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Tuesday 22, September, 2015
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donald trump winning polls lying huffpost huffington post chart
a chart showing that donald trump is winning. fiorina is a loser and she lost in california to become a senator. if you can not beat boxer for a senate seat, how are you going to win the nomination for the republican party and the presidency of the united states of america. the huffpost chart shows 30 polls so this is a "poll of polls" all the polls tracked show that fiorina is at 2.5 percent nationwide, but if you watch cnn and foxnews, they are selectively claiming that carly fiorina is in second place. the 2016 national republican field is good. scott walker just dropped out of the race. donald trump is a man of the people. trump did a ask me anything on twitter today and now the media is trying to say he was trolled. this is a case where people have to use their subjective brains and realize the media is trying to downgrade trump. why? because they want bush who has over 200 million to spend on media buys. bush has money and cnn and foxnews want the money spent on network advertise

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government waste 500 million dollars train five soldiers syria

news came out that the government had wasted 500 million dollars to train five soldiers in syria to fight syrian isis, known as the islamic state. under testimony before congress, the general of the united states admitted that the united states had spent half a billion dollars on training 5 guys. these men are known as rebels. this got me thinking about government waste and how the government previously spent two thousand dollars per toilet lid. the defense department is building aircraft that will never be used. the department of defense is building submarines and helicopters that are already outdated. the defense dept. is just throwing money down the drain. the defense establishment is ...

howard lederer innocent victim full tilt poker pokerstars ivey

it is sad how people hold a grudge against howard lederer. the man did not steal anyone's money. no funds were in mister lederer's personal bank account. no monies were in accounts howard lederer set up offshore. no money was concealed. howard lederer is an innocent victim of the money transfer and funds processing business. ach and credit card processing business is not for the faint of heart or amateurs. it is true that howard lederer was over his head, but who appointed howard as the ceo of full tilt poker? people like phil ivey, poker player. the entire board was filled with shareholders. those shareholders thought that lederer was the best man for the job. due to regulations and ...

john kerry accepts 200k arab immigrants usa years veterans home

the usa has a lot of problems. veterans are not getting medical attention. people will disabilities are being put on hold for hours with social security. we have hate crimes. we have terrorist crimes. we have over a million homeless people. we have people without jobs. we have 12 million mexican undocumented, illegal aliens and illegal immigrants. now secretary of state john kerry is inviting 200,000 people who will not be screened into the usa for resettlement. these people are syrian arabs. senior citizens are living in poverty. the anniversary of september 11th was just celebrated. the 911 hijackers had tourist visas. they were the country legally, not illegally. the usa immigration ...

discovering the mute button business idea television radio sets

i recently rediscovered the mute button. it was a beautiful experience. i was watching television and i noticed that the commercials were getting on my nerves. i pressed mute and there was silence. on my goodness, what a beautiful blessing it was to mute the annoying commercials. the annoying announcements on the television set were driving me crazy. the insanity of the television commercials irritated me and i needed the discovery of the mute feature on the remote control to bring me happiness. the next day, i am listening to the radio. i notice that the radio stations are broadcasting commercials with an elevated sound level. i did some research and i was right. the television signals ...

oakley sunglasses customizable review expensive poorly built bad

i went to the oakley sunglasses store. i noticed they were marking the prices up to mark them down. oakley has a section called customized sunglasses. you can change the logo, frames, lenses, bands, rubbers, and other parts of the glasses. it was a bit strange to have the employees build oakley sunglasses for you. the employee removed the lenses and i held the lenses and felt how truly cheaply built they were. the construction of the oakleys was disappointing. people know that oakleys has stylish sunglasses. some are polarized. some are plazma which cost hundreds of dollars. some are the ordinary, regular sunglasses. the employees build the sunglasses. this destroys the allure of the ...

carly fiorina attacks meg whitman and barbara boxer's looks ugly

donald trump called carly fiorina ugly. who cares. the leftists have been calling donald trump names for years. just this week, bill maher was on chris's msnbc show hardball and said trump has brain farts. the truth is carly fiorina ran her company to the ground with a lot of layoffs. she competes againsts meg whitman and loses. carly then goes after the appearance and looks of meg. then fiorina who is no beauty pageant winner herself thinks that her microphone is off. she then says that barbara boxer needs a new hair stylist because "look at her hair". so now, trump is saying "look at her face" - let's be realistic. carly fiorina is a loser. she lost to barbara boxer in the california ...

little caesars pizza employees pizza feet pepperoni cheese slice

a review of little caesars pizza is a mess. the employees are rude and they make fun of customers, while taking orders over the phone. my sister was very young and the family was starving. we call up little caesars pizza and a young lady answers the phone. my sister orders the pizza and the pizza employee is laughing the entire time. it seems all the employees are in on a joke. all the employees are giggling and laughing and my sister is trying to put her cheese and pepperoni order in. the girl answering the phone starts clowning my sister saying: are you a baby? the little caesars employee then tells her employees while my sister is on the phone: i feel like i am talking to a baby. we ...

sue the landlord under penalty of perjury judge win court cases

court cases are filed everyday against rude and arrogant landlords in the united states justice system. my landlord decided to evict me but keep my idiot roommate. both the landlord and my roommate had conspired to kick me out of the apartment, remove my name from the list and lease agreement. the roommate and landlord began to come up with lies about bad behavior and disorderly conduct. all the allegations were complete lies. i had fifteen witnesses from the neighborhood and from the apartment complex, but none of them could take time from their schedules to waste hours in court in front of a judge. i asked all my witnesses who were workers and students from the area, to write letters to ...

prahlad friedman scumbag moron poker player cheater tournament

tournament player scumbag and sometimes cash player moron prahlad friedman is a poker player who accuses other poker players of cheating by using his famous line: i don't trust you sir. he then bluffs you out of your money, while trying to make you tilt. this scumbag prahlad friedman needs to go and suck on his mothers nipple. the rumor was that prahlad was breast fed up until the age of 15. then some of his teenage friend's became jealous and decided that they also wanted to lick and suck milk from prahlad friedman moms titties. mister friedman, the decent poker player who calls other poker players cheaters and untrustworthy, decided to get poke and prod another poker player, saying he ...

community service fail kanye west program review hours students

what kind of bs is this where a guy can do community service in an air conditioned auditorium. community service was about picking up trash on the roadside. now community service is about sitting on your ass and giving advice to students. you want some advice? do not let talkative celebrities (rapstars who can't rap with big mouths) go to colleges and universities, sit on their overfed asses and preach. loser kanye west is a moron who has no manners, and no morals. the sheriff system and the entire penal system and penal code can go to hell by not legally and ethically enforcing sentences equally. whether a guy is a bum, or a high net worth celebrity, it is important for the court systems ...

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Wednesday 16, September, 2015
reviews complaints reviews
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24 hour fitness fake promises scam business fraudulent practices

i have a similar story. i called 24 hour fitness. i told them i am fed up with all their gimmicks and marketing scams. they told me twice before they they would lower my rate. then i get off the phone with the fake sales representatives and they make all kinds of promises and claims. so the last straw took place in early september. i called to cancel my 24 hour fitness membership. i was a member for over 10 years and i was given a pretty decent membership rate for much of the 10 years. with the new management at twenty four hour fitness, they increased the pricing on the monthly memberships and i wanted to leave 24 hour fitness just as quickly as possible. i started noticing all the fake ...

jan adams doctor innocent kills donda west vicodin tablet nephew

i remember seeing this doctor jan adams on larry king after kanye west mom dies. the larry king interview gave jan adams a chance to clear his name in the death of a rap stars mom. the doctor received a text from kanye west refusing to give the interview. jan adams walks off the larry king show mid taping. this happened live on air. the doctors office closed down from the negative publicity and now the doctor's life is in ruins. doctor adams claims that the nephew of donda west scoggins was suppose to comfort her, and take good care of her, while she was at home. jan says he told donda to stay in the hospital, or go to a facility; nursing facility. donda refused saying he will be fine at ...

nick diaz takes the fifth amendment 5th hilarity ensues nevada

hilarity ensued at the hearing for nick diaz as nick wore a casual shirt. nick diaz is not the type of guy that wears a shirt and tie. neither will he wear nice black shoes. mister diaz of stockton california smokes weed. he inhales pot or cannabis as its called, on a daily basis. nick is a weed head. so now the mixed martial arts fighter has a big fight against anderson silva in which the ufc fighter gets paid $500,000 dollars. there were some problems with his boxing coach and the great boxers felt his skills were lacking as his long time managers could not cope with the day to day drama of the stockton badboy. the nevada state athletic commission decides to question the superstar but ...

usbank overdraft paid fee extended overdraft charge money debit

filing a complaint with the office of the comptroller of currency with the u.s. department of treasury. another complaint will be files with the u.s. federal reserve. after i told usbank that they were allow debits to my bank account without my permission twice before. usbank promised to block all unauthorized charges and agreed not to allow debits nor deductions. after several weeks of unauthorized usbank charges, the financial institution known for having the most complaints in the banking industry. the new fee is called "overdraft paid fee" which deducts funds from your banking account. after several days of the overdraft paid fee going unpaid, u.s. bank will add another fee called the ...

treehouse masters phony troll episode close your eyes surprise

treehouse masters is not a bad show about a builder of treehouses, his wife, and kids. there is no need to add a touch of the reality television business to these tree house episodes. the programming is nice and family friendly. now we have cockmaster jokes. the sexualizing of our kids. today's episode had to do with a troll that would appear and disappear next to the treehouse. no need for pawnstars phoniness. let's keep the show realistic without all the reality tv elements. seems like a lame attempt from the greedy producers to add a bit of spark and a bit of spice to the innocent treehouse building experience. just build the treehouse. in another episode the treehouse masters builder ...

monogamy is such a pain in the ass sluts whore brothels pussy

monogamy is such a pain the proverbial ass. everywhere i go i see hot pussy in front of me. whoring, whores, brothels; many of the fine destinations in thailand and angeles city. white guys and black girls and asian girls and native american girls and milfs and moms and daddy's girls and girls with piercings are all choices that the horny male has at his disposal. did i mention that monogamy is a pain in the ass. how do you married guys do it? you just bang the same pussy over and over again and then visualize the hotties that walk by you, as you are dragged by your ball and chain until you age and then you die. what a wonderful life you must have while i and dan bilerian are surrounded by ...

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Tuesday 15, September, 2015
reviews complaints reviews
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24 hour fitness hold time overbilling dues payment reward time

24 hour fitness is a sales agency masquerading as a gym. talk about some serious high pressure sales with the sales agents repeating the terrible gym programs and offers. spent 50 minutes on hold on the 24 hour fitness customer service. overbilled me $20 above my usual payment of $25 dollars a month. insane overbilling. started out with a yearly plan. 24 hour high pressure sales guy told me: no such thing has a yearly plan. quite laughable as costco sells yearly plans. want a 24 hour fitness reward? call up and cancel your membership. takes a long of time as the 24 hour fitness gymnasium hold times are longer than breast finger your infant. high dues at the gym. signed a contract for ...

thetollroads violations fines dmv agreements registration holds

thetollroads.com is a scam company that tries to fleece consumers. tollroads is a new scam for private developers to partner with government organizations such as the state of california and the department of motor vehicles to screw consumers and have them pay fines and citations and violations. the tollroads is a stretch of highway that saves about 15 minutes on the way to long beach from san diego. the road has become full of traffic and it is barely worth the effort. high tech cameras capture license plate information and retrieve names and addresses from the driver vehicles. booths use to collect payments. now a new toll roads trip removes the toll road booths and forces consumers to ...

ufc mixed martial arts blurs sponsors logos shorts cruz faber

i was watching the ultimate fighting championship fight between faber and cruz and i noticed that the genital area of cruz was blurred out. the ufc is going back through its old tapes and blurring the sponsors out with pixels. so when you are watched a mixed martial arts fight, if the ufc management such as dana white is not doing business with old sponsors, those sponsors will have blurry marks. the faber and cruz second fight was exciting and went 5 rounds, but it was hard to watch with the blurred lines around the fighters crotch areas. i read several articles on ufc forums saying how distracting a fight was to watch with all the pixels and with the crotch areas being blurred. the ...

how to buy an island for sale usa greece canada asia private own

i tried to buy an island but was unsuccessful. there are so many rules and regulations that governments set when purchasing a private island. land ownership is a dream. island ownership is a fantasy. according to the un (united nations), governments like tonga and china can claim newly formed islands 60 miles from their coastlines. the united nations conventions also say that islands can claim resources 200 miles from their coastline. resources can be molten lava or ash from volcanic eruptions. tonga actually sent a navy and soldiers when a millionaire tried to claim a newly formed island 250 miles away from tonga. if you have a military, private ownership of islands will not stick. greece ...

floyd mayweather doctor dre wife girlfriend beaters abuse beats

floyd mayweather is often accused of being a woman beater and people go after him for fighting what they perceive to be easily beatable opponents. yet because doctor dre sold his beats company to apple for over a billion dollars, people are giving dr. dre respect when they should equally go after him for beating the ass of dee barnes. doctor dre known as the producer of the chronic actually respects cops, according to his 2002 mtv interview. dr. dre does not smoke chronic, weed, cannabis, according to snoop dog. doctor dre has brutally beat down dee barnes, m'chelle (michelle) and one other hip hop, female rapper that he was dating in his nwa days (niggaz with attitude). if you want to ...

girl steals costa rican watch refuses to return it or leave bar

one of the craziest stories ever. i went to a bar downtown and there were only two girls in the entire bar. an acquaintance of mine chatted up the blonde so i had to chat with her brunette friend. i was wearing a cool costa rican watch that i paid twenty dollars for, but was aesthetically pleasing to girls and boys alike. the girl at the bar who told me she was a flight attendant, stewardess asked if she could see the watch. then the stewardess for a major airline asked me if i could take the watch off my wrist so she could examine and admire it. i did as asked. huge mistake. the brunette flight attendant grabbed the watch, placed it in her purse and walked away. i ran after her, asking, ...