in local city card rooms. there are positives and negatives to busquet's commentary. yes, he won 6 million in career poker earnings. he really gave a hard time to noah schwartz, a jewish guy who won half a million ...

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Thursday 31, December, 2015
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bbq republic lunch special review employee issues management fun

looking for a fun environment to eat a pulled pork barbecue. took a drive to bbq republic for a lunch time menu dining experience. not sure if there are multiple bbq repulic restaurants but it seemed that the old grey haired guy that was either the manager or the owner was running this location which was nestled between carmel mountain road and carmel valley road where the five freeway meets the 56 highway. was in the mood for lasagna but saw a crowd of people waiting in line for pork. saw bbq republic had cinnamon yams. baked cinnamom yams? not tasty. the employee could not count the change. gave the bbq republic employee 15 dollars and the register bill came out to 11:05 - that means ...

easy video maker and easy player download install uninstall fail

easy video maker is a fail. its software cousin easy player is a failure as well. i tried to remove chroma key, otherwise known as a green screen from my video. i spent over an hour reading the online tutorial. i got to work and followed the step by step instructions. i noticed that the green screen overlay would remain around the edges of the video characters, so my female video character would continue to talk and you would see hints of green shadows around her waist and elbows. the would saved but created a miniature version of my video persons with grainy features. this easy video maker software is not as advertised. the conversion is not accurate. easy player then plays your adjusted ...

mystart my start intelibar software hackware spyware invade comp

my comp was invaded by mystart. i tried all the basic removal methods. going to about:config - no help at all. i deleted all my online cache and i deleted all my offline cache. the mystart, or sometimes called intelibar uses yahoo search function and refuses to disappear from the suggest search engine topics. various youtube videos and google posts have suggested that i delete registry entries from regedit.exe. mystart is a genious hackware which can not be deleted, removed, replaced, or even yelled at (even if you yell at the top of your lungs) the my start is a perfect invader. invades your computer. hacks your computer. uses its brother intelibar to list itself under the software ...

clickandbuy.com goes out of business loses their license process

clickandbuy.com just lost their license to process credit cards. the processing company that many in the software business relied on to be dependable and send transactions their way, lost their banking relationships and is closing its virtual doors. clickandbuy risk management department was never too easy to deal with. too many restrictions on what you could sell through their website gateway. looks like the long arm of banking regulation has caught up with click and buy. take some alcohol and poor it on some dirt and clickandbuy is a model of the past. entering their website, customers are directed to remove code from their api and user interface. the user payment interface must be ...

mcafee antivirus plus one-year term service bundle computer pc

paid good money for a new pc and it was bundled with software from mcafee. was super happy to have an award winning anti virus software installed on the super cool new personal computer i just purchased. the serial number for the software install came with my purchase. i was directed to a website called bundleapps.com/activate/mcafee and entered my mcafee registration code and submit. the download did not start. in fact, it was mandatory that i register for a new account or enter an old, existing mcafee account. after trying to submit for hours, i gave a pause to trying to get the bundled software that was supposedly included in my expensive computer system. mcafee website provided an ...

unclaimed property division claims evaluator evaluation unit

got a letter from john, a claims evaluator at the betty t. yee california state controller unclaimed property division with the subject: claim closed, additional documentation required and my claim numbers. seems one business supplier had written me a check, it bounced, or the business entity tried to deposit funds into my corporate account and it got rejected/returned. when that happens, if the business is honest, they will send the funds to the secretary of state and they will hold it in a fund with the franchise tax board. i verify the online ftb directory and sure enough, $800 is being held by various government agencies. i spent 38 hours, collating paperwork and i send it to ...

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Sunday 27, December, 2015
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prestige movie in demand hugh jackman christian bail revenge yes

yes, the family finally saw a movie that was worth seeing together. the new movie PRESTIGE starring hugh jackman and christian bail, two renowned actors of our time. actors that came up doing stage performances and in theater. actors that take their craft very seriously. there is nothing better than a revenge movie. YES! super freaky, fantastical movie bringing together mysticism and passion for magic. devoted magicians to their craft of magic lose love, create children, have marital affairs, have sex with jewish girl scarlet johanson. and you have the guy from batman, michael care reprising his role, next to christian bail, who I absolutely despise and deplore in the batman role, but I ...

spanish vocabulary lession plan study session keywords memory

asimismo - this word means LIKEWISE - asimismo, me gusta frijoles. se semeja - this word means TO RESEMBLE. disuasivo - deterrent as in a nuclear deterrent. coherente - consistente or consequente. sorprendente - surprising. desisivo - pivotal. privar - to deprive. inculcar - instill as in to instill values (inculcar valores). vacilacion - hesitation / vacilar - to hesitate. agrietar - to crack. astillar - to chip. gira en torno - resolves around. (likewise - asimismo), you have a coherent argument (coherente). (instill morals - inculcar ...

shitake water chestnuts breeze restaurant grapefruit juice ocean

the breeze restaurant on camino del mar is an over priced whole in the wall. this is a review of our experience at the breeze diner in del mar california. got greeted by a teenager employed at the breez del mar and ordered a grapefruit juice. the juices are not freshly squeezed. three dollars for a small cup of juice found in a plastic container at the breeze. menu showed juice prices at 5 bucks for a larger plastic container. the clerk asked his employee assistance to check the expiration date on the cap of the plastic bottle the juice came from under a desk. seemed the juice had expired as my glass was not filled from that container. finally the juice situation was handled through a ...

the big short book and movie both were incredibly boring junk

the big short book was junk. i read 38 pages, which was roughly two chapters of the big short book snoozefest. i set it down. i think i burned the big short book or had every intention to. i wanted to send it back to the internet website in which i purchased the pile of you know what; i think the site was amazon. the trailer for the big short movie was good. and by good i am referring to the fact that they had music playing in the background. a licensed song that marketers use for most movies that really gets the juices flowing. christmas day went to watch this incredibly boring junk of a movie big short. the movie theater was luxurious called cinepolis, a mexican owned chain of franchise ...

comparing directv, time warner and dish network satelite cable

tried to switch from twc to directv but twc did not turn off the picture and kept the recurring billing coming. i smell a class action lawsuit as customers are told one thing by twc staff and then let down, and are continuously billed. i found that most digital signal cable providers offer a poor customer experience. i am not sure about dish, as i have not tried them. i noticed that they provide less sports content which is fine by most customers who do not watch sports anyways. directv staff misled the consumer by telling him that the bundle department is open but due to the att and directv merger, most departments did not consolidate and long hold times are a side effect of the poorly ...

studio visage skin care wendy followup communicate text la jolla

it was my pleasure to communicate with wendy over at studio visage skin care. i had purchased a livingsocial deal and due to travel, i had not used it within the allotted time period. i phoned wendy at studio visage and told her that i could get an account credit from living social or she could honor the deal certificate. wendy told me that she would honor the deal if i would tip her. i saw no problem as the deal was expired. livingsocial had prepaid her about half the amount of the certificate deal. i enter kohls shopping center off el camino real, not far from encinitas blvd and walked into phenix salon suite 118. the exact address is 142 n. el camino real encinitas 92024. it was simple ...