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Tuesday 15, September, 2015
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ufc mixed martial arts blurs sponsors logos shorts cruz faber
i was watching the ultimate fighting championship fight between faber and cruz and i noticed that the genital area of cruz was blurred out. the ufc is going back through its old tapes and blurring the sponsors out with pixels. so when you are watched a mixed martial arts fight, if the ufc management such as dana white is not doing business with old sponsors, those sponsors will have blurry marks. the faber and cruz second fight was exciting and went 5 rounds, but it was hard to watch with the blurred lines around the fighters crotch areas. i read several articles on ufc forums saying how distracting a fight was to watch with all the pixels and with the crotch areas being blurred. the sponsors need to have an agreement with the ufc that the organization will not blur or pixel the sponsor's logos and sponsor's catchphrases at future televised events. the sponsors paid the ufc money and now the ultimate fighting championship is censoring the sponsorship of the fighters. make money sponsor

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how to buy an island for sale usa greece canada asia private own

i tried to buy an island but was unsuccessful. there are so many rules and regulations that governments set when purchasing a private island. land ownership is a dream. island ownership is a fantasy. according to the un (united nations), governments like tonga and china can claim newly formed islands 60 miles from their coastlines. the united nations conventions also say that islands can claim resources 200 miles from their coastline. resources can be molten lava or ash from volcanic eruptions. tonga actually sent a navy and soldiers when a millionaire tried to claim a newly formed island 250 miles away from tonga. if you have a military, private ownership of islands will not stick. greece ...

floyd mayweather doctor dre wife girlfriend beaters abuse beats

floyd mayweather is often accused of being a woman beater and people go after him for fighting what they perceive to be easily beatable opponents. yet because doctor dre sold his beats company to apple for over a billion dollars, people are giving dr. dre respect when they should equally go after him for beating the ass of dee barnes. doctor dre known as the producer of the chronic actually respects cops, according to his 2002 mtv interview. dr. dre does not smoke chronic, weed, cannabis, according to snoop dog. doctor dre has brutally beat down dee barnes, m'chelle (michelle) and one other hip hop, female rapper that he was dating in his nwa days (niggaz with attitude). if you want to ...

girl steals costa rican watch refuses to return it or leave bar

one of the craziest stories ever. i went to a bar downtown and there were only two girls in the entire bar. an acquaintance of mine chatted up the blonde so i had to chat with her brunette friend. i was wearing a cool costa rican watch that i paid twenty dollars for, but was aesthetically pleasing to girls and boys alike. the girl at the bar who told me she was a flight attendant, stewardess asked if she could see the watch. then the stewardess for a major airline asked me if i could take the watch off my wrist so she could examine and admire it. i did as asked. huge mistake. the brunette flight attendant grabbed the watch, placed it in her purse and walked away. i ran after her, asking, ...

dwolla check ach transfer review a disaster lack of service crap

dwolla is a crap service. i read the other review. dwolla has some credit union backing in. the checking service is a disaster and a enormous waste of time. there is no development support. there is no email nor phone support despite the claims made on the sites website, saying that dwolla would respond to requests in a 24 hour window and offer developer support on a discussion board. the phone number was unanswered. the email addresses were unanswered. the initial dwolla signup process took several hours. the lack of customer support will ruin the dwolla service. the checking and ach service had the potential to actually make money and the fact that no responses from managers, personnel ...

jiminy glick interviews ice cube nwa ice tea vanilla ice names

want to see ice cube get violent and put jiminy glick in a headlock? this is the best ice cube video on youtube. in fact, i had just got done watching a dee barnes interview with ice cube, and he was saying that he only wanted to write for films, but he did not want to act in any films. the way people feel and the things people say are completely false. never believe people. do watch this jiminy glick interview of one of the best lyricists out there. great debut album. great best of albums. amazing artist. he showed his talents by keeping up with glick in this old video from the 2000s. only 90,000 views. we need to get the view up higher. just love all the one liners and how jiminy keeps ...

shark tank episode coffee legal services husband wife notary inc

a husband and wife came on a shark tank episode. the idea? create a combination legal services and coffee shop. so while you are drinking your coffee, there are legal reps, most likely paralegals stamping and notarizing some documents for you. not a bad idea at all. the idea is worthy but i would never get into business with that psycho couple. first of all, what is with the bad acting. they rehearsed some kind of a 2-man show that they presented to the sharks. kevin o'leary is a funny guy whose catchphrase is 'show me the money' and he was teasing them about their bad acting. the wife was ready to kill kevin o'leary of shark tank fame. the husband looked like a pushover, and claimed to be ...

the transformation of tucker max serve beer in hell investor box

so now tucker max has a new company called book in a box. not a bad concept. i am thinking if it would really function the way tucker max thinks it will work. tucker max has fucked thousands of woman. no match for dan bilzerian who has the hottest woman on the planet. of course tucker max is worth maybe 10 million and bilzerian is worth over 100 million dollars and schmoozes with artists and celebrities. i remember my drunk roommate brings home a book and he is laughing his head off. some adolescent humor written by another drunk that likes to drink beer and go out to bars. beer is the drink of idiots. anytime i see someone holding a beer, i automatically label them an idiot. so my ...

franki valli and the four seasons madcon beggin pioneer innovate

franki valli is a genious. the four seasons is a revolutionary band. this group of friends rules the decades of the 60s and the 70s. i love franki valli's voice. he has this raspy voice. i read a lot of wiki articles about mister valli and they give the technical description of his voice, saying only five artists have this type of voice classification. i was listening to the rapper artist madcon one day and he comes out with his song beggin. madcon puts a great spin on beggin. i was thinking; what a great song with great energy. then i start listening to the best of franki valli and the four seasons. madcon got the rights and permissions to use the four seasons song beggin; i am happy he ...

karen james lsus shreveport professor review rate my teacher

lsus university is a college in Louisiana. taking a class with karen james was not the best experience. her moodle skills were lacking. she would tell the students that she would struggle with moodle for many hours. karen james would keep changing deadlines and adjusting the syllabus as she would go along. if an assignment was do on a tuesday, sometimes a last minute announcement would be made that the homework would be due a couple days later. karen james overworks the students and gives then too many assignments for the type of class that she teaches. ms. james has a marketing specialty. moodle is a tough platform to integrate with, so she can not take all the blame, but the amount of ...

richard carpenter tax law office client review money collector

i was a client of richard carpenter at his law office in san diego across from the ballpark. this guy is a big time con artist that will just bill you for hours that he is not working. richard carpenter uses a dirty trick where he will hard sell you when you ask for advice at his office. on the lawyer retainer form, richard carpenter lists another attorney, even though mr. carpenter tells you that he will handle your case by himself. when you try to call to check on your legal case, and ask for richard carpenter, the secretary transfers you to the other lawyer. the only time the lawyers phone you is when they need money. so the lawyer will phone you saying: your billable hours are up. they ...

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Wednesday 9, September, 2015
reviews complaints reviews
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facebook text spamming me again 32665 remove damn corporation

facebook is pissing me off again. i never meant to sign up. in fact, i think facebook is a useless medium. somehow facebook got my phone number. i think it was because i was using tinder and tinder verified my phone number through their app and shared the information with facebook. fb then shares your data with a wide variety of venders and these companies then spam you. facebook starts texting me from the number 32665 and i reply: fuck you and my friends were laughing because they knew it was automated system that spammed you. so for years, i had no idea how to turn this facebook garbage spam off. replies to the 32665 facebook spam number did nothing. i then tried to text: off; i then ...

trichotillomania hair comb propecia rogain foam losing lose hair

trichotillomania is a condition in which you pull your hair. you want to yank your hair. you want to pull your hair. you can not control your hands. your hands want to rip all the hair follicles off of your head. this is not a losing hair in the shower situation. this is an unconscious action. so people with trich (which is the short version) tend to look for ways to maintain their hair with this debilitating disease. they go and buy hair combs from places such as hairmax.com and then they go and buy propecia which is a nice powerful drug that works on the bald spot and back of the head. there is always rogaine foam which you apply after you soak in the shower. trichotillomania is a ...

the power of clothes makeup bras slimmers hair extensions heels

you meet a girl. you take the girls clothes off and you see several scars and a stomach full of left over pies. the girl's face is so breathtaking that you immediately want to kiss her lips. the next morning, she takes her makeup off revealing a girl who is no girl at all, but rather a woman, ten years older. the next day, you go clubbing and meet a petite girl with a tight little booty, and small frame. once hopping on your mattress, you take off her sexy belt, revealing some device holding her hips together and her stomach in. it is some type of slimmer. you have heard of waist slimmers before, but are frightened seeing on in person; being misled. you go over to your friends house and he ...

zen5 sushi rolls and reggae garnet street pacific beach half

half price sushi at the zen5 sushi roll and reggae place on garnet street. i saw a sign advertising 1/2 price sushi on mondays and tuesdays. the sushi was okay, not great, not bad. the place was overcrowded. it seems like zen5 increases the prices by double, and then offering the half price creates the false allusion that the patron is receiving some form of amazing discount offer that others need to take advantage of. let's take a look at the california roll. this roll contains basic ingredients that usually goes for about 8 dollars at any sushi place without a discount. now at zen5 sushi on pacific beach, the california roll goes for 15 dollars. devide that by 2 and you are being charged ...

kabob lounge pricey small portion sirloin kabob carmel valley

the carmel valley area, there is a kabob place called the kabob lounge. it is located in a industrial area where there are a lot of construction and office spaces. there are only a few restaurants in the area, near the 56 freeway and interstate 5. the kabob lounge is a pricey little shop with most prices starting at 10 dollars, for a very tiny slice of meat. what did I get for fifteen dollars at the kabob lounge? about six small bites of a sirloan kabob with no salads, no tzatziki sauce, no feta, no humus, no chick peas, no leaves; just a tiny piece of bread. my buddy paid double what i paid, and he was served with a kabob with rice, feta, humus, leaves, olives and few other ingredients. ...

the mysterious curious case of siberia airlines flight 1812 shot

just a month after september 11th, ukraine was accused of shooting down an israeli passenger airline over 60 people on board. the israeli passenger plane was on its way to the capital of siberia, novosibirsk. the ukranian millitary denied responsibility after an american report of the shoot down occurred. the american intelligence report said that ukraine was holding a military exercise with the aim of shooting down a drone. two missiles were sent to attack and destroy the drone. one missile did destroy the drone. the 2nd missile was suppose to self destruct. instead the second mission attached on to the israeli plane flight 1812 many miles away and deployed shrapnel causing the plane to ...

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Wednesday 9, September, 2015
reviews complaints reviews
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watching dating naked show aspca dog fighting adoption protect

so i was watching the silly show dating naked on the viacom channel and i saw the aspca ad on the violence against dogs. the aspca was talking about dog fighting. i usually turn away or switch, change the channel because dog abuse is a very sensitive issue to me. i realized the commercial would be about fifteen seconds, so i kept watching hoping to turn my head and be returned to regularly scheduled programming. the commercial turned into an infomercial as the length reached two minutes. the infomercial showed wounded dogs, dogs without limbs and dogs with scars on their bodies and faces. the aspca was asking for donations of eighteen dollars (18 dollars) a month which would be used for ...

avis rental company surcharge charge one way return rental port

rented an avis rental car. when you pick up an avis rental car at the airport, you can get a vehicle for about fifteen dollars a day. when you retrieve a car local to your community or neighborhood, avis charges three times the online bargain rate. i looked into car2go or cars2go and they charge by time and by mileage, so for now, i am sticking with renting from the rental car companies. i picked up my avis economy car at the local location and books 48 hours of car usage. i decided to drive it across the border, out of state. i had wanted to only drive the car one way and take a plane back but the booking website for the airline was down and gave me an error message. i then saw on my ...

whitey bulger won beats the justice system police black mass fun

whitey bulger won. the alleged criminal white bulger now has a movie made about him called black mass. i am sure this will be a fun movie with the main character being played by johnny depp. the way whitey got caught was that he was featured on americas most wanted. his neighbor then recognized him when they did the age progression, showing what mister bulger might look like at the age of 85 years of age. so the name informed on him to the feds, fbi, and someone called his home saying that a fence was open. when whitey bulger went down the steps to close the fence, the federal bureau of investigations guy were waiting for him. the justice department said this was a win for the system, but ...

spirit airlines fares cheaper at the airport falsehood cheap low

spirit airline says on its website that fares may be cheaper at the airport. after reviewing several spirit airlines fares to the east coast, i decided to take a one hour drive to the airport, to see if spirit air was being honest with their travelers. the fares on spirit airlines website spirit.com were quite pricey for one way tickets and return round trip tickets on the spirit boeing aircraft. after making the long distance drive, i entered the terminal. i noticed that there was one guy attending guests at the spirit check-in counter. the man resembled a baggage carrier and was wearing a uniform as though he was handling luggage. the spirit employee had no name tag. the spirit customer ...

dwolla review instant payment transfers ach checking account bad

this is a review of dwolla at dwolla.com. this company aims to transfer instant payments between people and vendors. businesses can make payments and receives payments through the automated clearing house known as the ach network. receiving payments using dwolla from person to company can take between 2 and 5 days. our company signed up with dwolla and was disappointed greatly, so this will be a bad review. after going through the dwolla signup process, we put our programming team to work on the application protocol integration, known as an API. dwolla has a knowledge database where developers can ask questions. the problem is that the dwolla staff is unresponsive. it has been close to a ...

hooters casino hotel pressure to leave the room knocking on door

at the hooters casino hotel at 115 east tropicana avenue las vegas nevada, they are charging 5 star prices for a 3 star hotel at best. i checked in and the las vegas hooters and was not happy with my room. the television set in the hooters hotel room was out of the nineteen seventies. there was no central air in the room and noisy party goers roaming the hallways. the hooters hotel staff gave us a room next to the elevator so foot traffic from the hooters party people kept us up at night. the walls looked like they were constructed from one hundred percent asbestos. the hooters receptionist gave us a bay view room, which overlooks a wall and partial view of the book. the balcony sliding ...