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Tuesday 22, December, 2015
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Managing money as a boss and creative
I love listening to this podcast titled "Being Boss" by two women in the online branding and marketing and web design industry. They talk about what its like to start your own business, how to manage every aspect of your business from your finances to managing your employees, taking time off for vacations, and everything in between. Today they talked about how every creative business owner undervalues themselves and sets their prices too loo! I totally need to work on this because I feel as if my pricing is too low.

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Get rich fast schemes and how to avoid

ALWAYS remember that there is no such thing as 'get rich quick' schemes. Anything that you want to do or anything you think will make you lots of money really fast with no hard work is a scheme. In life if you want to make a 5 or even 6 figure income, you have to work hard for it. You have to work long hours, make difficult decisions, and sacrifices to accommodate the type of lifestyle that you want to live. No one ever wakes up with thousands of dollars sitting in their bank account with large amounts of hard work. ...

Macy's Customer Service is the Worst!

So Macy's accidentally charged my card for a purchase twice and so of course my first thought was to call customer service since I made the order online. I find their contact phone number from their website and give them a call. After 30 minutes, I was still on hold "for the next available assistant" so I hung up to call again after. The contact page stated that customer services lines are open 24/7 and it was only 8pm that night. I attempted to call again a few minutes later. Guess what? I kept the phone on speaker while I watched a movie and after 2 hours...no one answered my question. HOW ON EARTH IS THIS CUSTOMER ...

Being my own boss full-time - business thoughts

I want to take the leap from working at my job now and working on my business full-time, but the truth is that I am scared. I know it could work out, but the constant little voice in the back of my mind says "what if it doesn't?" I was never one to buy in to what people say especially if they say that I can't do something. I was never one to be afraid when it came to taking a risk by starting a new business venture. It's just a big change for me. I wouldn't have a steady pay checker a steady schedule. I don't know how big of a change that would ...

direcTV dyslexic employee gets confirmation numbers wrong fool

this fool at direcTV is dyslexic. the dyslexic employee tried his best but he had the customer repeat their social security number four times, telephone number 6 times and name twice. the hiring practices of direcTV are laughable. after a credit check, where the dim whited employee failed to get the customers date of birth, the employee assured the customer that he would be transferred to the bundle department of ATT. the customer asked the dyslexic direcTV fool a few times if the ATT bundle department would be open, as the order was placed at a late hour. the employee laughed, repeated the confirmation numbers backwards and told wrong information, providing inaccurate numbers and sending ...

all time warner cable cable boxes at my house stopped working

all the time warner cable boxes at my house stopped working. paying through the nose for service with this defunct company time warner cable. hold times greater than 1 hour. employees begging you not to cancel their service, then hanging up on you, so you have to stay on hold and keep calling through out the day. taking the boxes back to the local time warner warehouse is your best option, but they will give you grief for switching. there are 4 rooms in this house and I will need cable boxes for all 4. time warner use to provide cable boxes, but now the channels show a big: sorry, these channels have gone digital, so your old, existing cable boxes will no longer function. spoke to a buddy. ...

hilary clinton caught in a lie says islamic state using trump

poor hilary clinton, candidate for president of the united states was caught in a lie today when you accused donald trump as being the motivation for isis recruiting. let me ask bill clinton's wife; what was the motivation by alqueda to crash two planes into the world trade center? every evil organization has a motivation and propaganda to carry out their evil deeds. bush blamed sadaam hussein. hilter blamed the jews. why does hilary clinton care what propaganda videos the islamic state is showing? the message of radical islamic hatred will use clinton in a video too. hillary's claims were proven untrue and donald trump got on twitter and the fact checkers checked the isil videos and ...

the profit makes no profit only losses standard burger skates

viewed a couple msnbc the profit episodes with lemonis and lemonis is lucky he has his main business camping world, because 80% of the businesses he tries to turn around in the episodes i have recorded and watched have failed miserably. the problem with marcus is his selection of entrepreneurs to help. he assists those with personality flaws. it's one thing if a business person fails to understand how to sell, or how to make deals, or how to merchandise or how to negotiate or the costs of raw materials or how to manage employees. marcus lemonis picks business people that are mismanaging funds. so their personal funds are mixed in with their business funds. it is a complete joke. lemonis ...

shark tank mark cuban makes fun of guy for his smart patent

shark tank mark cuban made fun of a guy from the company TEC because of his smart patent which allows him to sue a whole bunch of companies infringing on his patent of string in, string out of the lining of jackets. the TEC owner was upbeat and took mark cubans verbal assault well. cuban is a joke. he 20 million dollar company broadcast.com gets valued by yahoo at 7 billion and he cashes out. if i was a yahoo shareholder and i saw seven billion of shareholder value go out the window, I would be suing cuban trying to bankrupt him. yahoo closed cuban's website a few months after wasting 7 billion dollars of yahoo value. cuban then sold all his yahoo shares. anyway, the TECH guy holds a great ...

i wish james heller at wrapify success but he will not succeed

the industry that wrapify's james heller has picked is a good one. wrapping vehicles is the right thing to do. there will be naysayers because of state and local anti-wrapping laws. but there were also anti ride sharing laws that uber and lyft destroyed by lobbying local politicians and greasing their pockets. heller is a marketing guru and used venture capital funds for seek money totaling one million dollars or more. he has a couple partners and several investors and locations in san diego county and the san francisco area in northern california. the problem is that there are simply not enough impressions and the per mileage gps model will fail due to driver instability and lying. ...

emotional support dog service dogs at stores and banks and hotel

i have noticed service dogs at banks and stores and hotels. it is very easy to buy a service dog designation on ebay, or amazon or any online store. you just buy a vest or collar for your dog that says service dog. no one is going to stop you to ask for local government approval for your dog vest or dog collar. i remember reading an article about this blonde who was in puff daddy's making the girl band television show. she was traveling on an airline and her dog took up the seat next too her. some passengers complained about the cute, little dog sitting in the passenger airplane chain. the blond single took out a note hand written from her doctor that said her dog was an emotional support ...

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Sunday 20, December, 2015
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spanish excercises of the day agobio to stress or burden word

the word of the day is AGOBIO from agobiar, which means to stress or burden. aliNO - dressing or seasoning. plantear - to pose a question. atener - to comply or abide. ingerir - to swallow and digest. aprieto - predicament or trouble. apuro also means predicament. escaso - scarce or limited. dias venideros - coming days. defectuoso - faulty. compadecer - pitty, to feel sorry. postergar - to postpone. supuestamente - supposedly. bandeja - tray. cesta - basket. credulo - gullible. aislamiento - isolation. enhebrar - to thread. destreza - skill. apetecer - to feel like. tope - end limit max. torpe - clumsy. eructo - burp. pedo - fart. nudillos - nuckles. tuerca - nut at a hardware store. ...

Yo!Kart - Multivendor Software To Launch Online Marketplace

Yo!Kart is a multi-vendor framework to build an ecommerce store like Ebay, Etsy and Amazon. It is most appropriate for people hoping to put resources into online product offering business involving different vendors. Yo!Kart has a simple user interface that permits site owners to manage many vendors easily. Vendors too are given merchant ID with password to manage sales. Automated reporting system and SEO friendly CMS are two crucial features that contribute to growth of their website. Multi-vendor stores initiated by Yo!Kart have the potential to get the first page ranking of search engines and generate more sales. It provides 1 year free technical help that gives you a chance to take ...

medicare enrollment dates confusing january coverage july start

confusing medicare enrollment dates at medicare.gov ask for an agent. various enrollment deadlines depending on when your medicare coverage starts. a november coverage initiation will start your coverage in april while an enrollment in january will start in july. so if a person is feeling sick and thought the january enrollment would give him immediate access to medicare part B, that person needs to rethink his strategy, because he will have to enroll and then suffer with his disease, ailment or hardship for six long months. strange the government can not get their act together and cover people the same month of enrollment. medicare participants do not qualify for obamacare, so they might ...

cabo wabo friend almost evicted planet hollywood las vegas city

the great city of las vegas and the cabo wabo mexico eatery in the front of planet hollywood. my friend almost got booted and evicted from that place. big bouncer came over and was yelling at my friend to have a private conversation. bouncer believed my friend had yelled at the waitress. bouncer looking dude said he was the cabo wabo owner; probably the franchise owner and told my buddy that the waitress had been employed 5 years and that no drinks could be ordered by our table, when our party does not drink anyway. we were at cabo cantina for the ufc fight. the promoters tried to increase the price for preorders so that all the tables could be used but the ownership got some pushback from ...

the INN at mazatlan review old people beachfront rude employees

rude employees at the INN at mazatlan. you speak english to them. they speak spanish to you. no hot water. bugs in the room. service employee came to spray the room. thousands of bugs and ants from the cracked window. everyone under 50 has to sleep with a hotel bracelet. if you take that bracelet off, you can not remain at the hotel and the security guards will harass you into wearing that bracelet in the shower. guards ran after us several times. no hot water in the rooms. took 18 minutes for the water to warm up. receptionist was lazy and refused to add my name to the guest profile of the room. internet in the lobby is paid use only and does not work; it is out of order for the entire 4 ...

molcajete mazatlan mexico little out of the way diner main road

molcajete mazatlan is a place that is out of the way. i would describe it as an out of the way diner where they still employee mexican grandmas to run after you and ask if you are hungry or not. the grandmas then convince you to eat at molcajete mazatlan. the service there is very good. this is a clam and oyster and shellfish and octopus and shrimp place where they prepare the meal in front of you. the prices are about 4 out of 5 stars so the place is not cheap. the service is very good as this is a family establishment run by 2 brothers, their dad and the grandma. i was able to order something that was not on the menu as i wanted to combine some shrimp and octopus into a platter and ...

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Friday 18, December, 2015
reviews complaints reviews
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barracudas mazatlan restaurant food service seafood waiter owner

i have a mixed review of barracudas mazatlan. went there several times and the first time was spectacular. the night mazlan air was impeccable. the service was top notch as the owner and wait staff were on their toes coming to the table several times to ask if anything was needed. i ordered an octupus dish and while the portions were small, the food was tasy and the atmosphere was splendid with a woman singer and her boyfriend playing the guitar. beautiful scene. decided to go their a second time and ordered some terrible tuna dish with fried sticks. the sticks were burned and the tuna dish was small. my friend initially ordered a fish plate on the first night which was marvelous but later ...

las vegas airport security theater additional checks screening

security theater at las vegas airport mccaron. the tsa agents had 2 of the 5 lines open, causing a big hold up and delay as usual. i noticed a trainer training a trainee with how to use the magic wand that checks your hands and fingers to see if you have any chemical or hazardous material. it is random screening and since he had explained how to wipe passengers hands with the brush, and I was standing next to the agents, I knew I was next in line to be harassed and 'randomly' selected. the green light on the chemical machine flashed OK and I was free to go. I then separated my jacket from my laptop and my tennis shoes and placed them into separate bins. i noticed my belongings were not ...

luxor guest wifi access disabled i.p. computer name connection

stayed at the luxor for a few nights. love the pyramid. you can tell the structure is old since you can hear the neighbors showering through the walls. purchased a suite for a few nights. the upgrade is worth it. the suite upgrade comes with 710 square feet of space, a soaking tub in the room and another room that I barely utilized. i tried to connect online and could not. i entered my last name and the room number, but both failed. had to waste time with the tech guy over the phone for about 40 minutes. he had to go in and configure my computer with various i.p. settings and connection names and computer connection protocols. they need to fix this at luxor. the late checkout charge is $55 ...

couscous greek restaurant fremont experience downtown las vegas

the couscous greek restaurant was pretty yummy. i liked the long hours on a weekday. friendly patrons. friendly staff. ordered the poutine fries. the fries were well cooked, nicely prepared. the french fries came with a gravy that was tasty and delicious. big fan of the poutine fries at cous couse greek store. also ordered some nice tzaziki sauce with pita bread. first time ordering poutine fries which were topped with some cheese. tasted a bit like motzarella or ricotti cheese. at first i thought it was feta but it had a different texture. i would go there again. i like to explore new flavors and ...

D hotel casino no hot water mirror about to fall clock sink clog

The D hotel on fremont street will have guests complaining of noise. read several reviews showing people are dissatisfied. you would think that the higher the floor, the less noise. the opposite is true. the noise even hits the 15th and 20th floors. you simply touch appliances at the D casino rooms and they fall to the ground. touched the toilet roll holder and it collapsed. the sink was clogged and no amount of fingernail action could unclog it. the mirror in the bathroom was shaking and it was about to fall to the ground. good thing the D casino takes customer credit cards for deposits. that way, the D hotel casino can bill their clients for problems with the room. fremont street has a ...

ring.com commercial unfunny illogical criminals ring doorbells

the ring.com commercials where the the criminal rings the doorbell is unfunny and illogical. what criminal will ring the door bell and then when the woman of the house says "sorry, i am busy, i am with my kids right now washing them in the bath tub, the criminal all of a sudden gets scared and runs away because he is fearful of the kids in a bathtub full of water and a single female alone. the criminal has a gun. the criminal has a gun. who is the moron that is buying the ring.com device. another ring commercial shows another idiot criminal in daylight hours ringing the bell and the camera activating. apparently all criminals want to scope out the households during the day. no criminals ...