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Wednesday 9, September, 2015
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the mysterious curious case of siberia airlines flight 1812 shot
just a month after september 11th, ukraine was accused of shooting down an israeli passenger airline over 60 people on board. the israeli passenger plane was on its way to the capital of siberia, novosibirsk. the ukranian millitary denied responsibility after an american report of the shoot down occurred. the american intelligence report said that ukraine was holding a military exercise with the aim of shooting down a drone. two missiles were sent to attack and destroy the drone. one missile did destroy the drone. the 2nd missile was suppose to self destruct. instead the second mission attached on to the israeli plane flight 1812 many miles away and deployed shrapnel causing the plane to crash, killing russian and israeli citizens aboard. russian president vladamir putin and ukranian officials said the trajectory of the plane made it impossible for those types of ukranian missles to attach themselves to the siberian plane. the case is a mystery. the dead were buried in israel, russia.

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watching dating naked show aspca dog fighting adoption protect

so i was watching the silly show dating naked on the viacom channel and i saw the aspca ad on the violence against dogs. the aspca was talking about dog fighting. i usually turn away or switch, change the channel because dog abuse is a very sensitive issue to me. i realized the commercial would be about fifteen seconds, so i kept watching hoping to turn my head and be returned to regularly scheduled programming. the commercial turned into an infomercial as the length reached two minutes. the infomercial showed wounded dogs, dogs without limbs and dogs with scars on their bodies and faces. the aspca was asking for donations of eighteen dollars (18 dollars) a month which would be used for ...

avis rental company surcharge charge one way return rental port

rented an avis rental car. when you pick up an avis rental car at the airport, you can get a vehicle for about fifteen dollars a day. when you retrieve a car local to your community or neighborhood, avis charges three times the online bargain rate. i looked into car2go or cars2go and they charge by time and by mileage, so for now, i am sticking with renting from the rental car companies. i picked up my avis economy car at the local location and books 48 hours of car usage. i decided to drive it across the border, out of state. i had wanted to only drive the car one way and take a plane back but the booking website for the airline was down and gave me an error message. i then saw on my ...

whitey bulger won beats the justice system police black mass fun

whitey bulger won. the alleged criminal white bulger now has a movie made about him called black mass. i am sure this will be a fun movie with the main character being played by johnny depp. the way whitey got caught was that he was featured on americas most wanted. his neighbor then recognized him when they did the age progression, showing what mister bulger might look like at the age of 85 years of age. so the name informed on him to the feds, fbi, and someone called his home saying that a fence was open. when whitey bulger went down the steps to close the fence, the federal bureau of investigations guy were waiting for him. the justice department said this was a win for the system, but ...

spirit airlines fares cheaper at the airport falsehood cheap low

spirit airline says on its website that fares may be cheaper at the airport. after reviewing several spirit airlines fares to the east coast, i decided to take a one hour drive to the airport, to see if spirit air was being honest with their travelers. the fares on spirit airlines website spirit.com were quite pricey for one way tickets and return round trip tickets on the spirit boeing aircraft. after making the long distance drive, i entered the terminal. i noticed that there was one guy attending guests at the spirit check-in counter. the man resembled a baggage carrier and was wearing a uniform as though he was handling luggage. the spirit employee had no name tag. the spirit customer ...

dwolla review instant payment transfers ach checking account bad

this is a review of dwolla at dwolla.com. this company aims to transfer instant payments between people and vendors. businesses can make payments and receives payments through the automated clearing house known as the ach network. receiving payments using dwolla from person to company can take between 2 and 5 days. our company signed up with dwolla and was disappointed greatly, so this will be a bad review. after going through the dwolla signup process, we put our programming team to work on the application protocol integration, known as an API. dwolla has a knowledge database where developers can ask questions. the problem is that the dwolla staff is unresponsive. it has been close to a ...

hooters casino hotel pressure to leave the room knocking on door

at the hooters casino hotel at 115 east tropicana avenue las vegas nevada, they are charging 5 star prices for a 3 star hotel at best. i checked in and the las vegas hooters and was not happy with my room. the television set in the hooters hotel room was out of the nineteen seventies. there was no central air in the room and noisy party goers roaming the hallways. the hooters hotel staff gave us a room next to the elevator so foot traffic from the hooters party people kept us up at night. the walls looked like they were constructed from one hundred percent asbestos. the hooters receptionist gave us a bay view room, which overlooks a wall and partial view of the book. the balcony sliding ...

le papagayo leucadia solana beach encinitas restaurant fail bad

went to le papagayo restaurant. we were given an outdoor patio spot with a dirty table and dirty bench chairs. we waited to be served for 13 minutes and then the waitress finally arrived. we asked for 4 cups of water and all 4 cups of water were dirty and the water cups had particles floating inside of them. mine was filled with some type of tree leave and other family members had particles resembling foam or some form of dust. the portion size was good for the price. the prices were not cheap, a bit on the pricey side. there was a band indoors which added a nice touch. no bread was placed on the table as we sat down. i ordered a lobster bisque soup but did not get a spoon. i wanted other ...

The Amazing Pole Guardian Men Swiss Watch By Edmond Watches

This Pole Guardian watch design by Edmond Watches is one of the best luxurious watch for men hand. For more information visit: www.edmond-watches.com. Our professional watch designer design the timepiece with latest technology and trend to design ...

bklaw.com mark j markus tax taxes bankruptcy law office ventura

i found myself writing this review of mark j markus because he came across abrupt and rude. filing bankruptcy and dealing with the irs is an emotional matter and mark definitely does not deal with his clients with kid gloves or a good bedside manner. i exchanged several emails with the law office which is located in studio city california at 11684 ventura boulevard. i found his approach to be similar to high pressure tactics. he started out sending me a 14 page form to fill out with personal questions. i then replied by email with details on my tax situation. mark j markus was interested in getting paid and pushed a consultation. the specific question i asked the attorney were not answered ...

alaskan bush people faked fake scam staged reality television

alaskan bush people use to be my favorite show until i read that many aspects of the alaskan bush people show have been staged for reality television. i had my doubts as all the family members discussed popular culture and television shows and cartoons that only those growing up with televisions would know. one member had a tattoo of a cross on his arm, which means he was outside the bush for a period of time. it is true that all of the alaskan bush people family members have bad teeth. i was watching an episode where the dad had to be airlifted because he fainted and was in a coma for 8 days. if the family does not have a phone nor communication devices, how did the helicopter arrive to ...

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Wednesday 2, September, 2015
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gethuman irs get a human talk to a person internal revenue live

talk to a live irs human? gethuman does an okay job of trying to connect people to actually live people at the internal revenue service. talking to the irs is pure hell because they keep people on hold, do not return phone calls and only harass and annoy people. i had high hopes that i could connect to a breathing, talking, living irs human personality. turns out the people at gethuman irs listing have failed me. usually a go to site for most businesses like credit card companies, gethuman offers assistance with calling the irs for you, placing you on hold with them, asking the internal revenue service to call you back, then notifying you through gmail or another service that you should be ...

tipping a waitress should not be mandatory. food takes too long.

no refills on your drinks? waiter got your order wrong and now you have to wait double the time? waitress running after you outside and giving you the "i work so hard' speech - that's the problem with mandatory tipping. many other countries have a no tip rule or a 10% maximum tip rule. tipping is simply not required in most countries. a waiter just phones in his duties and now he expects the customer to pay an automatic 15% tip. the service is included in the price of the food. it is not my fault that the owner is too cheap to make their wait staff a decent, fair wage. the restaurant owners depend on the customers to pay the wage of their waiters. customers have to worry about under ...

tvland bonanza virginia city carson city marathon little jo hoss

love watching bonanza episodes on tv land. seems like tvland is having a bonanza marathon. great memories of childhood, watching bonanza and young and the restless episodes with my grandmother. lonely child. went to nevada and went to the set where they filmed bonanza on a family road trip many years ago. great times. great childhood memories. little joe. joss. adam was my favorite cartright. just something so manly about adam cartright. all the cartrights sticking up for women. notice on the map of the ponderosa that they show at the beginning of the show how carson city is actually closer to the boundaries of the ponderosa, the land owned by the cartrights of nevada. carson city is ...

spectrum essentials decadent blend chia flax seed coconut cocoa

review of the spectrum essentials decadent blend chia flax seen coconut and cocoa. i love to put this ground chia blend into my yogurts such as greek yogurt fage. i found this spectrum essentials bag of goodies in the vitamins and minerals section of my local supermarket. rich in omega-3 (ala) fatty acida, the decadent blend chia and flax seens includes three grams of dietary fiber per serving. the bag says to use as a dietary supplement. spectrum essentials decadent blend chia and flax seed is a new formula which contains 1.6 grams of omega 3 per serving. these are fair trade certified ingredients with a net weight of 12 ounces or 340 grams. spectrum essentials is a taste of goodness, ...

hard rock hotel suites falling apart stains carpet scratches

stayed at a hard rock hotel. was upgraded to a suite for gambling tens of thousands of dollars. they call them HRH suites and the reception and check-in process is a bit different. you get free cookies. you get free chips and you get some nice tasting water with lemon added to it. those are the positives. you enter an elevator for high rollers and you have to insert your key to go to floors three through nine. the hrh suite at the hardrock hotel is a mess. too much partying leaves the carpets stained. the beds are not as padded and not as fluffed as other hotels. i had a hard time getting any rem sleep. i was turning and tossing in the hard rock suite beds all night. in the hrh tower, the ...

amy shumer trainwreck comedy drama horror movie true story bad

the amy shumer movie trainwreck was just plain bad. was this movie trying to be a comedy? i think so. the first half an hour had funny scenes and funny moments. the amy shumer trainwreck then morphed into some kind of daddy story about a dying dad and two sisters squabbling. some type of horror movie that made me scared to watch the movie. amy shumer was a fine actress. a lot of sexual content the first 30 minutes as the audience did not find it believable that anyone would want to fuck amy shumer. john cena was super hilarious as a lean body who uses sexual innuendos when confronted by moviegoers. too much drama about family relationships, amy shumer commitment issues. i walked out of ...

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Tuesday 1, September, 2015
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cops refuse to enforce the law breaking and entering slap threat

several instances of cops refusing to enforce the law. recent neighborhood instance of a neighbor breaking and entering into a community household. the cops were called. the cops took the neighbor's side saying that while she should not have broken and entered into the household, the tenant was right in complaining, because she had allergies from nearby dust, therefore her breaking down the door was justified. the neighbor asked the cop to file a report and the cop refused. the district attorney is the authorizing agency that litigates and files charges against criminals. cops are now deciding whether to report assaults and charges to the local district attorneys, rather than doing their ...

onverify fbi federal bureau investigation word trade association

in 2003 I hired a programmer, developer by the name of kursad keskinege to code a website called monverify which was a voice and pin authentication service. monverify included features used in ecommerce, commerce, such as verbally agreeing to charges, entering personal identification numbers and application protocal integration. kursad keskinege of instanbul turkey was hired as an employee and instant messages were sent back and forth. kursad keskinege was paid a monthly large salary for all programming efforts. all records of payments were recorded. all conversation logs were recorded. all tasks were recorded. all communications were saved. after dismissal, kursad keskinege created a ...

brenden theaters palms las vegas loud hearing aids movies ears

brenden theaters is a movie theatre in the palms casino. i actually like brenden theater located at 4321 west flamingo road las vegas nevada 89103 but the problem is the noise volume. you walk into the movie theater and your ears pop. your ears can be hurt and your hearing will be hampered when you go brenden theaters. it is so funny that my galaxy phone gives me a warning when I increase the volume on my phone. the volume on my mobile phone seems reasonable to me compared to the intense volume and intense audio when entering the brenden theaters at the palms. my wife and I entered the theater at brenden and we heard this booming sound. our ears began to pop and we were considering leaving ...

roxy's diner stratosphere mediocre service throws leftovers away

spent some time at roxy's diner at the stratosphere. they use some kind of artificial coloring in their meals. the carrots that usually come with the buffalo wings were replaced by some vegetable that looked like a carrot but with yellow, orange food coloring added. the clam chowder soup, which i would rate as usually being my favorite elsewhere, at roxy's diner at the stratosphere tasted like porridge. the clam chowder was too thick and dense. what about the service? the waiter had his hands full with many tables and the ordering process felt rushed at roxy's diner. the waiter did not bring refills of the drinks such as lemonade or ice tea. the waiter was looking over his shoulder the ...

tijuana tj border crossing guards hands pocket ID fights line

many stories coming back from tj (tijuana) into san diego with the border guards. they like to give grief to those crossing. i have seen border guards let homeless people back into the united states without documents, with forged driver's license and with simply stating your nationality, such as: i am american. I can also heard the border guards refuse to get law enforcement such as police. the border guards can call the police if there are confrontations or fights within the line. tempers are short in the long line waits, while the border patrol at the tj terminal crossing change shifts, change computer programs, sign in to work, casually talk to other border agents, and walk slowly to ...

stratosphere early check in fee no soap nor outlets on the wall

checked in to the stratosphere hotel. some of the light switches do not work. the stratosphere vegas does not have many wall outlets. i had to connect the laptop to a bathroom wall outlet, and the ac adapter was barely long enough to fit. there were some hidden wall outlets behind the bed frame, but they were tangled and intertwined so it would be dangerous to reach for them and untangle them. the stratosphere room I am staying in has a type of popcorn ceiling and a tiny window to the outside overlooking no view. carpet based room. checked in about one hour early and we were charged an early check in fee at the stratosphere on las vegas boulevard. one tiny bar of soap was found around the ...