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Sunday 8, November, 2015
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james bond must die spectre daniel craig old ugly sick of role
daniel craig, james bond is sick of doing his role as james bond. the character of bond is stale. daniel craig is ugly and daniel is old. women do not like him anymore. he has been interviewed and has told the media that he is sick of the role of 007. i am sick of bond movies. bond never dies. james bond must die. the new movie spectre leaves bond alive at the end. bond has had his nuts hurt, with metal balls. he has been electrocuted. he has been drugged. he has been beaten. he has been stabbed. he has been shot. yet james bond lives and refuses to die. daniel craig told the media news that he wants to make money but even if producers throw millions of dollars, he refuses to do another james bond and that for him, the character of bond is dead. good riddance. this alcohol drinking, womanizing, old fart, sports car driving, catch phrase spewing man needs to be extinguished. i have seen every single bond movie and i am upset at the sheer repetitive nature of the bond flicks. movie blues

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video of saddam hussein interrogation and trial testimony beaten

saddam hussein gives a speech in court. beaten tortured by the Americans. rifle blows to the neck, until they crippled him. not afraid to be executed. took the bones out of his legs. says there were never chemical weapons in iraq. says there was no alliance between bin laden and the president of iraq. speaks about himself in the third person. says iraq was never connected to terrorism. bush lied. people died. says he showed his injuries to the medical staff. says the Americans stole his watch. says 'a lion does not care if a monkey in a tree is laughing at him'. sadaam goes on a hunger strike in jail. Americans left him starve. Saddam believed religion and politics were separate. no desire ...

second degree murder body cam footage 911 recordings investigate

two cops are being charged with 2nd degree murder. the footage is disturbing. the cops killed a 6 year old boy and his father is the hospital. the cops are killers of the boy and the father was unarmed. the crooked cop killers were wearing body cameras. one interesting note about body cameras is that they have to be physically turned on by the officers prior to a pursuit and there are rules where the dirty cops do not have to initiate the cameras. there was 911 recordings of the chase and of the killing of the six year old youngster. a judge has signed warrants. the charge is for second degree murder. the police spokesperson says that a review of the body camera footage was some of the ...

blake shelton miranda lambert gwen stefani old and ugly dating

i am not a country music fan. i could care less about blake shelton. i know he is a funny guy with gray hair that usually takes his voice contestants to the winning circle. i had very little respect for the country artist because he was married to a very ugly chick named miranda lambert which has a disfigured face and is old. blake shelton is 39 years of age and his new girlfriend gwen stefani is 46 years of age. mister shelton has a very strange habit of either dating old women or ugly wrinkled women. apparently, blake doesn't care about big tits or any sized breasts as gwen stafani has no boobs. gwen stefani also has 2 or 3 kids. that relationship will not last. blake shelton needs to go ...

lance armstrong is my hero me you dupree movie role actor bike

funny how the media wants us to like someone and then hate someone. if you fill me full of drugs, i could not win the tour de france. obviously lance armstrong is amazing. even without doping or drugs, when lance did his comeback, he got third place. lance armstrong appeared in many movies. he was in that dodgeball movie and he was in the movie: me, you and dupree. he was lionized and then villainized. armstrong is my hero because he stood up to the media. by the way, no one cares about bike riding. a small percentage of people ride bikes. the media tried to sell the story of a cancer patient with one testicle who overcame life's struggle and rode a bike and got consecutive wins, but no ...

time warner cancellation by mail nightmare retention specialist

time warner cancellation policy is the worst nightmare. the time warner employees are rude and arrogant. they leave you on hold. they do not listen. they lie. they do not provide services. time warner lies about giving customers a credit. an employee told me he would give me a 200 credit for bad cable service and after waiting months, the credit never arrived. i want to cancel time warner cable. the cable company does not allow cancellation by post. they make you call in, remain on hold and speak to a retention specialist whose sole job is to annoy the customers and convince them to remain with time warner cable. cancellation is a headache which takes hours. the 200 dollar credit never ...

spirit air 45 minute policy girlfriend airline airport machine

spirit air has a 45 minute policy. we did not print out the ticket at home. turns out the spirit air ticketing machines stop issuing tickets 45 minutes prior to departure. spirit airplanes do not board on time. the spiritair.com boarding takes place at the departure time; never at the boarding time listed on your ticket. the new policy is humorous. this is a new policy as i use to arrive half an hour early for spirit flights and still wait 2 hours before the flight would takeoff. spirit airlines has an adversarial relationship with the air traffic controller. the controllers tends to put spirit airplanes in the back of the takeoff line. there is always a waiting list at the control tower ...

South Carolina Deputy Ben Fields Fired After Desk-Flipping girl

another case of police brutality and excessive force. instead of calling in another police officer so that the girl could have her hands cuffed, the deputy ben fields decided to flip the black girl over in her desk chair. the black girl was being disrespectful. she did not want to turn off her cell phone. i think mobile phones should not be allowed in the classroom. school is not a place for learning; rather it is a place to talk back to teachers, to talk about sex, to politicize events; teachers come into class and talk about personal problems at home. teachers vent politically. on one hand, mobile phones can expose teacher behavior. on the other hand, mobile phones are a disruption to ...

antanas guoga tony g tonybet.com loudmouth poker player annoying

tony g, antanas guoga is an annoying, loudmouth, asshole of a poker player. guoga berates players. i have been waiting for a player to hit that fat ass in his gut, but most of the players try to keep their cool. tony g (antanas) talks trash about most amateur and professional poker players. the guy needs to be taught a lesson. i hate poker players like antanas guoga that yell at people. life is short and this asshole makes life more difficult. tony g made his money by starting a european gambling site called tonybet.com and sponsoring some basketball teams. now the tonybet site which was file not found on a firefox browser loses money to professionals. on your bike is a common phrase that ...

home depot carmel mountain ranch center door installation window

home depot poor service. one star. phoned the door and windows department. scheduled an appointment. paid in advance. got a window of time when the home depot installer was suppose to come to the house to do the basic installation of the screen door. called up home depot at the 12185 carmel mountain road location. got the run around. waited 2 more hours. stuck in the house waiting like a mouse in a mousetrap. home depot home center has our money. home depot wasting our time. playing run around. called home depot corporate office. employees can't find the installer. the door installer is missing in action. the installer got the money ahead of time, in advance. misleading service. lack of ...

Nice Fragrance Tin Candle | Smells Wonderfull And Give Freshness

What an awesome tin candle I had, I love this Archipelago candle as well as also appreciate to the seller ASecretAdmirer. This candle makes my room smell wonderful I really feels very fresh. Nice candle!! I love it. I highly recommend these seller to everyone who wants a nice tin ...

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Monday 26, October, 2015
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Not good at all, the qulity is not worth hanging on the wall

Bought from this website to combine with my posters from allposters but the colors is washed out, I could probably print a better copy from a regular incprinter. The support was vary good before the buy but now after? No answer in 3 weeks!! Its really bad. ...

obama administration admits terrorists to usa use discretion

this is a crazy, yet true article i just read on how judicial watch found documents from the department of homeland security and immigration and customer enforcement. the article talks about how discretion is given to allow immigrants from arab countries who provided material support for terrorist groups, entry into the united states. judicial watch found that individuals who provided limited assistance to terror groups can be provided entry into the united states and given residency status. i was in shock and disbelief. 1519 potential terrorists have already been given residency status. terror group affiliates such as islamic jihad, hamas, hezbollah, al queda. the department of homeland ...

capital one indian call center weekends saturday sunday fraud

the fraud representative over at capital one credit cards has been playing games with holding my credit line. it has been 2 months and the fraud employees at capital one are still blocking my use of of credit card. i disputed a charge 8 months ago. somehow the fraudulent charge reappeared on my credit card statement consuming the entire available credit line. i had to spend hours on the phone with the incompetent capital one employees. capitalone.com told me to call and speak to a supervisor. i had to make minimum payments on my credit card, while unable to use the credit card for purchases. what kind of scam is this? pay your capital one bill but do not use the capital one credit card. ...

lousiana state university professor doctor karen james review

this is my review of doctor karen james. took her class and was disappointed. several projects were not graded in time. a lot of grading delays. every student knows that the difference between a 99.9% and a 90.1% is about 50 hours of studying time. that is the exact problem with my review of doctor karen james of lsus. there are several tests that are chapter review tests. these tests have what a student might call hidden answers and vague questions. this review is not about the personality of dr. karen james. it is simply a review by a former student as to the efficiency or lack thereof of the classes that she teaches. as a lsus student, I would find an alternative professor for the ...

wart stick common and plantar warts sallicylic acid 40% percent

damn wart started growing on my face and wanted to burn it off or freeze it off. read about some home remedies for wart removal but none of them worked. one popular remedy, rated #1 was apple cider vinegar which was false and a complete failure. i applied the apple cider vinegar for two hours with a cotton ball and dipped and drenched the wart with the vinegar. i did this for 2 weeks and the wart grew bigger and stronger and fatter and thicker. the wart was giving me hell. the more i tortured the face wart, the more the face wart grew. i decided to ask the pharmacist, but the asian pharmacist told me that she could not diagnose. i picked up some freezing wart remover from the shelf and the ...

i do not consent to showing ID drivers license passport police

in california, a person does not have to show a police officer unless the police officer has put the person under arrest for a crime or unless a police officer is stopping you for a traffic violation or if a cop is suspecting you of a crime. the acla has sued the barstow police department after two college students were harassed by the police and taken to jail for not showing their passport or drivers license to police. the california law states that the students did not have to provide identification to the officers and were unlawfully taken to jail. the brothers contacted the acla and got the brothers 15,000 dollars but they did have to spend the night in jail, contact lawyers, bail ...

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Saturday 24, October, 2015
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green tea matcha almond milk jamba juice los angeles california

jamba juice can be a rip off at times. two cash registers and 12 people in line in the los angeles california location i went to. i ordered a green tea matcha almond milk and after a 15 minute wait, i saw the teenager at the back struggling to fill my order. i ordered the large matcha smoothie and the poor teanager that jamba juice hired had problems pouring the jamba juice green matcha tea into their cardboard container. my order was called and i saw that the jamba juice container was only filled 80% of the way to the top of the lid. what a travesty. apparently high school student employees have no muscle strength to poor contents from a glass mixer into a cup without spilling 20% of the ...

unwra 500 million aid by united states chris gunness twitter

so chris gunness of unwra is a bigot. it has been shown that he preaches moral superiority and refuses to see facts as facts. the american government provides 8 billion dollars to the united nations off the books. the u.s.a. is the united nations biggest supporter, contributor. chris gunness runs a twitter page where he denounces the state of israel, but never denounces criminal acts by the palestinians. a youtube page called: "palestinians stabbing jews" was created showing palestinian kids stabbing, running over in cars, and firing shots at jews. chris gunness does not condemn these despicable acts. unwra is the united nations relief and works agency for palestine refugees in the near ...

nathan for you best buy circuit city the good guys electronics

price matching scam shown undercover on the comedy central show nathan for you. funny show, but shows the truth behind the price matching fraud that electronics stores pull on their customers. when i was a kid, there was a good guys electronics store and they were always in price matching with circuit city. my dad and I went to circuit city and found a super cheap tv. the computer said the television was on sale. we went across the street to the manager of "the good guys" and she lied to us. she told us she called the manager of circuit city and that television was not on promotion. we went back and got something in writing. the "good guys" female manager lied to our faces and told us the ...

netanyahu mufti Haj Amin al Husseini nurenberg trial gas chamber

controversy over netanyahu claims that the mufti haj amin al husseini played a role in the extermination of european jews is no controversy at all. we have the nurenberg trials where testimony by adolf eichman collaborator reads as follows: SS Hauptsturmfuehrer Dieter Wisliceny: “the grand mufti, who had been in Berlin since 1938, played a role in the decision of the German government to exterminate the European Jews the importance of which must not be disregarded. He had repeatedly suggested to the various authorities with whom he had been in contact, above all before Hitler, Ribbentrop and Himmler, the extermination of European Jewry. He considers this as a comfortable solution of the ...

youtube video edits take too long forever annoying enhancements

youtube video edits are annoying. "we are 80% done" please come back in 1 hour. "we are 90% done" be patient. these enhancements are terrible. youtube.com has a feature called TRIMS. this is where you can shorten your video. trimming your video can take up to 1 hour. while your video is in the edit stage or "edit mode" you can not make additional enhancements like attaching another youtube.com video or adding text. why? because if you add together another video, youtube will create a completely new video, thereby breaking the link. if your embedded link is broken, any website that used the embedding code will not have a broken link, so the trick is to edit your video immediately, in short ...

history of us bombing of civilian facility theintercept schwarz

the usa likes to preach moral superiority but when its military is in battle, many civilian facilities are "mistakingly" attacked. the article written by jon schwarz of theintercept.com gives a short history starting with the 1990's of usa conflicts; wars that the united states had started where civilians were killed. colin powell, one of the miltary experts that got the usa into the iraq was stated that peter arnet's coverage of the baby milk facility was false. the truth came out that the journalist peter arnet was in fact telling the truth when he toured the iraqi facility where a woman lost 8 of her 9 kids there, due to a USA strike. even the recent missile strike of the afghanistan ...