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Tuesday 15, December, 2015
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las vegas airport security theater additional checks screening
security theater at las vegas airport mccaron. the tsa agents had 2 of the 5 lines open, causing a big hold up and delay as usual. i noticed a trainer training a trainee with how to use the magic wand that checks your hands and fingers to see if you have any chemical or hazardous material. it is random screening and since he had explained how to wipe passengers hands with the brush, and I was standing next to the agents, I knew I was next in line to be harassed and 'randomly' selected. the green light on the chemical machine flashed OK and I was free to go. I then separated my jacket from my laptop and my tennis shoes and placed them into separate bins. i noticed my belongings were not coming out of the baggage treadmill. i was selected for additional checks. i was selected for additional screening. the agent put my jacket in a separate bin and I was sent through the screening processing again. ridiculous airport security theater. saw a naked girl, who was a nudist at security check.

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luxor guest wifi access disabled i.p. computer name connection

stayed at the luxor for a few nights. love the pyramid. you can tell the structure is old since you can hear the neighbors showering through the walls. purchased a suite for a few nights. the upgrade is worth it. the suite upgrade comes with 710 square feet of space, a soaking tub in the room and another room that I barely utilized. i tried to connect online and could not. i entered my last name and the room number, but both failed. had to waste time with the tech guy over the phone for about 40 minutes. he had to go in and configure my computer with various i.p. settings and connection names and computer connection protocols. they need to fix this at luxor. the late checkout charge is $55 ...

couscous greek restaurant fremont experience downtown las vegas

the couscous greek restaurant was pretty yummy. i liked the long hours on a weekday. friendly patrons. friendly staff. ordered the poutine fries. the fries were well cooked, nicely prepared. the french fries came with a gravy that was tasty and delicious. big fan of the poutine fries at cous couse greek store. also ordered some nice tzaziki sauce with pita bread. first time ordering poutine fries which were topped with some cheese. tasted a bit like motzarella or ricotti cheese. at first i thought it was feta but it had a different texture. i would go there again. i like to explore new flavors and ...

D hotel casino no hot water mirror about to fall clock sink clog

The D hotel on fremont street will have guests complaining of noise. read several reviews showing people are dissatisfied. you would think that the higher the floor, the less noise. the opposite is true. the noise even hits the 15th and 20th floors. you simply touch appliances at the D casino rooms and they fall to the ground. touched the toilet roll holder and it collapsed. the sink was clogged and no amount of fingernail action could unclog it. the mirror in the bathroom was shaking and it was about to fall to the ground. good thing the D casino takes customer credit cards for deposits. that way, the D hotel casino can bill their clients for problems with the room. fremont street has a ...

ring.com commercial unfunny illogical criminals ring doorbells

the ring.com commercials where the the criminal rings the doorbell is unfunny and illogical. what criminal will ring the door bell and then when the woman of the house says "sorry, i am busy, i am with my kids right now washing them in the bath tub, the criminal all of a sudden gets scared and runs away because he is fearful of the kids in a bathtub full of water and a single female alone. the criminal has a gun. the criminal has a gun. who is the moron that is buying the ring.com device. another ring commercial shows another idiot criminal in daylight hours ringing the bell and the camera activating. apparently all criminals want to scope out the households during the day. no criminals ...

alps x 401 android kingo root phone 4.4.2 device hours spyware

trying to root my phone. have spent over 18 hours over the last 3 days. bought a cheap mexican phone and no apps and no programs will save to the sd card which is a measly 4 gigabytes. apps and programs try to save to the phone memory which is nothing, even though the device settings show to write to the sd card, the device gives an insufficient memory error message. attempted to root the alps x401 android phone using 18 different root zip files, exe (executable files) and one click programs that are nothing more than gimmicks. spyware and malware infected my computer, then spent an addition 7 hours removing spy programs, search programs, infestation programs and the phone is still not ...

blue trashcan theft are new lows in despicable american society

blue trashcan theft are new lows in despicable american society. woke up this morning to find that criminal neighbors had stolen the fresh, newly purchased blue trashcan, or as some might refer to it, the new blue trash bin. each city provides a couple trash bins for your waste and garbage disposal needs. neighbors use them up, abuse the trashcans and garbage trucks anchor to them, lift them up and dump the garbage contents into the big trash truck container. all well and good until your neighbor breaks his and he needs to go scouting for a very small, yet very cute blue garbage disposal bin. yes, he sees yours and his devious eyes light up in this despicable american society where even ...

crossed into the united states of america ordered back to mexico

for thousands of mexicans trying to cross legally into the usa from the san yisidro crossing, they have to spend hours trying to cross the line, and cross the border by waiting in the line, while the u.s. border patrol finishes taking their lunch break. while the fat border patrol agents stuff their faces, normal people have to wait at the border crossing. 3 lines are formed. general line. ready lane line. sentri pass line. i have tried to apply for a sentri pass but the process takes 1 day of waiting for your appointment in chula vista so bring a book. hungry border patrol agents will be taking their 1 hour breakfast breaks and their 1 hour lunch breaks. there is a turnstile at the border ...

chipotle e.coli scare every couple years good food makes me ill

every couple of years i hear about an e.coli outbreak at chipotle restaurants. the media says: students sick at chipotle. grandmas sick at chipotle. cancer kids sick at chipotle. everyone; the entire food eating public is getting sick at chipotle mexican restaurants. you go in there. they wrap a small portion of meat into a tortilla and then hand it to you for around ten bucks depending on the city or the market that chipotle is selling in. so back to the chipotle e.coli. what is up with chipotle venders. what are their cows eating. they are not grass fed. they are not feeding off organic grains. how do strains of ecoli from chipotle get mixed up and in chipotles food distribution. no ...

deleted cache with ccleaner and now gmail has blocked me google

google and yahoo have decided to block access just because i traveled from miami to new york and my internet protocol address I.P. has changed. when i create yahoo email addresses or google gmail addresses, the account information i enter is of course phony. i do not like my privacy screwed with. i am not on social networks. the government spies on you. citizens are not safe. i do use email and i still need email in my life so i create accounts and now my email accounts are blocked because i enter false password recovery methods that i can not remember and invalid backup emails that i can not remember entering. so what exactly is gmail trying to figure out? here is their message: somthing ...

jack reacher free on demand movie review people must be insane

people must be insane giving the movie jack reacher four stars on most online review sites. i was looking for a movie to watch on my on-demand movie service channel one and i saw tom cruise. you have to hand it to tom cruise being a movie star for twenty plus years. the movie starts out slow and gets slower. i had to pause and start and restart this movie several times. what a pity. i wanted to give it a chance. boredom. boring. sleepy. one girl in the movie had a nice rack. that is what kept me going. rosamund pike has nice breasts. when i tried to google some naked pics of rosamund pike, i noticed that she had a boob job, which really pissed me off. most of the porn videos, she was an A ...

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Tuesday 1, December, 2015
reviews complaints reviews
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rumor boutique hotel las vegas airplane noise cheap champagne

rumor boutique hotel las vegas airplane noise cheap champagne. rooms are under stocked. lack of toilet paper, kleenex, closet space and remote controls. the suites at rumorlasvegas are right under the las vegas airport, so you will see and hear airplanes taking off. staff is childish. check-in process is lengthly. sign and initial a 2 page contract. rumor nickels and dimes the guest through their website upsells. hot water take a while to heat. the champagne they provide with the room package is cheap quality. no cork. screw top. unscrew your cheap champagne. tastes like soda. not in a good way. employees hate their job. poor eye contact. poor employee service and experience. my review ...

клуб расторг контракт с защитником Кириллом Кольцовым

Генеральный менеджер «Салавата Юлаева» Леонид Вайсфельд сообщил в интервью «Чемпионату» о том, что клуб расторг контракт с защитником Кириллом Кольцовым. Недавно клуб из Уфы выставил хоккеиста на драфт отказов. Ни один клуб не забрал Кольцова, и защитник отправился в ВХЛ — в «Торос». Хоккеист позволил себе резкие высказывания в адрес руководства клуба. «Салават Юлаев» попросил дать оценку высказываниям игрока. ...

ferraros italian restaurant wine bar 4480 paradise las vegas nv

ferraros italian restaurant wine bar is located at 4480 paradie las vegas nevada 89169, near harmon street across from the rumor boutique hotel and hard rock hotel. the website is ferraroslasvegas.com food was quite delicious. noticed on the menu 50 and 100 dollar corking fees for wine. some charging of a split fee and dishes ranging from 20 dollars to 80 dollars. appetizers were tasty. a nice mix of italian style with lobster and mussels and crab and scallops. not a place to watch your wallet, because the portions are for tasters only; so fill up on the bread if you haven't eaten beforehand. great decor. nice italian pictures on the wall. cozy place. warm place. all menu items hard to ...

ecuadorbeachfrontproperty.com ecuador beachfront ocean lots

Tom and Lynn Saunders of ecuador beachfront property review. communicated back and forth with thomas suanders but I find their pricing to be high. it seems that their margins on real estate in ecuador is what i call gringo pricing. in various parts of ecuador such as manta and cuenca and quito, gringo gouging is taking place. tourists who wish to make the south american country of ecuador home are willing to make an investment in vacation rentals, lots, ocean front land, and homes. yet, buyer beware as ecuadorians along the coast are paying $30 per squared meter just 1 hour south of puerto viejo. ecuador beachfront property website should lots going for $150 per square meter just north of ...

beware stratosphere not listing resort fees in promotional ads

scam warning stratospher hotel is not listing their resort fees in their promotional material. received an email with coupon codes and a special code for an affordable or cheaper room. the stratosphere resort, hotel and tower is at the far end of the strip. the promo advertisement asked me to call 800-99-tower and mention code EB1118 which is not a better deal because stratosphere is not the most expensive hotel on the strip. in the online brochure, there is no mention of resort fees and when i phoned and complained and said they need to mention all their fees in their advertising, the phone help person didn't care and said that resort fees are standard at all vegas casinos and I should ...

overdraft returned fee u.s. bank occ.treas.gov complaint help

helpwithmybank.com and occ.treas.gov are the two websites where you need to go when the bank screws you over. they have an online customer complaint form. you can complain about usbank. dispute resolution services are provided by the government and in many cases u.s. bank will back down and see the error of their ways. of course this is only a temporary solution as u.s.bank will screw you again in the near future. the current fraud usbank is perpetuating on banking customers is the overdraft returned fee. this new charge is invalid, illegal, fraudulent, and an abuse of power. the typical fee is $36 (thirty six dollars). us. bank has been warned not to access this fee when an account ...

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Sunday 29, November, 2015
reviews complaints reviews
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optionshouse.com options trading system failures technology bad

optionhouse system is problematic. trading with them is health hazard. did several options deals at optionhouse.com and regretted it. first of all, i was with options house when they were doing 15 cents per options deals, before the mergers. their website would crash. the website would not allow certain option deals and option features and you would have to call in, complain, and the technology guys at optionhouse.com would have to adjust some filters and then 10 minutes later, your option order would get fulfilled. it was a pain in the heck. not reliable at all. too many system trading failures, outages. many times my fill price was too low, thanks to optionhouse system failures. now ...

lemonis marcus lobsters pies episode review money employees bad

lemonis throws good money after bad. saw this episode where he tries to help this punk kid, that doesn't want to give up majority control, even though he is a dead beat that does not want to pay back his sister or his grandma or his father. so this deadbeat doesn't even talk to his father now. quite depressing. in this new episode of the profit, marcus is up to his old tricks, throwing good money after bad money. the lobster food truck guy does not want to be a minority stake holder in a business that is profitable, yet dying. so a normal entrepreneur would not invest one red cent in this lobster food truck business. hundreds of food trucks in chicago. food truck competition. lemonis has ...

I will be still and know you're God

So many things are happening all around me.Sometimes I just feel like it is all becoming way too much.Every time that I try so hard to understand why all of these things are happening,I end up more confused that I was.I get no answers most of the time.Then when I remember that I really do not have to get all the answers I sit back and constantly remind myself to be still.There is always a spot deep within my soul that is always very still and at utmost piece even when everything else around me is going wrong. I will always remember to be still and know that He is ...

death of email wechat klik whatsapp smartphone applications bad

the death of email. electronic mail (e-mail) was once mandatory on line - this was before the smart phone. with a mobile phone, a person can receive a reminder or a message through their app. lately, people have been rejecting email and telling me that they refuse email. the young generation will only chat through the whatsup app. in fact the whatsap just added a feature when you can call your friends using data. the calls come in clear. so as long as you have wifi or a lan line, you can get amazing call reception. even skype is slowly dying as kids like sorting tools and not just pure sound communication like skype software offers. the death of email is bad news. the passing away of email ...

antonio esfandiari poker player reddit fail failure one drop bad

esfandiari is not a bad player but his reddit was boring. esfandiari did a reddit a couple years back, in 2012 and i read that reddit and had more meat on the bones to it. esfandiari likes to say 'i'll take the 5th' even though AMA, stands for ask me anything. esfandiari briefly talks about when he was cheated by the mob which could have been an interesting topic but the followup questions to the subject were not expanded upon. esfandiari was on the reddit for maybe one hour barely answering questions. people want to know: how did antonio esfandiari meet his girlfriend? did they ever break up their relationship and get back together? antonio esfandiari only went on reddit because his agent ...

new york times takes a loss of a billion on the boston globe bad

bad news for the new york times parent company. back in 1993, the new york times bought the boston globe for 1.1 billion or 1.3 billion depending on the source. around the same here, the ny times bought a gazette called the worcester telegram & gazette. how much did the new york times newspaper pay for the gazette? 300 million dollars. so now we here that the ny times paper sold both newspaper properties for 300 million taking a billion dollar loss in ten years. bad investment. bad strategy. you would think this is the worst loss in modern history, but the worst loss is a 7 billion dollar loss by yahoo of broadcast.com which was a sports internet telecast company that had less that 100,000 ...