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Saturday 10, October, 2015
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lydia harris death row bankruptcy suge knight court harry O dead
harry O is dead. the ex-husband of lydia harris was the one who gave death row 1.5 million dollars to launch their record label. the first launch was the chronic. harry o was a drug dealer who was in prison for selling cocaine. he met suge when he tried to get his wife lydia harris a record deal. lydia harris sued suge knight and the judge awarded her 107 million dollars. instead of suge knight giving her a settlement agreement and being a smart businessman, he decided to file chapter 7 bankruptcy on behalf of himself and death row records. everyone went to court and the judge was looking for the warehouse where the death row masters were being held. the judge threated suge knight with contempt of court. lydia harris was an unsecured debtor which means the irs gets their money first. lydia harris ended up getting zero. no money. knight had money, cars, homes, but refused to settle with the wife of harry. jimmy iovine founded interscope records and got into hiphop very early. court case

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astroglide sensitive skin gel personal lubricant allergy tested

latex safe astroglide sensitive skin gel personal lubricant allergy tested water based no drip long lasting ultra gentle preservative free SUCKS! if you want to be impotent use this astroglide gel. if you want a dry penis use this personal lubricant. my penis shriveled up into 2 pieces after using this "tested" gel on my sensitive area. what happened? why the bad review? it BURNS! yes astroglide burns the penis. astroglide burns the vagina. my partner was screaming. i was yelling at the top of my lungs as the burning sensation covered the liquid goo on my shaft, head and ball area. i needed viagra or cialis after astro glide lubricant. i was crying. i was in tears. waste of money. i paid ...

i am dating a very cute adorable asian girl and i love her alot

this asian girl is a sweetheart and we have a lot in common and she is very precious to me and i love her very much. so i want to write my girl a love note and this way, she can view it online and link to it and know that i care for her because she makes me happy. i will keep her identity a secret. i will just tell you that she fell from heaven and i caught her. the ...

the word game a to z create a story using the first letter each

A Bum Caught Dick Ejaculating Forcefully, Grinding His Impatient Junk, Kissing, Licking, Moaning Nasally On Peter. Quietly Resting. So Tired. Underestimaged Virgin Winning Xxx Xylophone Yearning Zohan ...

las vegas complain about cab drivers extra fees vouchers scam

the las vegas cab authority makes it difficult to complain about cab drivers. i had a cab driving that was cursing and yelling and telling us to hurry up and angry. i called up the las vegas cab authority which self-governs cab drivers and they ignored by calls and hung up on me. i then wrote the las vegas cab company and I told them the time of the cab pickup and the name of the hotel the cab arrived to. i was sent a police picture set of 15 cab drivers, where i needed to circle the offending cab driver. i was able to narrow down the criminal cab driver to two cabbies. i then had to go to the notary to notarize the paper and sign under penalty of perjury that the asshole cab driver was ...

season two of gotham series is a complete fail lack of writing

season 2 of gotham is a complete dud. i was a huge fan of gotham season 1 and was telling friends and family how amazing the gotham series was. come season two and gotham failed miserably. the writing started to suck and there was editing and continuity errors. i am glad fish is no longer on the show. first harvey bullock walks into penguins offices and threatens him and is not shot. then harvey bullock tells him he would never return and runs a bar and says he is happy and then goes back to the police force. episode 1 of season two put me to sleep. i was telling a friend to start watching season 2 and as we were watching gotham season two episode one, i was so embarrassed by the poor ...

dox-do sushi not fresh fish no flavor convoy balboa review dine

went to dine at dox-do-sushi on convoy and balboa and was disappointed. dinner was horrible. at first the ingredients came out fresh, but then as the soups and stews came out, it was obvious that many of the fish dishes were not fresh and had been boiling and cooking for days if not weeks. my partner and i entered the evening dinner shift and were seated. the sushi place was dead with no crowds and basic seating. this was not fine dining. the prices were pricey and the sushi selection was intense. we ordered the fish stew and the waitress had a hard time recommending any dishes. when asked what she liked, she did not have an answer even though the waitress worked at dox-do sushi for over ...

edward snowden really hates russia protection whistle blower spy

edward snowden, the man who revealed that the u.s. government is spying on all the citizens, reading their emails, monitoring their communications and installing spy devices in electronic equipment, really hates russia. at first edward snowden wanted to apply for asylum in ecuador. that was refused. then snowden asked denmark and sweden for protection. denied. russia was kind enough to protect snowden from u.s. torture, but snowden wants to leave russia. in an interview, the whistle blower and says he is negotiating with the united states to go to prison. he prefers an american prison to life in russia, where he has a girlfriend. snowden has a great life in russia. he has celebrity ...

hypocritical usa government bombs hospital in kunduz appalled

this is an interesting article of the biased united states state department. the article is about the press secretary for the state department. a comparison is being made between the united states strike on a hospital run by doctors without borders which has united nations affiliation. twenty two patients and doctors were killed by the suspected united states strike. obviously innocent people were killed in the american attack on the afghanistan hospital. the issue the reporter is bringing up is the u.s. condemnation of israel by using the statement and word appalled. in that case, the united states warned israel that militants or terrorists firing rockets nearby did not justify the ...

solar companies inept fly by night deceptive customer service

i have been dealing with solar companies for years. most are deceptive. solar companies claim to pay for leads but when you send them leads like verengo solar, they do not answer their phone calls nor their emails. what kind of customer service and deception from these inept fly by night solar companies when lead generators can not get money from these one man solar companies. several craigslist posts from one man companies in the solar industry begging for leads but the solar companies do not have the ability to handle the qualified leads that are being sent to them. some solar companies claim to pay $750 or $1,000 dollars per lead that closes with them, but these closed leads are not ...

usbancorp admits error after employee lies and bank fault usbank

usbancorp admits their poor management and back error. usbancorp located at 60 livingston avenue saint paul, minnesota 55107. after the office of comptroller of the currency opened a case on the customers checking account, a letter was mailed to the account holder. the retail customer requested an opt out of atm and check card overdraft coverage. this means that usbancorp was not authorized to pay overdrafts on atm and everday check card transactions. usbancorp admits to an error that caused it to not properly take effect. a bank employee wrote the customer and email saying there was no bank error. the overdraft coverage option was not updated, usbancorp falsely paid an item and the ...

superman dies and then lives movie is getting worse and worser

latest superman movie a disappointment as first the writers kill superman. then the writers allow superman to live. some girl comes to the hospital where superman is laying there dead. yet somehow the hospital has no security for superman. even though the hospital officials pronounced superman dead, no police officers are guarding the body. there are no guards at the door and some woman that superman is not married to is allowed in to visit him. also some kids that is not the son of superman is allowed in to touch superman's cape. the women kisses a dead body and a scene later the man of steel is brought back to life making the headline "superman is dead" a lie. no creativity in hollywood ...

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Tuesday 6, October, 2015
reviews complaints reviews
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yahoo news megan liberman editor in chief liberal left-leaning

yahoo news is the default news source for anyone with a browser. recently yahoo hired megan liberman who is a left-leaning editor who employees racist, hatred filling, one-sided blogs and publications like the huffington post to be broadcast as legitimate news organizations on the yahoo news website found at news.yahoo.com - huffington post is not center. it is left wing, liberal. yahoo news does not have any prominent right wing blogs transmitting or broadcasting news to the millions of yahoo news readers. what is worse is the partnership yahoo has with AFP, which is a french publication as liberal, and as left as they come. AFP has been known to fake news broadcasts. many of AFP writers ...

tmobile pay for sim card lax attitude teenages charging for tech

i went to the tmobile shop in the area. quite a disorganized experience so i decided to write this review. i go inside the tmobile store and there is no waiting list. there is no place to sit down. no chairs or couches or bences at the t-mobile.com store. a line of people cutting and wanting the attention of the understaffed t-mobile facility in an outdoor shopping mall. my phone was stolen and the agent did not care and wanted to charge me for a sim replacement. no complimentary sim which costs them five cents to produce. a nice markup to $16.40 including tax. that markup on the sim card is sixteen thousand percent. no freebies or customer care at the tmobile stores. few employees. no ...

mike matusow blowup poker room lost thousands hand bet failure

bet the wrong amount on a bluff. it was obvious that my pair of pocket fours were no good. the flop came jack jack three. i was holding a pair of fours. the old lady was in and i had her hand misread. the best was fourty and she raided to one hundred. why would she almost triple a bet if she is holding a jack in her hand i thought while playing at the palomar card room on el cajon boulevard next to university avenue. the palomar poker room has quite its share of poker characters from the black guys starting fish fights to the asian dealers who have attitude and a big mouth. i raise two hundred dollars and the old woman calls me. i should have folded right there. but the next card was a ten ...

dwolla ach development developer checking account failed system

dwolla ach system is failed due to its lack of programmer development tools. our programming team has spent nearly three weeks trying to figure out, and sort through the outdated source code of dwolla checking account gateway, which is similar to paypal. the difference is dwolla allows a masspay; sending of mass checking account transactions from a unique bank account into the checking accounts and saving accounts of employees and vendors. the lack of integration support by dwolla is scandalous. dwolla is a failed system that does not account for developer support. the development support is non-existent. support emails are unanswered. forum signup returns errors. code that is not in beta ...

million dollar listing los angeles continuity error editing fake

a little bit of fake editing occurred on million dollar listing episode. this is the new season with the british guys. in this episode the british guys are both recovering alcoholics. they are life long friends and look alike, are the same age, work together, live near each other, talk alike, and date similar looking blondes. a new character maria is introduced. maria does not seem comfortable being filmed in front of the cameras. for some reason her acting is bad. this bad acting made me suspicious of the million dollar listing scam where scenes are recut and producers tell the actor agents what to say, where to stand, and how to act. in this cafe scene, the two british guys who are not ...

gabe kaplan fired high stakes poker aj benza norm macdonald gsn

the gsn network honchos must be insane to let experienced poker pro, cash game professional and great poker player gable kaplan to leave or be fired. the game show network let aj benza go. actually they fired his ass. i have been watching season 1 of high stakes poker and as an amateur player and as a fish, there is no better way to learn playing poker, than seeing the whole cards and understanding why players are making the moves they are playing. it was fun to see daniel negraneu lose half a million dollars. the players are paid by pokerstars.com to appear on the high stakes limit shows. gabe kaplan was an excellent commentator. aj benza had a great laugh and funny insights. norm ...

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Thursday 1, October, 2015
reviews complaints reviews
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san diego cops refuse to follow law police report not filed pigs

the san diego cops are refusing to follow the law by not taking down a police report when a break in occurs. the pigs were called when there was a break in to a residential building in the san diego area. the officers were told that a neighbor had pushed her way through the door, into the living room without the homeowners permission. the cops took both sides in a verbal report. the intruder said that they came to complain about some landscaping issues and when the home owner refused to let them in, to sit on the couch and complain, that the intruder started knocking on the door and pushing their way through the doorway. the law enforcement decided not to file a written report. there was ...

u.s. bank international transaction fee merchant offshore scam

another us bank international transaction fee scam. u.s. bank is now locating merchants that use merchant identification numbers that are outside the united states. if a customer makes a purchase online, u.s. bank will add three percent, in addition to the transaction services that the merchant already charges. say the merchant charges an additional fee for purchases made. that fee is usually five percent. now u.s. bank wants a piece of the action. you wake up one morning to find that us bank at usbank.com has added additional fees. your online statement shows transaction fees that you never agreed to. complain to the federal reserve. complain to the bank oversight board. there are state ...

raised reraised confused poker strategies opens strong 7x under

asian guy opens under the gun, in early position. playing 5-5 texas holdem. opens to 35 dollars. i am in position, last to act, i call. flop comes garbage, low cards, ace - i am holding ace 3. i check the flop, which contains the ace and he bets a hundred. i call. turn comes some garbage, useless card. i want to take the pot down with my pair of aces, but the guy reraises me to three hundred. at this point i fold. the question is should i have folded my aces with my weaker kicker. next had a pair of aces but he opened strong, then bet at me, then on the turn i bet at him and he reraised me. i am thinking if he just was opening with a pair of kings, or maybe a pair of jacks. or maybe a pair ...

jeb bush bad poll numbers foxnews talk video interviews website

loaded the foxnews website and dumb how the entire website is devoted to trying to make jeb bush look good. the efforts by the media to prop up jeb bush is not causing blindness within the public. voters can see that jeb bush is way behind in the polls. jeb bush has no political life. no air in the tires. yet i counted five, yes 5 video interviews and three articles about how jeb bush is trying to be a better candidate and how jeb is trying to rise in the polls. biased media wants part of the billion dollars that jeb can raise. bush has already raised a quarter of a billion dollars without the republican party. large media buys with bush's political action committee money will go to fox ...

greek mediterranean food stephanoslv.com vegas henderson scam

ate here a couple times. decided to give it a try. mediterranean place seemed okay. food was fine. no complaints until i saw a few signs at the door that said the Tzatziki sauce was free. there were a few posters and a couple pictures that said: we never charge for tzatziki. i go up to the counter and i order fifty dollars worth of food for two people. i say, be sure to put some Tzatziki sauce for dipping. the girl says, that will be six dollars. what a scam. i hate when posters and pictures next to the menu upon the entrance to the greek place stephanos says "we never charge for Tzatziki" - ask for as much as you want and now I am being charged for the cucumber based white sauce. ...

hardrock hotel construction pillows comfortors blankets stains

hardrock hotel review. got a room with plenty of noise and construction. large remodel of the hardrock hotel and casino. room was a disaster. stains all over the place. room was cold. hrh tower requires a room key and the elevator has a problem with the card reader. bad rewards at the hardrock hotel. vip host was a nice guy. after some money was found at the atm, and later returned, vip host offered to comp the room, but the rooms were already comped as you have to spend thousands to get invited back. enter room. stains on the carpet. no comforters on the bed. freezing my ass off throughout the night. pillows were hard as rocks. painful pillows at the hardrock hotel and casino. cushions, ...