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Monday 3, October, 2016
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xdrive4men lubricant lotion stimulating formula product review
we tried this lubrication product called "The moment" what a complete piece of garbage this ripoff product is. The moment is built as a stimulating personal lubricant by Xdrive. This 1.4 fluid ounce container is smelly, stinky and messy and comes with an expensive retail price tag of $35 dollars plus tax. xdrive4men claims to increase penile sensitivity allowing increased semen production and allowing men to ejaculate more easily and more often. we tested these claims with 3 men over a 2 week period. all men claimed that they experienced no difference in sexual intercourse. the bottle claims that xdrive stimulates and lubricates, increases sensitivity for more arousal and pleasure and creates a sexual adventure to share with your partner. massaging before and after sexual activities does not show any effects at all. massaging the genitals with xdrive the moment caused no increase in sensitivity, only a decrease to the dollars in your bank account.

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crowne plaza los angeles san pedro rating and review of our stay

we had a formal event here. we guested at the crowne plaza los angeles san pedro. first the good. the lobby is large and fairly clean. check-in was quick and easy. now the bad. the elevators smell. the elevators do not work. we guested at crowne plaza for 8 nights. the rooms are tiny. some of the rooms have a smokey smell. the hallways are narrow. there are a lot of undesirables that inhabit this 3.5 star hotel, or as hillary clinton would call them; deplorables. a lot of weed heads. i guess the hotel is within their price range, although we paid well over $120 per night when we guested here. seems okay for the money, but there are various creatures that inhabit the rooms at crowne plaza ...

serverhosh unreliable customer service one man operation

our company has been using serverhosh for a couple months now and we continue to receive "no internet" errors, "could not connect" errors and "timeout errors" - virtual private servers and dedicated servers have problems and we believe the ram is being shared by multiple users. considering switching over to greencloudvps. our vice president will report back if green cloud virtual private service provides more consistent, reliable service than their competitors. serverhost is unreliable. atrocious customer service and is run out of Germany as a one man operation. Setup is delayed. Response times are delayed. servehost ...

showboy bakeshop cupcake wars cake wars sugar frosting nutella

had a nice family outing at showboy cupcake shop. a lot of awards, contests and competitions on the walls and a very sophisticated interior decor. minimal seating as most of the cupcake orders are to go. what would be our rating of showboy? not too shabby, but no lines forming outside the door. multiple show boy bake shop locations seem to have minimal success. seems the cupcake craze is over and the acai and healthy eating craze is still strong. various varieties of cupcakes featuring nutella, sugary frosting. showboy was featured on televised competitions such as cake wars and cupcake wars. quite sweet delights. nice environment for a to go order but not a melt in your mouth type of ...

billing fraud casey chow bella smiles rainbow ripoff care credit

at this point, a secretary came in and suggested that I pay out of pocket for the deep cleaning, which I did not want, nor did I need. She recommended payment plans that would put me in debt for years like lending club patient solutions and "care credit". the staff did not speak to me nor say goodbye as I was leaving, but I wanted to mention 2 things. The "dentist" office had shown me a "treatment case" which is an itemized list of treatments and services that I need. They included crowns, veneers, invisilign,fillings, laser bacterial removal. the entire "billing plan" added up to $13,872. You read that right. I come to the dentist for a "special on a checkup" and he wants me to spend ...

frequent gum infections periodontal problems casey chow dmd

the dentist comes in and begins talking very fast not making eye contact with me. i could tell that he found no major problems in my x-rays. he would say things like "we could take off your filling ... it might need to come off , we might want a new filling there" - I could tell he was coming up with ways to make money for unnecessary treatments. I let him know that I was there for the basic cleaning that was part of the dentist offer. I confirmed the offer 3 times by phone and when I arrived. Even my boyfriend heard the offer as my phone was on speaker. Casey Chow ignore me and continued talking about doing an $800 dollar deep cleaning. this would be out of pocket for me as I had no ...

robert engeham scam artist your company formations 09094616

robert engeham is a scam artist. he is director of "your company formations" which claims to be providing a service called "registered office" - this scum bag told us numerous lies like 1) he will open and scan mail for our company 2) he will resend mail to us 3) he will cancel the service if we removed our registered office from companies house directly. apparently this fraudster must be broke as the $60 usd we paid him means so much to him, where he has to lie and steal hard working folks money. this rip off artist robert engeham was born april 10th, 1985 and immediately began defrauding honest businesses through his website yourcompanyformations in the united kingdom. numerous times, he ...

casey chow dentist treatment plan bella smiles dental deep clean

deep cleaning fraud. if you google "deep cleaning" dentist or deep clean dentist, you will see that this is a typical scam where dentists bring you in on a dental special in order to vigorously promote the fraud of "deep teeth cleaning" - I am a 28 year old female and I called bella smiles dentist. they told me that for $100 dollars, I would get a teeth cleaning, exam and x-rays taken. I thought was a great deal. I arrived and I found it a bit odd that they did not collect my hundred dollars upfront. I walked to the back and got my x-rays. A woman then arrived and wanted to test the distance from my gums to my teeth. red flags started going off because a few years ago, I paid $1,000 ...

smspva.com spspva instagram twitter accounts garbage invalid

ordering from the account store of smspva is problematic. the accounts are pure garbage. we ordered 90 instagram accounts and instagram closed all accounts within 6 minutes. prior to that we ordered twitter accounts and instagram closed 80% of our twitter accounts within 12 hours. the worst part is the customer service of smspva. the site is run by a bunch of russian hackers and they are not too skilled. their phone verification does not re-sms, no retries on verifications. they use paypal for payment, but their account activity or sms activity fails constantly. when you ask for a refund for the failed accounts, you get dead silence from smspva staff ...

prontos mexican grill san pedro shrimp burrito god awful mess

our group of 16 people came to prontos mexican grill in san pedro. the shrimp burrito was about 9 dollars. the menu said that is loaded, packed with shrimp. ordered this shrimp meal imagining that it was going to be scrumptious, with unbelievable taste and made with love. wrong. the shrimp in the burrito were obviously place hide n go seek because there were no shrimp in the prontos mexican grill burrito in san pedro. we counted 3 shrimp in the entire burrito. tiny pieces of shrimp. complete waste of money for hard working ...

seaside smoothie and juice bar bird rock nothing special acai

came here with my 5 children and at at seaside smoothie and juice bar. weird vibe as this is a surfing scuba diving place that has a corner of the restaurant as a smoothie shop. how should I describe the acai smoothie that we got. Plain. Ordinary. Tried to share some with my 5 kids but seaside smoothie and juice bar birdrock did not even have extra plates or extra bowls. saw some stray dogs walk into seaside smoothie. tried to give them some water but the employees refused my request for a cup. no free water they ...

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Wednesday 28, September, 2016
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tommy bahama laguna beach restaurant hostess fail food splendid

splendid feast at tommy bahama laguna beach restaurant. problem was the hostess and the cleanliness of the establishment. our group of friends arrived at tommy bahama laguna beach which is both a clothing store and a fine dining restaurant in the heart of downtown laguna beach. as we were seated by the hostess, we noticed that the entire table was filthy with water and liquid splattered everywhere. dust and debris and condiments were on the seats and needed urgent attention but our hostess handed us a napkin and said "go ahead and clean the table" - one napkin was not enough, so we asked the hostess for a second napkin and she gave us a dirty look. food was splendid by the way. just have ...

side street vietnamese restaurant downvote shop vietnam food

went here with my neighbor and did not enjoy the side street vietnamese food. very plain. no substance. no variety. some unflavored soup water. ordered the vegetable vietnamese soup and was utterly disappointed by the portion size and about the lack of flavors nor ingredients that was put in the bowl. my neighbor also got a dish (soup) that was not to his liking. bad rating. bad review. in fact, we had to put fish sauce and hot sauce in our soup just to make it bearable. the taste was awful and we paid our bill and left side-street immediately. poor excuse for vietnamese ...

Bowlology healthy choices for bowls. found a hair in the bowl

my child and I both enjoyed the bear bowl, however, we noticed that none of the worker handling food was wearing a hairnet. one kind had a baseball cap on and another girl did not have her hair tied back in a ponytail. another young man had longer blonde hair. we think it was his hair that ultimately wound up in our bowlology bowl. the bowl itself was called the bear bowl and contained chocolate morsels, honey, banana, granola, acai and vanilla whey protein powder. it was quite the frustration. on one hand, we have something quite tasty. on the other hand we have a blonde hair the what we find ...

planet fitness policy of not having a scale what kind of gym

what kind of gym does not have a scale. people need a weight to motivate themselves. planet fitness has no weight scale and the employees are proud of the fact that they have no scale. this is beyond the scope of reason. people are losing weight. people are getting into shape. people are encouraged with a sense of purpose. they are on the stair climber. gym goers are on all sorts of cardio machines doing cardio workout. put a god damn scale at planet fitness. i am switching to EOS fitness. They have cool gadgets like a cinema and a weighing scale. idiotic planet fitness policies. ripoff ...

Your company formations limited kemp house 160 road london

your company formations limited kemp house. yourcompanyformations.co.uk is a rip-off company. stop this fraudulent company at all costs. purchased a registered office location with this bullshit company called yourcompanyformations. they do not disclose that they require a huge amount of paperwork to become your registered office. we emailed them if they could open a mail for us and email the scan. they agreed, then lied. do not let the cheap resident agent fee fool you. i was expecting a letter, which would be there in 5 days. 15 days later, yourcompanyformations.co.uk denied receiving any mail. checking on their service, they said: they would forward me mail, they would open mail, the ...

el fogon gancho quito ecuador parrilladas family owned

super delicious and amazing wonderful el fogon gancho in quito ecuador is family owned. parrilladas stands for grill and I had dozens of grilled shrimp brought to my table. order the potatoes. i loved the all you can eat salad bar. if you want a hot plate of food, with a fire flame burning under your food, definitely take a 15 minute drive from central quito to El Fogon Gancho. family owned. plenty of kids in the restaurant. several television sets. the quality of the grill is super delicious. grilling is the specialty in this ...

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Saturday 10, September, 2016
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adultsuperstorelv.com weird clients strange people merchandise

funny people work here and they are more than willing to put their dirty fingers on the merchandise. the employees freely open packages and do demos of the sex stuff that is here. very very high prices. be prepared to be extravagant prices for items such as penis rings, oils, lubricants and lingerie. strange people like to enter this establishment. expensive items in a poor neighborhood. two floors. dirty looking people. weird environment. located on tropicana avenue las vegas nevada. no refunds or exchanges. be careful with your purchases. adult super ...

ate at ramen kobo on durango noodle making factory

went there with my date. had a calpico drink. pretty tasty and it should be because the entire thing was sugar. liquid sugar. also had this great veggie mild nori soup. added some seaweed and it was heaven in my mouth. also had the chefs add some spinach. my date had the miso soup, mild seasoning with nitamago. little known fact that nitamago is just another word for egg. we at at the bar, which is cool because you can see the kitchen and the hard work of the employment staff. the address is 7040 south durango drive with a phone number of ...

proxymillion.com useless proxies that go down and can't upload

a person can not upload videos with these private proxies. proxymillion does not tell you this on their website. they are useless. the support takes well over 24 hours to respond to a simple question. the proxies used were going down and becoming invalid proxies daily and I would have to email them and they would have to "reboot the package" of proxies. this delays costs money and time. The proxies were becoming invalid. bad proxies at proxymillion and failure to disclose to the customer that video uploads using proxymillion proxies would not be possible. scam. avoid. ripoff ...

war dogs jonah hill mediocre actor trying to hard to act

loved the movie war dogs even though they tried to make the jonah hill character the bad guy. a story about two friends. jonah hill felt betrayed when his partner asked him to sign an agreement that he would be entitled to 30% of the company. two jews bids on government contracts, go to iraq, get shot at by rogue iraqis, maybe al queda, who knows. finally make it to iraq to deliver to weapons. the actor telling the story gets greedy and claims jonah hills character was not interested in friendship and was only interested in money. anyway, some artillery bullets were chinese and there was a chinese embargo so the federal government booked them for fraud. one of the guys gets kidnapped and ...

hell or high water movie review brotherly love bank robbery

watched this great movie called hell or high water. amazing movie about the friendship and love between two brothers, trying to save their ranch, that has oil on it. back story. the big bad banks and the oil company got together and found oil on this man's property. the bank paid the back taxes and loaned a sick old woman just enough money, where they knew she could not pay back. the old woman ends up dying and her son needs about 100,000 dollars to repay the bank. so they go to casinos and pretend to play, sit at the bar, wait about 2 hours, then go back to the casino cage where a check is written to the bank. meanwhile, one of the brothers (not chris kline) decides to rob a bank next to ...

I hope db brasserie closes down strange make believe french food

I have been to db brasserie a couple times and I really hope that this place closes down. very mediocre food with over salted meals. supposedly this place is french food with a french flare. but to me, the candle has fizzled and burnt out. db brasserie is in the venetian. i hear the head chef is great. i did not like the wait staff. they are really in your face and not letting you enjoy the food nor the dining experience. poorly lit place. db brasserie is not romantic but somehow the lighting gives a strange illusion. poor marks in my book. bad ...