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Saturday 17, October, 2015
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medicare part A confusion enrollment period january thru march
people that have disabilities or wish to enroll in medicare can do so, but medicare part B is an opt out. the medicare-opt-out is problematic because there is a 10% penalty for not subscribing to medicare part B at the time of original enrollment. if you decide at a later time to get medicare part B which are doctor's visits, you will have to wait for an enrollment period which is january through march of the new year. there is a lot of confusion for medicare part A. What is included in the part A? Medicare says hospital visits but the social security administration representatives tell you that urgent care is not included. the medicare website medicare.gov tells you that urgent care treatment is indeed included. Medicate part-A covers rural treatment centers but the people at medicare nor the government has a directory of "rural treatment centers." skilled nursing facilities are also included with no location information. finally, federal qualified health clinics, sponsored tax money.

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family feud changes for the worst sexual religious mean rude bad

family feud has gotten back recently with some changes the producers think will help the show. steve harvey has gotten mean and rude. he berates the contestants that get strikes and gives them a hard time (not in a joking manner). steve harvey bullies the contestants. the producers are increasing the sex jokes and sex questions that 100 people are asked. the producers then come up with stupid, dumb interpretations of the answers on the board. the contestant answered: SEX, and the producers turned over the answer: hiding the salami. the contestants are showcasing their talents asking steve: would you like to see? then the producers play music and you see steve dancing. lame. i have seen ...

homedepot expensive installation and measurement of screen door

drove to home depot. a basic screen door costs seventy five dollars. cheap screen doors at the home depot. problem is i am not a do it yourself fix it guy. i can not install anything. no door installs. no screen installs. i am a useless installation guy. i can not hold a screwdriver. i can not hold a drill. i am completely useless. so i need to pay experts to do the basic construction or carpenter stuff. the home depot guys are old. the smell of homedepot is all wood. i hate that smell. paid for the screen door. paid for a tech guy to come to my house. the install man was there 5 minutes. measured the exterior of the door and left to his next customer. i had to drive back to the store to ...

ziprecruiter total scam 3 days free takes credit card number

saw an advertisement for this fraud company called ziprecruiter. the ad made promises that the business could not keep. cnbc was taking part in this fraud by advertising this scheme. reminded me of a credit reporting agency that asks for your credit card number but does not mention the fact that you need to enter your private transaction information until spending 30 minutes filling out the ziprecruiter.com form. the scam comes into effect when zip recruiter does not tell you the credit card information is required. ziprecruiter puts a authorization and post transaction charge on your credit card company. this is a hold on your credit card. ziprecruiter charges your credit card to create ...

mariska hargitay law and order svu looking old grandma aging bad

mariska hargitay of law and order special vitims unit is aging badly. law and order is a bad ass show that is not realistic. in real life investigations as you can see on the first 48, if the cops have not evidence, the case goes cold. there is no extensive analysis of phone records of of dna records or tracing or tracking. as a kid, i thought that law an order showed detectives truthfully, but now after watching the first 48 episodes where cops give up on cases and only receive leads from confidential informants, law and order episodes are a fraud. usually there are only 1 or 2 investigators working a case. ice tea is a really bad actor by the way. mariska hargitay is a grandmother. the ...

uber greases the politicians takes over las vegas cab companies

several casinos such as mgm, newyork newyork and stratosphere now have uber and lyft sections of the outdoor patio. taxi cabs are not step children. uber is great at greasing the local politicians like city council members, mayors, commissioners and state legislators. cab companies had a monopoly on transporting customers. many companies not influential like uber tried to destroy the monopoly of taxi cab companies and failed. uber raised billions of dollars and was put in touch with the right contacts like mark cuban of the dallas mavericks. cuban declined the funding offer but uber went to venture capitalists and are flooding social media with offers of thousands of dollars for drivers. ...

united nations susan rice national security advisor obama bigot

susan rice is an obama bigot hater. susan rice was the obama adviser who said that the muslim riots in iraq were due to a parody video on youtube. susan rice went on the sunday talk shows and said that the rioters were spontaneous and not planned. they stormed the united states embassy and killed ambassador christopher stevens. a group of muslim rioters killed ambassador stevens and the complete idiot obama stooge susan rice blamed a youtube video. susan rice never apologized and repeated her claims 6 times. susan rice then went on meet the press and cnn and told the world that sergeant bergdhal was a hero. susan rice stated that bergdhal had served with honor and distinction. susan rice ...

scandal tv show not realistic unrealistic drama presidential sex

presidential sex on the hit television show scandal is unrealistic even for tv. watching season 1 episode 2 about the DC madam. she has been in business 35 years and sends dozens of call girls out daily, yet she only has about 70 clients. a 1 page list, front and back. the judges wife worked as a prostitute and told olivia pope that she paid the madam for the judge's dates out of her own pocket. the whore said she got stood up by the madam's client, but the madam still wanted her money, so she wrote down the judges first and last name and gave it to the madam and paid the madam out of her own pocket because she was in love with the judge. unrealistic drama. scandal is simply an unrealistic ...

lydia harris death row bankruptcy suge knight court harry O dead

harry O is dead. the ex-husband of lydia harris was the one who gave death row 1.5 million dollars to launch their record label. the first launch was the chronic. harry o was a drug dealer who was in prison for selling cocaine. he met suge when he tried to get his wife lydia harris a record deal. lydia harris sued suge knight and the judge awarded her 107 million dollars. instead of suge knight giving her a settlement agreement and being a smart businessman, he decided to file chapter 7 bankruptcy on behalf of himself and death row records. everyone went to court and the judge was looking for the warehouse where the death row masters were being held. the judge threated suge knight with ...

astroglide sensitive skin gel personal lubricant allergy tested

latex safe astroglide sensitive skin gel personal lubricant allergy tested water based no drip long lasting ultra gentle preservative free SUCKS! if you want to be impotent use this astroglide gel. if you want a dry penis use this personal lubricant. my penis shriveled up into 2 pieces after using this "tested" gel on my sensitive area. what happened? why the bad review? it BURNS! yes astroglide burns the penis. astroglide burns the vagina. my partner was screaming. i was yelling at the top of my lungs as the burning sensation covered the liquid goo on my shaft, head and ball area. i needed viagra or cialis after astro glide lubricant. i was crying. i was in tears. waste of money. i paid ...

i am dating a very cute adorable asian girl and i love her alot

this asian girl is a sweetheart and we have a lot in common and she is very precious to me and i love her very much. so i want to write my girl a love note and this way, she can view it online and link to it and know that i care for her because she makes me happy. i will keep her identity a secret. i will just tell you that she fell from heaven and i caught her. the ...

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Friday 9, October, 2015
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the word game a to z create a story using the first letter each

A Bum Caught Dick Ejaculating Forcefully, Grinding His Impatient Junk, Kissing, Licking, Moaning Nasally On Peter. Quietly Resting. So Tired. Underestimaged Virgin Winning Xxx Xylophone Yearning Zohan ...

las vegas complain about cab drivers extra fees vouchers scam

the las vegas cab authority makes it difficult to complain about cab drivers. i had a cab driving that was cursing and yelling and telling us to hurry up and angry. i called up the las vegas cab authority which self-governs cab drivers and they ignored by calls and hung up on me. i then wrote the las vegas cab company and I told them the time of the cab pickup and the name of the hotel the cab arrived to. i was sent a police picture set of 15 cab drivers, where i needed to circle the offending cab driver. i was able to narrow down the criminal cab driver to two cabbies. i then had to go to the notary to notarize the paper and sign under penalty of perjury that the asshole cab driver was ...

season two of gotham series is a complete fail lack of writing

season 2 of gotham is a complete dud. i was a huge fan of gotham season 1 and was telling friends and family how amazing the gotham series was. come season two and gotham failed miserably. the writing started to suck and there was editing and continuity errors. i am glad fish is no longer on the show. first harvey bullock walks into penguins offices and threatens him and is not shot. then harvey bullock tells him he would never return and runs a bar and says he is happy and then goes back to the police force. episode 1 of season two put me to sleep. i was telling a friend to start watching season 2 and as we were watching gotham season two episode one, i was so embarrassed by the poor ...

dox-do sushi not fresh fish no flavor convoy balboa review dine

went to dine at dox-do-sushi on convoy and balboa and was disappointed. dinner was horrible. at first the ingredients came out fresh, but then as the soups and stews came out, it was obvious that many of the fish dishes were not fresh and had been boiling and cooking for days if not weeks. my partner and i entered the evening dinner shift and were seated. the sushi place was dead with no crowds and basic seating. this was not fine dining. the prices were pricey and the sushi selection was intense. we ordered the fish stew and the waitress had a hard time recommending any dishes. when asked what she liked, she did not have an answer even though the waitress worked at dox-do sushi for over ...

edward snowden really hates russia protection whistle blower spy

edward snowden, the man who revealed that the u.s. government is spying on all the citizens, reading their emails, monitoring their communications and installing spy devices in electronic equipment, really hates russia. at first edward snowden wanted to apply for asylum in ecuador. that was refused. then snowden asked denmark and sweden for protection. denied. russia was kind enough to protect snowden from u.s. torture, but snowden wants to leave russia. in an interview, the whistle blower and says he is negotiating with the united states to go to prison. he prefers an american prison to life in russia, where he has a girlfriend. snowden has a great life in russia. he has celebrity ...

hypocritical usa government bombs hospital in kunduz appalled

this is an interesting article of the biased united states state department. the article is about the press secretary for the state department. a comparison is being made between the united states strike on a hospital run by doctors without borders which has united nations affiliation. twenty two patients and doctors were killed by the suspected united states strike. obviously innocent people were killed in the american attack on the afghanistan hospital. the issue the reporter is bringing up is the u.s. condemnation of israel by using the statement and word appalled. in that case, the united states warned israel that militants or terrorists firing rockets nearby did not justify the ...

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Tuesday 6, October, 2015
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solar companies inept fly by night deceptive customer service

i have been dealing with solar companies for years. most are deceptive. solar companies claim to pay for leads but when you send them leads like verengo solar, they do not answer their phone calls nor their emails. what kind of customer service and deception from these inept fly by night solar companies when lead generators can not get money from these one man solar companies. several craigslist posts from one man companies in the solar industry begging for leads but the solar companies do not have the ability to handle the qualified leads that are being sent to them. some solar companies claim to pay $750 or $1,000 dollars per lead that closes with them, but these closed leads are not ...

usbancorp admits error after employee lies and bank fault usbank

usbancorp admits their poor management and back error. usbancorp located at 60 livingston avenue saint paul, minnesota 55107. after the office of comptroller of the currency opened a case on the customers checking account, a letter was mailed to the account holder. the retail customer requested an opt out of atm and check card overdraft coverage. this means that usbancorp was not authorized to pay overdrafts on atm and everday check card transactions. usbancorp admits to an error that caused it to not properly take effect. a bank employee wrote the customer and email saying there was no bank error. the overdraft coverage option was not updated, usbancorp falsely paid an item and the ...

superman dies and then lives movie is getting worse and worser

latest superman movie a disappointment as first the writers kill superman. then the writers allow superman to live. some girl comes to the hospital where superman is laying there dead. yet somehow the hospital has no security for superman. even though the hospital officials pronounced superman dead, no police officers are guarding the body. there are no guards at the door and some woman that superman is not married to is allowed in to visit him. also some kids that is not the son of superman is allowed in to touch superman's cape. the women kisses a dead body and a scene later the man of steel is brought back to life making the headline "superman is dead" a lie. no creativity in hollywood ...

yahoo news megan liberman editor in chief liberal left-leaning

yahoo news is the default news source for anyone with a browser. recently yahoo hired megan liberman who is a left-leaning editor who employees racist, hatred filling, one-sided blogs and publications like the huffington post to be broadcast as legitimate news organizations on the yahoo news website found at news.yahoo.com - huffington post is not center. it is left wing, liberal. yahoo news does not have any prominent right wing blogs transmitting or broadcasting news to the millions of yahoo news readers. what is worse is the partnership yahoo has with AFP, which is a french publication as liberal, and as left as they come. AFP has been known to fake news broadcasts. many of AFP writers ...

tmobile pay for sim card lax attitude teenages charging for tech

i went to the tmobile shop in the area. quite a disorganized experience so i decided to write this review. i go inside the tmobile store and there is no waiting list. there is no place to sit down. no chairs or couches or bences at the t-mobile.com store. a line of people cutting and wanting the attention of the understaffed t-mobile facility in an outdoor shopping mall. my phone was stolen and the agent did not care and wanted to charge me for a sim replacement. no complimentary sim which costs them five cents to produce. a nice markup to $16.40 including tax. that markup on the sim card is sixteen thousand percent. no freebies or customer care at the tmobile stores. few employees. no ...

mike matusow blowup poker room lost thousands hand bet failure

bet the wrong amount on a bluff. it was obvious that my pair of pocket fours were no good. the flop came jack jack three. i was holding a pair of fours. the old lady was in and i had her hand misread. the best was fourty and she raided to one hundred. why would she almost triple a bet if she is holding a jack in her hand i thought while playing at the palomar card room on el cajon boulevard next to university avenue. the palomar poker room has quite its share of poker characters from the black guys starting fish fights to the asian dealers who have attitude and a big mouth. i raise two hundred dollars and the old woman calls me. i should have folded right there. but the next card was a ten ...