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Friday 27, January, 2017
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hawaiian barbecue eastern avenue dine in take out catering
located in the walmart plaza, hawaiian barbecue is exactly what a barbeque place with hawaiian origens should be. had various dishes here like meats and breaded shrimp. also have tazo drinks. reminds me of when I use to live on the big islands. dishes heavy on rice base with soy sauces. located next to china dragon, next to the airport. good selection of appetizers and meats. large seating area. food not too filled with spices or flavors. i find hawaiian food in general is pretty bland flavors.

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hidemynumbers.com hide my numbers chinese numbers sms china

hide my numbers Chinese numbers from china receiving sms. main guy who runs the company is a complete joke. claims to provide usa numbers and useless sms Chinese phone numbers that ban and disable Instagram, facebook and twitter accounts. forget about customer service from his skype account. sms receiving failing most of the time. not being about re-sms. main employee ignores customers customer service and skype requests. have a large balance of $200 on this hidemynumbers account which I may never see again, due to poor support response ...

paypal buyer protection policy fraud rules can be voided abandon

paypal buyer protection policy is a FRAUD. first of all notice how it says "may be protected" by paypal buyer protection. read the fine print. paypal.com send me an email saying I have too many fraud or dispute cases open and they reserve the right not to honor their fraud or protection policy. paypal says they can void their customer protection policy at any time. paypal business can abandon customer's rights to their chargeback protection. the customer would then have to dispute the entire charge with paypal. this is a scam perpetrated by the corporate big wigs at paypal putting some small typed language, hidden in the paypal buyer protection ...

`getmycode2day.com get my code 2 day getmycode2day

this is a fraudulent business. the man who runs this business does not provide the service that was purchased. numerous times, we attempted to make contact with this business getmycode2day but no response was given, neither by skype nor by website getmycode2day. i would suggest nobody try to get service from this scam business. provider of sms services and provider of code services, yet during normal business hours, no service was provided. numerous tries at obtaining an sms code was tried and promises were made but nothing was provided. service should be for 10 months (ten months service) but during normal business hours, no sms code was received. boycott service. scam company ...

experience with cafe rio mexican grill catering fresh made mex

fresh made Mexican food over at café rio. my husband and I stopped into café rio Mexican grill and got some chips and guacamole. pretty tasty. not bad at all. we really liked the environment and found the staff to be friendly. next time we will order a bowl or burrito, but the smells coming from the café rio grill were intriguing. café rio offers catering packages, known as "fresh made Mexican" and has an assortment of tacos and dips. fresh guacamole. fresh sour cream. fresh cheese. lines are out the door. every seat is full at cafe rio Mexican ...

cugino's italian deli & pizzeria pizza overpriced sandwiches

we took the kids here, to cugino's Italian deli & pizzeria. our mouths were open as the tiny sandwiches were brought to us. god damn. these cugino's sub sandwiches were tiny. yes, the bread was fresh. the ingredients like the eggplant and cheese were fresh, but they good people at cugino's are cutting back on portion size. on a very small sandwich, there was hardly any cheese. $10 bucks for a miniscule sandwich; those are new York prices, not hole in the wall near the airport prices. cugino's is on Maryland pkwy by the airport and the food was just OK, because you could not taste the cheese (small amount); you could not taste the eggplant (small amount). you would expect the family behind ...

"why him movie" sucks balls shitty picture bad acting actor

the acting on "why him movie" was shitty. this picture had everything you do not want in a movie. bad acting. bad actors. shitty script. the why him movie sucks balls. why was there no script that made sense? why did it take me 30 minutes, to have my first chuckle or 1 hour just to laugh once. terrible why him movie sucks. I needed 1.5 hours of my life back with "why him" - now the actors are just following the bad movie script, so you can't blame too much. that caley kocoa is just a bad lucky actress that gets paid 1 million dollars an episode for the big bang ...

aldo shoe con the mall $100 dollar bill counterfeit scam story

here is the story. we went to aldo shoe store at the galleria mall and the guy clerk said that his register was running out of money. he said "take a look for yourself" and there was barely $100 dollars in the cash register drawer at the Aldo shoe store. The aldo shoes we wanted a refund for cost $70 dollars. the man clerk said he did not have seventy dollars in the drawer. he said he has a crisp $100 dollar bill in the drawer. he presented it to us and it had fraudulent markings on it. the hundred dollar bill did not feel real and when held to the light, it had strange images of bushes or trees or some greenery on the bill but had no color changes or reflection changes and no hidden ...

upwork financial restriction policies suspended accounts fraud

upwork financial restrictions caused upwork to hold and subsequently steal $500 dollars from my upwork account. after I inquired from upwork help support about why my freelance did not respond to me in 24 hours, upwork instead of relaying my message to the freelancer, decides to police my account, which was in good standing and suspended my account due to their fraudulent terms of services policies which have a upwork policy of investigating you and requiring specific information such as all your IDs, state and federal forms, which can then be stolen by 3rd parties. we refuse to divulge our financial information to a 3rd party company like UPWORK which suspends and cancels the accounts in ...

dingpva.com no trial be careful might be virtual phone numbers

dingpva does not offer a free trial. many times sms are not received, especially for twitter or instagram. since no trial is offered, there is a risk associated with funding dingpva.com - the owner has quite a short fuse, so if you ask him the same question twice, he will get quite frustrated. dingpva does not offer voice code receiving, like twitter is sending voice codes. buyer beware. rates are .60 cents and .05 for every sms that is received. dingpva is based out of the united kingdom. could be virtual numbers and not real SIM cards. may not have real sim cards. may not have real ...

spoiled brat conan obrien bitches to david letterman about leno

spoiled brat conan obren bitches to david letterman about leno. hey conan, it is not leno's fault that your TBS show has LESS nightly viewers at 485,000 , which is the LOWEST on late night television. keep blaming jay leno for all your problems conan Obrien. andy richter has hundreds of anti trump tweets. andy richter is an anti Donald trump fan boy. fat boy richter and his wife and his boss conan keep allowing anti trump actors on conan's late night programming. conan constantly bitches to david letterman that he and jay leno had nothing in common but the reason my brother and I ever watched conan in the first place, was because JAY LENO threw to conan with his "stay tuned for conan" - ...

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Friday 6, January, 2017
reviews complaints reviews
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delhi indian cuisine one star service and food fail cuisine LV

took several of my college buddies over to delhi indian cuisine on 4022 south Maryland parkway in las vegas Nevada 89119 phone: 702-383-4900 their lunch buffet had just ended and I knew we were about to get ripped off my an overly priced dinner. food lacked tasted, but what upset us the most about delhi indian cuisine on Maryland parkway las vegas was how they charged for a side of rice when the creamy meal required rice as part of the main course. the naan bread had no garlic flavor and was an EXTRA again. so the rice was an extra three dollars and the naan bread was an extra three dollars. so extra fees. extra charges for the small portion of rice. extra charges for the small portion of ...

"as seen on tv" store "galleria at sunset" ripoff rip off story

our entire family walked into the "as seen on tv" store at "galleria at sunset" and was ripped off. but it wasn't about the money, which was only a $2 difference. it was about the fact that after overcharging us for an item, the manager at "as seen on tv store" galleria mall told us that correcting the overcharge would go against their "no refund policy" - so what are the specifics? we purchased a TV gadget and it cost LESS than what the cash register charged us. Yes, the Labeled price on the merchandise showed a smaller amount. the cashier charged us more. we walked out and noticed the discrepancy on the receipt. we walked back in. after the store clerk/manager called her manager, she was ...

leah remini saved by the bell tom cruise wedding feud jl0 friend

leah remini gave an interview to ABC where she was pissed off and complained that there was assigned seating at the tom cruise wedding. leah remini did a lot of complaining at the tom cruise wedding, like complaining about the song selection, that tom cruise sang to katie holmes. other leah remini complaints were tom cruise jumping on a couch on oprah which no sane person cares about people he is an entertainer and I have seen a dozen entertainers jump on conan obrien's couch. leah remini also complained about tom and katie kissing saying they should get a room. leah remini complained about the cake at tom cruises wedding and later apologized to the head of scientology, david miscavige. ...

fiverr ban me, blocks me, suspends me. fiverr scam. fiverr fraud

fiverr bans me, blocks me, suspends me. what a fiverr scam the executives at fiverr are running. after spending $8,000 dollars on fiver gigs, fiverr projects over 2 years of being a loyal consumer and loyal customer of fiverr.com , they go ahead and suspend my account. they ban my fiverr account. e-mailed and phoned their customer service emails and fiverr customer service phone numbers with no solutions and 10 contact attempts within 4 days with only 2 automated replies and no human touch from the fraud artists over at fiver business. why did fiverr block me? why did fiverr suspend me? because I sent the same message to 4 potential gig owners. i wanted some competition in their responses ...

Columbus, Ohio Criminal Attorney

Adam G Burke is a Criminal Defense Attorney in Columbus, Ohio. The law firm he founded with his law partner Andrew Meis is dedicate to fighting for the rights of the accused. These two criminal defense lawyers founded Burke, Meis & Associates with the goal of providing outstanding representation and afforded fees Burke, Meis & Associates office is conveniently located in the German Village Area of Columbus, Ohio at 625 City Park Ave. ...

planet fitness hidden cancellation costs and debt collection

just got a threat email from planet fitness threating to send my membership account to collections. the standard membership for planet fitness is $10 dollars per month. little does the member know that when the member enrolls, she is on the hook for a 12 month membership and if she cancels prior to 12 months, there is a fee ascribed of $56 dollars. a member can not cancel via email, phone nor fax. this is a sneaky decision by planet fitness management. they want you to get a sales pitch. you have to come into the store. you have to sign a cancellation agreement. planet fitness makes it difficult to cancel. they have my credit card on file. there was a billing error on ONE month and already ...

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Sunday 25, December, 2016
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subway undercover boss bitch episode awarded college education

spent the last hour watching the subway undercover boss bitch episode in which this 19 year old girl who looks 15 was rewarded for berating and yelling at the subway head honcho. she was bossing him around. she was ordering him around. she was impatient and he was crass and harassing. well, she got a nice college education. it pays to speak your mind and be heartless and ruthless. she admitted that she likes to harass her employees and calls them "fresh fish" - she also was awarded a vacation with her father, and college which totals $30,000 dollars in perks. he then gave another employee a lousy $1,000 dollars, because that employee treated him fairly. subway bitch. under cover boss bitch ...

penn's thai house another yelp fraudulent score rating

in a secluded area of Henderson, penn's thai house has no outside décor and 4 bare walls on the inside. very minimal decoration, so you would think the food is outstanding. think again. quite the contrary. the yelp score was 4.7 out of 35 reviews, but both my manager and I felt the customer service was poor and the food was not distinct. we had the lunch special and penn's thai house Henderson and were disappointed with the taste. the red curry was too thin and was watery. the egg foo young was fooey, with a bland, tasteless taste. the 2 employees that work their have minimal English skills. another time yelp reviews have lied. this time about thai food in Henderson called penn's thai ...

instantproxies test 5 day refund policy and grace period

we began testing instantproxies.com and so far, so good. they claim to have a 5 day refund policy if your proxies fail to work and so far they have been responding to support requests within 24 hours. instantproxies.com claims to have a grace period for billing. this is very important when on a recurring monthly billing system. our experience with the failed system of blazingseollc.com is that when your billing method fails, all your proxies are circulated back into their system, which means you have lost all your proxies. blazingseollc only allows paypal where as instantproxies allows 2checkout which is a blessing as paypal refuses to stable their system unless you provide them a social ...

grinders pizza lounge owned by great friends or brothers

enjoyed the friendly spirit and friendly atmosphere at grinders pizza lounge. was super happy with their thin crust pizza with some nice flavorful sauce. super enjoyed the talkative friends or brothers. afternoon lunch specials. a large cheese pizza is what you want to order here. avoid the fries. might be a bit undercooked. prices are in line with the current economy. bar stools at the table are comfy and the ability to look directly into the kitchen is a plus for this grinders pizza lounge establishment. owners are from turkey and armenia with typical dishes from those ...

mixers homemade ice cream and boba super delicious gelato

super delicious gelato at mixers homemade ice cream and boba. our family really enjoyed mixers. such a great bargain. you get two scoops for five dollars. how can a deal or bargain on ice cream and gelato get any better than this. mixers is owned by an Asian family with limited English skills, but their gelato and English making skills are beyond amazing. you have to get the Ferrero roche, if that is how it is spelled. well, it is some type of almond flavored deliciousness and the main thing is you get two scoops which can be shared with your loved ...

frozen frog fort apache thefrozenfroglv.com ice shop

ice shop over on fort apache. pretty delicious blend of artificial liquids. a nice assortment of natural and artificial flavors with a nice vibe. definitely shop by, even when it is raining or when the weather is not to your liking. some ice cream selections as well. we saw some popcorn gourmet flavors and the price was quite reasonable. half price specials on Tuesdays and the sizes are overwhelming. a great way to spent five dollars, but hang out and enjoy with a thick straw all your strawberry and blueberry flavors at frozen frog ice ...