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Saturday 23, January, 2016
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man of steel movie nonsense campy ruins of the legacy of reeve
man of steel movie nonsense review. this campy film was rated poorly by movie goers and critics alike. watching this three hour illusion of dumbness makes me cry for the christopher reeve days. the ruins of a legacy. so many nonsense scenes in man of steel like where clark refuses to save his father from a thunder storm that turns into a hurricane. clark's father waves him off and says: i rather die than have you disclose who you are. there were no cameras at the scene of the storm. superman is suppose to be faster than a speeding bullet, faster than the speed of light. the movie audience of man of steel is suppose to believe that superman could not fly over to his father about 50 yards away and rescue him? campy. ruinous movie man of steel. sad chain of events of a hundred million dollar movie project. the u.s. government kidnaps lois lane but does not torcher her, even though earth is 20 hours away from destruction? lois lane just keeps quiet. the legacy of the great reeve movies die

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golden gate casino hotel fremont street las vegas clark nevada

was a guest at the golden gate casino hotel at fremont street. feel taken advantage of. booked the reservation through trivago and checked into hotels.com and others. all the booking sites showed a large room. enter the room and see its about one hundred square feet with a great view of power lines and concrete from the third floor. no wall outlets. no power outlets for plugs at all. quite embarrassing. read about the hotel and it dates back to the start of las vegas, the roaring twenties, the rat pack and recently was remodeled. yet the price is expensive and high for the lack of accommodations. very bad experiences and deserves an equally bad review. the golden gate clerk asked me if I ...

spirit airlines baggage fees story 3 pounds over spanish woman

spirit airlines spanish woman baggage fees. here are the events of the day. i packed a suitcase that was three pounds over the forty pound limit. i got to the spirit front desk early. there was no line. the spanish woman told me that my large suitcase was 3 pounds over the limit so there would be a surcharge. i was willing to pay a spirit airlines over the bag limit fee. i had no problem paying an additional fee by spirit airlines as that is how they business model to hustle customers work. i was surprised that the spirit employee could barely speak english. after waiting my suitcase at the spirit airlines terminal "help desk" the spiritair.com employee told me, 'your bag is over the ...

buyer beware siegel suites select clark county vegas flamingo

buyer beware. booked a room at siegel suites select on 2530 east flamingo road. some type of price fixing or price gouging going on. siegel select suites are in vegas, at 702-650-9070. a few scary youtube videos shows bugs and ants and roaches and rats and disgusting living conditions, but those videos were for siegel direct suites (regular siegal suites) and not the new select siegel suites. the pictures on siegel suites website looked presentable so I made a reservation and booked the room. big mistake. i saw the weekly rental rates were $300 including tax on the website. i confirmed with adriana in the siegel suites reservation department. when i drove to the east flamingo siegel ...

clif builders bars constipation farting gasses bowel movements

been eating clif builders bars for several weeks now, and i must tell you the clif protein bars have had a negative impact on my stomach and digestive system as a whole. i did an experiment where i would eat nothing but clif protein builder bars cutting out meat from my diet. the clif builder bars are tasty. the clif bars are quite good. they are delicious and nutritious. the builders bars flavors is incomparable. simply delicious. they are causing havoc to my digestive system in the form of constant bowel movements, gasses, farting and constipation. no idea which stage of dietary hell I will encounter. the clif builders bars have 20 grams of protein and 20 grams of sugar. the clif bars ...

Brian Linnekens - Los Angeles, CA

Brian Linnekens practices and consults in Los Angeles, CA. He is a graduate of the UCLA School of Law and he also earned his master of Business Administration ( M.B.A) from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA. Brian Linnekens has been a licensed attorney for over a decade. He specializes in Credit Advice, Credit Restoration, Credit Score Maximization and Business Credit Building. To know More About Brian Linnekens to feel free to visit here: http://brianlinnekens.com/ Address: 9854 National Blvd., #242 Los Angeles, CA 90034 ...

beyond the tank scripted show boring endeavor make money bad

the endeavor to create a sequel to shark tank is failing with the new disaster show beyond the tank. all the sharks are scripted on that show with recaps and dramatizations. it is very hard to watch. i saw beyond the tank on pay per view and on demand video and decided to review it but my poor eyes were turning read with scripted sharks and scripted characters and boring production value. i know the creator and mark cuban are trying to make money, but this show value is plain bad. i hope beyond the tank actually tanks. this monstrosity of a show is beyond repair and i hear someone say mister wonderful one more time, i will pull my own hair out and go bald. several of the beyond the tank ...

spike lee and jada picket smith boycott oscars chris rock host

chris rock is the host of this years oscars. i heard chris rock was 1 year late in sharing half his fortune with his estranged wife. chris rock needs to work now ever since his divorce. spike lee sued viacom for stealing his name spike in creating their new channel but the judge said spike lee would have to put up a million dollar bond to continue the court case. spike lee then settled with viacom but did not receive a payout. jada picket smith was good on gotham, but her role was not reviewed. she created a video, in which jada picket decides to say black people are under represented in the oscars. who the hell watches the oscars. old women and young women but no guy with balls watches ...

word mark trademark registrations holding domain name years case

this is the case of a word mark or trademark being registered after the domain holder registers his top level .com domain name. i, the domain holder registered a top level domain years ago. i filed a petition to register the world mark with the uspto.gov patent and trademark. the workmark was never live; in fact it went dead, because the uspto reviewer was too dumb to approve the trademark registrations in the allotted time period. holding the top level dot com domain was held for 7 years. some company with the same name out of new york decided to register their company name. now the ny company wishes to sue me and take me to icaan arbitration or the intellectual property rights for the ...

trump tweets broken links christain broadcasting channel cbn

christian broadcasting channel has its own website with various news and events. donald trump tweeted a broken link to the cbn channel. that is not leadership. some conservatives like the great one mark levin are pissed at donald J. trump because of his constant attacks against ted cruz. at first, ted cruz was going to be donald trump's vice presidential candidate but because ted cruz has high poll numbers in iowa, donald trump has tweeted several disparaging comments about ted cruz such as: owned by the banks, failed to pay back his loans, failed to list his loan information on candidate forms. all candidates make mistakes. i am a fan of ted cruz, supporter of conservative values, ...

secret soldiers of benghazi movie review 2 thumbs up 5 stars yes

yes, a great movie about benghazi and how the united states government did not provide security for ambassador chris stevens. the movie starts with an unofficial embassy that has a nice pool, classy furniture and a wonderful lifestyle for the ambassador. yet, ambasador stevens had only a few body guards and he wrote letters that he felt unsafe. there was a secret building a mile down the road. there were no spontaneous protests, which was the government narrative. instead muslims with mortars and rocket launchers and machine guns and all sorts of weapons showed up to both the consulate compound and the annex buildings and several times through the night, groups of radical islamic thugs ...

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Sunday 17, January, 2016
reviews complaints reviews
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treasure island late checkout change in policy rude front desk

treasure island las vegas casino change in policy for late checkout. it use to be that you could call and request a complimentary late checkout. las vegas casinos including treasure island have a policy to check guests out at 11am, however this is an informal guest checkout policy. casinos are quite willing and able to allow guests to check out at noon with no additional charges. from my room at treasure island, i called the front desk and was told the checkout policy had changed. if a guest wants to stay in the room past 11am, the guest would be responsible for a late payment of $30 dollars. i will not be staying at treasure island due to this late checkout policy change. a rude employee ...

weiss restaurant deli bakery whitefish lox waitress henderson NV

weiss restaurant deli bakery in henderson nevada, 20 minutes from las vegas. my girl told me about weiss deli, jewish deli with typical lox and bagel, smoked fish. one waitress runs the entire joint. got in there. i saw the weiss waitress serving eight tables and we were waiting for about fifteen minutes until the initial hello. weiss bakery looked pretty good with some challah bread and some other sweets. the weiss restaurant waitress was asked her recommendations about smoked fish and she gave the typical "they are all good" - there were about 4 side fishes on the menu. a side fish menu item costs about nine dollars and the weiss portion size is small. i ordered the weiss whitefish. i do ...

where white people meet dating site billboard taken down utah

new company in utah. website is called where white people meet. i was watching a television show on BET and the show had predominately black characters. a white character was trying to ask out a black woman and the black woman said he was "too white" - the audience laughed. i asked myself, what if a white character had said no to the dating offer because the character was "too black" - enter the website dating company where white people meet. paid memberships are only $4. livelinks already has a black people phone dating system and there are websites for black people dating. yet, the utah billboard was taken down after complaints. utah is 88% white. people should not be accused of racism. ...

great greek henderson nevada table issue reviews expansion crazy

crazy time at the great greek henderson nevada restaurant. first time there review. seems like the thousands of greek food customers that are going there are causing expansion problems as the place is about 900 square feet and the facility can not handle the crowds or overload of people. food was tasty and fresh and a few fish dishes like salmon and tuna are hidden and off the menu. secret menu. employees are nice. family owned great greek henderson has gotten some PR, and good press by local vegas digests and henderson newsletters. at no time did i feel rushed to leave my table, but old ladies were trying to sit down and the tables are actually reserved at the cashier. great greek ...

robert herjavec does not see the retail vision for scrub daddy

fool robert herjavec said "i'm out" to scrub daddy, a company that daymond john and lauri grenier were having a bidding war for, where lauri grenier came down from 25% to 20% in order to close the deal. scrub daddy has sold over 75 million dollars of product, with another 100 million dollars in scrub daddy sales within the next 2 years, doubling capacity. this is not the first time that fool robert herjavec has lost focus on building a brand and talking shit about a brand company, only to have that company be successful. in the case of scrub daddy, rober herjavec statement of I don't see the retail vision left the scrub daddy owner in a dizzy. scrub daddy is shark tanks number 1 investment ...

cream ice cream build your own cookies rule everything around me

CREAM ice cream is where you build your own cookies. their cream motto and cream slogan is "cookies rule everything around me" - nice place for a warm cookie surrounding cold flavors of ice cream. the employee at the counter does not like bearded customers. i had my full beard, goatee and mustache and was waited in line, line everyone else at the cream san diego ice cream joint over on garnet street about 4 blocks from mission avenue in pacific beach. the ice cream girl in front of me was taking her sweet time and i was being patient for my daily ice cream dosage. the cream PB employee looked at me and instead of the usual "can I help you" or "what can i get for you" - I got the following ...

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Tuesday 12, January, 2016
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daymond john invests in fabric to cover garbage bag bad investor

daymond john might be wealthy but his investment choices are questionable. viewed an episode of sharktank in which lori grenier (wearing too much makeup to cover up her dimples) called the knitted garbage bag idea a loser. i agree. so what terrible idea did bad investor daymond john invest his money in? get this. it's a piece of fabric and it tightens around the top of garbage cans. you are fitting, placing, tightening a piece of fabric (that is not disposable fabric) around the top portion lid of a garbage container. you then can wash the fabric by spraying the garbage infested fabric with a hose of high pressure water, or bring it inside the house, and using a washer and dryer to rinse ...

mission boulevard bajabeachcafe san diego pacific beach review

a review of bajabeachcafe. went there with a friend as they had a 4 dollar clam chowder bowl. the baja beach cafe clam chowder bowl contained zero clams and was upsold to 5 dollars when the waitress offered the price. my buddy ordered the same thing at bajabeachcafe and his new england clam chowder bowl in bread contained absolutely zero clams as well. i noticed an item on the menu called lobster mac and cheese. there was no lobster in the macaroni and cheese that I ordered even though the menu item was ten dollars. i was expecting a plate. it came as a side dish. the dish was the size of my pinky, or possibly as big as my thumb. the meal was a disaster. our new england clam chowder bowls ...

getting unwanted gifts air purifier 12 porcelain unicorns shop

recently had a discussion/argument with a sibling. the mother of this relative was buying me unwanted gifts and wasting her time and her money, not to mention my time and my patients. it started innocently enough. i would receive some pants and socks and jackets and sweaters. i hated the colors. i disliked the fit. i disliked being the model because every single time they would bring these artifacts, i would have to drop everything and a fashion show would commence. so i told the mother of this relative to please stop getting unwanted gifts for me. the sibling got upset and yelled at me for ten minutes saying I was ungrateful. I told the sibling that I was grateful, but I did not like the ...

island for sale off the coast of u.s. virgin islands one million

just found a cool 25 acre island off the coast of u.s. virgin islands for sale for 1 million dollars. in this depressing economy, i am sure i can pick it up for a steal for 750k. the island is full of mangrove trees. only about 2 acres of the island are sandy beaches. the island is 7 minutes by boat from a major mainland city. my concern is the government might get involved if I start trimming or cutting down the mangrove trees on my island paradise. there are rules, restrictions and regulations about mangroves. since only two acres of the land are usable space, i can not expand my dwelling. it looks like the existing 5 bedroom, 3 bath home will have to suffice. 1 hour away, you will find ...

Mmogah.com Is a Trustworthy Website for My WoW Gold!

I bought 100,000 wow gold to strengthen my char for leveling fast . I bought at mmogah.com and they deliverd gold via auction house fast(nearly 10 mins). But Blizz recalled the gold and sent me an email which indicated that my 100000 wow gold was totally removed. As a wower who have ever bought gold, I know it's risky for buying gold, but i feel lucky that this site delivered gold to me again. They bear the losses for customers so i highly recommend www.MmoGah.com to all wowers who want to buy wow gold. So… it's a fine day today! https://www.mmogah.com ...

steve jobs movies ashton kutcher new cnn film annoying brutal

the steve jobs movies are brutal to watch. how many countless documentaries will we be forced to endure about steve jobs. he is brilliant. he was a lunatic. he was a family man. he abandoned his family. the ashton kutcher film bombed and it was annoying as hell. then his partner at apple said the ashton kutcher steve jobs movie was unrealistic and he could not recommend it. annoying and brutal are two adjectives critics have said about the portrayal of steve jobs in their movie reviews. now a new cnn film about steve jobs shows a documentary style about the written about pioneer and mogul. people die. movies are made. i have counted 4 steve jobs pictures in the last 36 months. most ...