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Tuesday 9, June, 2015
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profit jacob maarse flowist pasedina california marcus lemonis
i am surprised to found out that jacob maarse flower show in pasedina los angeles is still IN business. this is a disaster of a flower shop with a crook as an owner. i understand that television program editing can screw with the final outcome of the television show but when I watched the profit hosted by marcus lemonis, i realized that the owner is a fat slime bucket who is a liar and a thief. after a handshake deal with marcus for hundreds of thousands of dollars, the owner refused to pay marcus. if you go to the scam company website at jacobmaarse.com flower store located at 655 east green street pasadena california 921101, you will see that the employees are a pleasant group, and possibly the mom who pays all the bills is a pleasant lady, but the owner who calls the shots is not a man of distinction. the son's name is HANK and this guy makes a deal, has marcus fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars renovating the location and then tells marcus that he will not pay up. big joke

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booking was modified error message spirit airlines standard

booking was modified error message spirit airlines flight standard. spirit.com with their tricky rates increased prices at the last minute and lied about the fees. this is what happened: i was asked to pay extra for a carry on bag and i did. this charge was not for round trip, although the language of the website did not state which trajectory i was paying for. it was a very confusing fee structure. i attempted to pay for both flights, the direct flight and the return flight, but spirit.com offered no option. therefore, i submitted. a day before the flight, i was sent an email that i did not pay for the carry on. spiritair bumped up the price 50% and showed that I payed for a carry on bag ...

jonathan stewart born jonathan stuart leibowitz hugh grant daily

jon stewart is a bigot. no one can dispute that. ever since jon leibowitz said that he had a difficult interview with hugh grant, i have become a huge fan and cheerleader of hugh grant. apparently hugh grant refused to suck the dick of jon stewart on the daily show and john stewart got his panties in a bunch and said: no more hugh grant interviews on the daily show. bigot jon stuart leibowitz banned hugh grant. immediately i went to imdb and wikipedia and found a list of hugh grant movies and hugh grant films which i have on repeat. i am now starting two week notice with the actress sandra bullock. hugh grant is in excellent physical shape and form in the movie and is a handsome devil. ...

scared straight television show abuse my parents real crimes lie

the scared straight television show which I first saw on mtv is cruel and harassing behavior by the parents. the issue is that the kids on that show are not real criminals. their crime is 'talking back to their parents' and 'staying out late at night' and 'hanging out with the wrong crowd. then a whole bunch of criminals in state jails and state prisons harass the kids on the show. they get in their faces. the criminals spit at the kids. the criminals tell the kids that they will be raped. the criminals have pushed kids on the television show. the criminals have slapped kids. then the producers air this television show. this is a pure case of criminals committing crimes against children, ...

incahoots bouncers cowboy bar line dancing west lessons dance

incahoots cowbar in mission valley central san diego has long lines on wednesday nights. like most paid bouncers, the bouncers over at incahoots are a bunch of criminals recently released from county jail. incahoots is located at 5737 mission center road san diego california 92108 with a phone number of 619-291-1184. i was at this western bar which its smell of urine and waste a few times. but the fact that the woman are less ugly than other western bars and the fact that my male friend is horny had me come here last wednesday night. after waiting one and a half hours in the long line that was stretching around the building. i needed to go to my car to grab a sweater as it was getting ...

about you day spa and salon skin care massage therapy del mar

about you day spa is an overpriced day spa and i should really put "day spa" in quotes. when you walk into this day spa located in del mar off via de la valle at 9830 via de la valle, you feel isolated. the massage prices are sky high. they do have facials, but they do not have any types of microdermabrasion machines. so if they do not do microderm, what type of machines for skin care does about you day spa have? i asked this very same question and was told that they mainly sell products. the receptionist does not understand english. the receptionist does not speak english. another woman had to come out from the back room and I had to repeat myself again. about you day spa has no price ...

nailpro nail pro 427 santa fe encinitas spa waxing mani pedicure

nailpro 427 santa fe encinitas spa waxing manicure pedicure. i did a walk in without an appointment and they put me in a back room. the bed had hair all over it and was dirty. i brushed the dirt and hair away and was ready for my waxing. i thought i would get extra services by the way the attendant was flirting with me and asking if i was single or married. i thought i would getting extra benefits. nailpro does airbrush designs, silk wraps, microderms, hand arts, acrylic gel, and facials. i would say the prices are reasonable for waxing and a bit overprices for microdermabrasions. nailpro is located in encinitas in north county san diego. nail pro's phone number is 760-942-0649 nailpro ...

usbank suspicion form government notification criminal withdraw

ever try to withdraw or transfer a large amount of money with usbank? this bank will shine a light on you like a cop would at a police station and question you about where you got the money and where you plan to send the money. when you deposit money at a bank, the employees usually do not ask questions. at usbank they asked me for my social security number. when you withdraw money, usbank treats you like a criminal. the irs requires banks to fill out certain forms based on whether the transaction amount is 2,000 or 10,000 dollars. fichen requires banks to fill out forms if the customer asks for too many withdrawals daily. fichen requires banks to fill out forms if they find a client ...

tripadvisor hotelsclick.com reservation cancellation policy crap

hotelsclick.com has a crap reservation and cancellation policy. for some reason tripadvisor, which is a respected search and reservation site has partnered with this crappy site hotelsclick.com which is a stupid sounding domain name. listen to their cancellation policy. 30 dollars if you want to cancel before a deadline plus you must pay 1 nights room fee. when you reserve with tripadvisor, hotelsclicks.com manages and starts managing the reservation. if you want to change your hotel dates, hotelsclick.com will charge you 3 full nights upfront for any changes, if you booked a reservation for 3 nights. hotelsclick.com then sends you an email saying that your deadline date for cancellations ...

alicia's aesthetics & body studio carlsbad microdermabrasion

exfoliation alicia's aesthetics & body studio carlsbad visage face improvement. i spoke to alicia and she is very friendly. on livingsocial.com she has a deal which is a 30 minute advanced exfoliation facial peel for a fair price. alicia also has a 30 minute microdermabrasion treatment. BUT when I phoned her, she told me the actual time for microderm would be 10 minutes and the real time for the peel would be just a few minutes for application. it is important to verify facts before purchasing a groupon or a living social deal because these deal sites will normally not verify their vendors. the merchants can advertise anything they want and it is buyer beware, not seller beware. in fact, i ...

optimum nutrition belly fat whey protein powder gold standard

i have been digesting optimum nutrition chocolate protein shake powder for several weeks now. i have been ingesting it prior to working out at the gymnasium. i am gaining weight, but it is belly weight. i gained 10 pounds on this container of gold standard whey, chocolate. the issue is that the weight is not muscle weight even though i work out religiously daily for a several hours. this protein powder mix drink from ON comes in a 2.27 kg container and is flavorful. i usually mix a couple scoops of the chocolate powder with 3 or 4 glasses of water. the problem is that i get bloated and lately, i am not sure if i purchased an old batch, but this chocolate power from the company ON is making ...

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Saturday 6, June, 2015
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paypal form recognize ineligible error message mobile option

paypal problems continue to creep into my account preventing me from sending funds to paypal customers or paypal recipients. a lack of customer service is frustrating with their paypal automated responses - I get this message: sorry you are ineligible to create a travel profile. i feel like i have to troubleshoot paypal. this ebay company should pay me for headache in hassle in attempting to send monies. they say: verify your account but then paypal says: we don't recognize the device you're using. To continue with your transaction, please verify your account. I choose the receive a text option. oh no, the primary number tied to the account is NOT shown. fine, I will select ADD a new phone ...

macedon newyork scamcom scam.com paypal george vladamir web

vladimir sviatoslavich and george dranichak are same person? something funny. something fish is going on. apparently there was a feud between realscam.com and scam.com - i have been reading through the treads and posts on the site. george dranichak had contacted me with his paypal account requesting payment. i was concerned so googled his information. scamcomwebmaster@gmail.com was the email. scam.com domain name is for sale for half a million dollars. this domain has been transferred several times. the current owners are promoting a couple banner ads costing thousands at the top and hundreds at the bottom of the page. the owner of scam.com is giving false data such as statistics which are ...

archivescom archives.com archive archives search marriage certs

archives.com is useless. let's be honest. i put in a test. i was searching for a marriage certificate of a family member. this family member has been married for years. obviously i know the correct spelling and other vital components and vital information about the family member. archives.com was only able to find a BIRTH record, but not a marriage record. i can get a free marriage record by going direct to the city records department, but that takes time. archives com tried to enroll me as a member. i found archives dot com site through google and other search engines. they must have a good SEO guy as they are on the 1st page of most SE. archivescom could not locate the marriage ...

daniel axelrod copyrighting career offer affiliate ppc product

daniel axelrod is a copyrighter, sometimes spelled copywriting or copyrighting out of sd cali with posts and ads on odesk and freelancer and guru and linkedin and warriorforum. mister axelrod has no skills and deserves a bad review. as a person, he is a bit hypocritical. bluntly, as a person, i find daniel nathan axelrod to be a hypocrite. he tells acquaintances not to pirate or download music and movies if you have not paid for it. he then tells friends, family and strangers not to steal cable and not to steal wifi service. the truth is daniel n. axelrod has stolen wifi from neighbors without compensation through an open connection. axelrod will also try to bad talk you to your friends on ...

strange gym people plastic surgery grunters music competitions

just got back from the gym. there are some strange looking people at the gym from grunters that are louder than the music. sometimes i think that the grunters are competing with the music to see who can be louder. then you have 80 year old women who are desperately trying to hang on and just hold on to their young. you see signs of 8 plastic surgeries on the faces. they are doing weights, and as they crouch down and lean down, you see the scars and the facial drooping. you have to look away or you will go blind. sometimes the music fades at the gym or malfunctions. in those cases, the grunters take over the environment. sometime with the music playing the sweaty gym brats sweat is not so ...

paypal internal server error message slow company verification

even large multi billion dollar companies like paypal have internal server error messages. funny how they spend billions of dollars on server farms and technical support but paypal still not prevent the dreaded internal server error code that the web browsers generate and come back with. today, i tried to log into my paypal account multiple times and failed miserably with servers unable to connect to the mainframe of paypal. sad really. i hear paypal and ebay are separating for economic reasons. paypal is trying to compete with visa and mastercard and become a third alternative. paypal is having technical problems. i finally logged in and paypal said to verify my account by sending me a ...

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Thursday 4, June, 2015
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capitalone capital 1 one disputed charge cancel card mail new

capital one has made life more difficult for its members. capital one has increased its fees. the yearly fees for their credit cards. the main concern with capital one is before the consumer was able to dispute a fraudulent charge directly from their website. the description of the charge was I do not recognize this charge as the dispute reason. now capital one wants you to phone them. when you call them, capital one puts you on a long delay and the indian man tells you that your charge must be labeled fraud. when your charge is labeled fraud, your entire credit card gets cancelled and it is a pain in the ass or more eloquently put: a capital inconvenience. i told capital one, please do ...

usbank story of angry manager lies fight cashiers check ID SD CA

this is a true story of a usbank manager that was rude, aggressive and did not want to be honest. so my dad was still alive at the time. my dad had stomach cancer and he had an account at usbank. i did not have a bank account at the time, or my bank was not open yet, in another location. i do not remember exactly. i had a cashiers check for $300. my father deposited his checks first into his usbank account. i then asked if i could cash my cashiers check. the branch manager at the san diego branch (carmel valley) did not want to cash it, even though my dad was loyal and the account was aged for years. the manager said: show me your ID and I will cash it. I grabbed my ID from the car and ...

optimum nutrition gym mirrors gym fat dressing rooms girls lady

i did a nice workout at the gym. i came home and my muscles looked tiny and puny in the house mirror. i also have closet mirrors and my muscles appeared tiny and week and puny. at the gym, the mirrors somehow amplify and magnify the muscles. i noticed when i am taking that protein powder optimum nutrition, chocolate version and my stomach is growing. why the heck is the chocolate flavor of the optimum nutrition not going to my arm muscles and back muscles - instead it is giving me a huge gut. i checked out my huge gut in the gym mirrors and it looked even larger. but then the huge gut lowered and thinned a bit in my bedroom mirrors. i remember that episode of seinfeld where elaine says ...

the counseler movie penelope war bardem drugs money sex murder

the counser movie penelope cruz war javier bardem drugs money sex murder. so i was watching cinemax or maybe it was home box office whe i stumbled upon this cool ass movie with brad pitt and it had that pimply wrinkly actress cameron diaz. she was actually in a good movie and she did her best trying to act. as we all know, she is a low level actress with limited skills who was one day a beauty queen who starred with jim carey in her debut of the mask. damn tv won't show the info because the hd is on zoom. i was thinking that cameron diaz is an anti-war hypocrite because she did not sign any letters against the usa for dropping bombs on iraq the last year and killing over 100 iraqi ...

evolution of the lol to loti one extra letter twice fun laughing

the evoltion of the lol laughing out loud to loti laughing on the inside. i am starting a campaign to retired the LOL. the LOL has been in business since the days of prodigy, aol and computerserve. i remember chatting away in chat rooms in the day of america online chat forums and people started using the LOL - i thought a capital L would be more appropriate. then the LOL (laughing outloud) somehow took off. now in the year 2105, let's start a new initiative. let's start a new plan. let's all laugh on the inside. our new call symbils shall be LOTI - all hail the almighty LOTI. i was thinking of trademarking my new word mark or wordmark as the case may be. i will need to go to the USA ...

still loving you best ballad of all time love i will be there

"Still Loving You" - Scorpions Lyrics Time, it needs time To win back your love again I will be there, I will be there Love, only love Can bring back your love someday I will be there, I will be there I'll fight, babe, I'll fight To win back your love again I will be there, I will be there Love, only love Can break down the wall someday I will be there, I will be there If we'd go again All the way from the start I would try to change The things that killed our love Your pride has built a wall, so strong That I can't get through Is there really no chance To start once again I'm loving you Try, baby try To trust in my love again ...