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Tuesday 2, February, 2016
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bullying en el colegio soluciones simples de la policía de la participación de los principales
cuando se trata de acoso escolar, el director tiene poco poder. cuando los padres se quejan de que el principio de que su hijo está siendo intimidado en la clase, o en el gimnasio, la única cosa que el director de la escuela puede hacer es traer a los padres del acosador. la madre generalmente es un drogadicto o un delincuente y tiene poco de orientación para el acosador. el matón de la escuela es gratuita para hostigar al niño de nuevo. el director de la escuela no tiene ningún poder. los niños pueden ir a la cárcel de menores y el tribunal de menores, pero la jurisdicción y el castigo suele ocurrir fuera del distrito escolar. si un niño está siendo intimidado fuera de la escuela, esto cae dentro de la jurisdicción del departamento de policía y cargos de asalto o simple de la batería puede ser presentada contra el matón de la escuela. si el acoso se lleva a cabo durante el almuerzo de la escuela o de la escuela las clases de educación física, la policía va a ignorar la intimidación del delincuente. no hay soluciones simples, excepto el tiempo de cárcel para el acosador y su padre. la participación de la policía y la aplicación de las leyes de acoso escolar

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lexington law credit report repair removal negative items liens

lexington law credit report repair removal service is legitimate. most clients give lexingtonlaw three or four stars. will lexington law remove a bankruptcy from your personal credit report? doubtful. will lexingtonlaw removie stated and federal tax liens from your personal credit report? highly doubtful. as a former customer, I have used the services of lexington law going on six years. clients can remove negative items themselves. it is time consuming and it might be better to pay a standard fee to a legitimate law firm specializing in negative record removal. when you enroll with lexingtonlaw legal services, you might receive a state letter (ie, a letter from the state) which warns ...

freecreditreport.com experian.com error unable to process order

credit reporting agencies like experian, equifax and transunion are required by law to provide a complimentary, free credit report annually. yet they put road blocks and difficulties in your way. just filled out the experian.com form at free credit report dot com. i received an error message. the error read: unable to process your request. email us at support@experiandirect.com or call us at 1-866-739-7374 if you need further assistance. experian has a problem validating my identity. i enter my social security number on the experian form and a list of questions appear. where have I lived. who have I lived with. what is my address. what mortgage did I apply for in 2012. these verification ...

planet fitness motto harassment policy bullying monthly register

planet fitness motto harassment policy. monthly registrations. came into planet fitness as a first time customer. i noticed all the colors are purple. upsells for the massage. upgrades for the backrooms such as the spray tans. stupid harassment policy. what they need to do is have a bring your own towel policy as all the planet fitness exercise customers were sweating and dripping sweat all over all the equipment and machines. i noticed that the planet fitness intimidation policy was counterproductive. the staff makes fun of customers who drink more than 1 gallon of water. the planet fitness staff teases anyone who wears a tank top. if customers happen to bang the gym equipment or set the ...

fruitsnroots.com organic juice bar wellness kitchen cold press

cold press juices. smoothies. wellness bowls. we took a trip to fruitsnroots and were not impressed. this is the review of our food order there. organic foods that are all over the place. is it a natural store or it a drive thru. do you have to order online or do you have to enter the store? super complicated. their motto is drink well, eat well, live well, because mother nature knows best. super confusing. walking in, there is a counter which complicated choices. is this a acai bowl place, or is this a chicken wrap place? too many ingredients. cofee, tea, chicken, fruits, and bowls. the concept is all over the place. the food itself is bland and plain. not impressive food. acai flavor is ...

healthcare.gov obamacare website monthly premiums deductibles

deductibles and monthly premiums with high copay were on the healthcare.gov obamacare website when I signed up this week. the deadline is january 31st and healthcare becomes effective on march first. the website is expensive. high monthly premiums which cover very little. let's taken an example. you pay around two hundred a month in a premium but if you want to see a specialist, it will still cost you forty dollars per visit. you have a maximum out of pocket expense up to six thousand dollars in most cases before coverage becomes effective. let's talk about this coverage. your deductible can be as high as fifteen hundred dollars, which means you will have to spend the first $1500 dollars ...

tmobile prepaid plans simple hotspot wifi telephone wht connect

turned on some wht feature on my tmobile sim phone. i was able to connect the laptop to the phone, which is then connected to the tmobile network. review of the expensive tmobile data plans, because the data plans when connecting one thru five cellular phones to the t-mobile network is expensive. case in point. basic tmobile service prepaid plans cost forty five dollars. that includes about one gigabyte of data. now the data that tmobile allows on your phone and the data that t-mobile allows for tethering to their network are two completely different stories. tethering data is capped. data for pictures and videos directly accessed from your phone is unlimited. therefore, if you just moved ...

eye pain from staring at computer and laptop screens too much

i have eye pain from staring at computers for ten hours a day. i have severe and intense eye pain that is affecting my vision and making the right side of the back of my head hurt. i may collapse at any moment. i may faint in the middle of the supermarket isle. i may cry. i have dry eyes. i have pressure in my eyes. i have a network of red webs in my eyes that are very frightening and a scary look. my goodness. i hope i do not go blind. i hope my writing about my fear of going blind does not cause a person to go into a state of shock and then a state of blindness. laptop screens. retina screens. too much stress. too much eye stress. thinking about urgent care of the emergency room, but I ...

fameless david spade urine bit gorilla plastic ball black angry

laugh till your kidneys hurt new david spade show fameless. i heard david spade stole the fameless idea and refused to give credit to some intern or wannabee executive who presented the show to the network. the episode about the filtration of urine with the black angry guy telling the live studio audience and live at home audience, that he would beat the ass of the actor who was filtering urine pee into fresh water and the customer breaks even with the urine device after 60 pees. super funny fameless show. the bit about the gay black guy in the woods being trapped in a plastic ball and the expert being beaten by a man in a gorilla suit. great characters and great actors on the hit show. ...

i have a golden gate casino hotel near fremont street story tell

i will tell everyone my fremont street story about my stay with my girlfriend at the golden gate casino hotel. do you think the checkout time is at 12pm. that is why the receptionist said. why then is the maid and housekeeping staff knocking on our door at nine in the morning. music blaring till two in the morning. rock bands. reggae bands. loud drunk downtown people in the early hours of the morning. the receptionist asks me what position I want my room to be in, so I tell him interior and inside, knowing that the downtown life is noisy and enthusiastic. we get our room key to the golden gate and the room is positioned with a window to the outdoors. why ask me golden gate receptionist, if ...

gillian anderson cries crybaby wage gap gender equal pay work

laughing reading the article about how gillian anderson was offered half the pay to return to the x-files television program. the series ran in the nineties and was a cult favorite although I prefered quantum leap and did not care for the x-files. aliens are not my thing. gillian anderson cries. she says equal pay for equal work but she is missing a very important variable called popularity. television sitcoms and television series are based on ratings. eyes on the screen. television viewership. crybaby gillian anderson fails to understand that david duchovny has a following. duchovny has more twitter followers. duchovny has more facebook followers. duchovny was on californication ...

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Monday 25, January, 2016
reviews complaints reviews
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trivoli village south point casino amazing condo buildings green

took a drive to trivoli village near the south point casino, spa, movie theater and hotel. there are these billion dollar amazing condo buildings across the street. the condo buildings are green, and reach into the sky. parked over at the trivoli village and entered cafe leone. the prices were insanely high for a few sips of coffee or a smoothie and the place was busy with guests. an order of a smoothie and a coffee took a good fifteen minutes with the guests wondering if the cafe leone staff had forgotten about them. i saw good reviews, almost five stars on another rating website, so decided to walk over to the summerlin area of las vegas. i heard the two skyscraper condo buildings were ...

lodge coffee house and tavern durango las vegas nevada smokers

too many smokers at the lodge coffee house and tavern. i guess they have their own smoking section in the back, but it's still close enough to the food to mix in with the ingredients and cause serious health concerns. review of lodge coffee house and tavern. located at 5745 south durango drive las vegas nevada 89113. strange tipping etiquette. there are no official waitresses but customers are expected to tip as though waitresses are serving you. strange environment and group of people. ordered several items which the cashier, who handles money and food was preparing. the cashier at the lodge coffee house, when paying with a credit card, hands the credit card slip and credit card receipt ...

man of steel movie nonsense campy ruins of the legacy of reeve

man of steel movie nonsense review. this campy film was rated poorly by movie goers and critics alike. watching this three hour illusion of dumbness makes me cry for the christopher reeve days. the ruins of a legacy. so many nonsense scenes in man of steel like where clark refuses to save his father from a thunder storm that turns into a hurricane. clark's father waves him off and says: i rather die than have you disclose who you are. there were no cameras at the scene of the storm. superman is suppose to be faster than a speeding bullet, faster than the speed of light. the movie audience of man of steel is suppose to believe that superman could not fly over to his father about 50 yards ...

golden gate casino hotel fremont street las vegas clark nevada

was a guest at the golden gate casino hotel at fremont street. feel taken advantage of. booked the reservation through trivago and checked into hotels.com and others. all the booking sites showed a large room. enter the room and see its about one hundred square feet with a great view of power lines and concrete from the third floor. no wall outlets. no power outlets for plugs at all. quite embarrassing. read about the hotel and it dates back to the start of las vegas, the roaring twenties, the rat pack and recently was remodeled. yet the price is expensive and high for the lack of accommodations. very bad experiences and deserves an equally bad review. the golden gate clerk asked me if I ...

spirit airlines baggage fees story 3 pounds over spanish woman

spirit airlines spanish woman baggage fees. here are the events of the day. i packed a suitcase that was three pounds over the forty pound limit. i got to the spirit front desk early. there was no line. the spanish woman told me that my large suitcase was 3 pounds over the limit so there would be a surcharge. i was willing to pay a spirit airlines over the bag limit fee. i had no problem paying an additional fee by spirit airlines as that is how they business model to hustle customers work. i was surprised that the spirit employee could barely speak english. after waiting my suitcase at the spirit airlines terminal "help desk" the spiritair.com employee told me, 'your bag is over the ...

buyer beware siegel suites select clark county vegas flamingo

buyer beware. booked a room at siegel suites select on 2530 east flamingo road. some type of price fixing or price gouging going on. siegel select suites are in vegas, at 702-650-9070. a few scary youtube videos shows bugs and ants and roaches and rats and disgusting living conditions, but those videos were for siegel direct suites (regular siegal suites) and not the new select siegel suites. the pictures on siegel suites website looked presentable so I made a reservation and booked the room. big mistake. i saw the weekly rental rates were $300 including tax on the website. i confirmed with adriana in the siegel suites reservation department. when i drove to the east flamingo siegel ...

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Saturday 23, January, 2016
reviews complaints reviews
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clif builders bars constipation farting gasses bowel movements

been eating clif builders bars for several weeks now, and i must tell you the clif protein bars have had a negative impact on my stomach and digestive system as a whole. i did an experiment where i would eat nothing but clif protein builder bars cutting out meat from my diet. the clif builder bars are tasty. the clif bars are quite good. they are delicious and nutritious. the builders bars flavors is incomparable. simply delicious. they are causing havoc to my digestive system in the form of constant bowel movements, gasses, farting and constipation. no idea which stage of dietary hell I will encounter. the clif builders bars have 20 grams of protein and 20 grams of sugar. the clif bars ...

Brian Linnekens - Los Angeles, CA

Brian Linnekens practices and consults in Los Angeles, CA. He is a graduate of the UCLA School of Law and he also earned his master of Business Administration ( M.B.A) from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA. Brian Linnekens has been a licensed attorney for over a decade. He specializes in Credit Advice, Credit Restoration, Credit Score Maximization and Business Credit Building. To know More About Brian Linnekens to feel free to visit here: http://brianlinnekens.com/ Address: 9854 National Blvd., #242 Los Angeles, CA 90034 ...

beyond the tank scripted show boring endeavor make money bad

the endeavor to create a sequel to shark tank is failing with the new disaster show beyond the tank. all the sharks are scripted on that show with recaps and dramatizations. it is very hard to watch. i saw beyond the tank on pay per view and on demand video and decided to review it but my poor eyes were turning read with scripted sharks and scripted characters and boring production value. i know the creator and mark cuban are trying to make money, but this show value is plain bad. i hope beyond the tank actually tanks. this monstrosity of a show is beyond repair and i hear someone say mister wonderful one more time, i will pull my own hair out and go bald. several of the beyond the tank ...

spike lee and jada picket smith boycott oscars chris rock host

chris rock is the host of this years oscars. i heard chris rock was 1 year late in sharing half his fortune with his estranged wife. chris rock needs to work now ever since his divorce. spike lee sued viacom for stealing his name spike in creating their new channel but the judge said spike lee would have to put up a million dollar bond to continue the court case. spike lee then settled with viacom but did not receive a payout. jada picket smith was good on gotham, but her role was not reviewed. she created a video, in which jada picket decides to say black people are under represented in the oscars. who the hell watches the oscars. old women and young women but no guy with balls watches ...

word mark trademark registrations holding domain name years case

this is the case of a word mark or trademark being registered after the domain holder registers his top level .com domain name. i, the domain holder registered a top level domain years ago. i filed a petition to register the world mark with the uspto.gov patent and trademark. the workmark was never live; in fact it went dead, because the uspto reviewer was too dumb to approve the trademark registrations in the allotted time period. holding the top level dot com domain was held for 7 years. some company with the same name out of new york decided to register their company name. now the ny company wishes to sue me and take me to icaan arbitration or the intellectual property rights for the ...

trump tweets broken links christain broadcasting channel cbn

christian broadcasting channel has its own website with various news and events. donald trump tweeted a broken link to the cbn channel. that is not leadership. some conservatives like the great one mark levin are pissed at donald J. trump because of his constant attacks against ted cruz. at first, ted cruz was going to be donald trump's vice presidential candidate but because ted cruz has high poll numbers in iowa, donald trump has tweeted several disparaging comments about ted cruz such as: owned by the banks, failed to pay back his loans, failed to list his loan information on candidate forms. all candidates make mistakes. i am a fan of ted cruz, supporter of conservative values, ...