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Thursday 26, November, 2015
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i had to check if my server was blacklisted spam bulk google
google is placing a lot of my server's email in their spam folders. other times it ends up in google's bulk folder. either way, google is creating a workplace hazard for me. google spam filters must suck. first of all, i did a spam check on thix mstookbox.com site and it came up clean. i have 20 plus domain names on my server and my domains always show up clean. so why then is google playing games with my business. we all know that google is a big fish and all us tiny fishes are trying to eat some business crumbs so we can stay nourished. google has support pages where google describes exactly what a server or website needs to do to stay on google's good side. spoke with my developers and they added some records and added some things to the server domain records that google recommended. what was the end result of all these changes and money spent? blacklisted. spam. bulk email. same problem. i had to check if my server was blacklisted and google sends my email to spam folder. no reason

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bill maher takes heat mexico has no international terrorism why

the question is why does mexico have no international terrorism. mexico has crime. mexico has drug cartels. why are arabs not blowing up mexican buildings. president obama says americans have a 65 member coalition. i have no idea if this is true and i am too lazy to look this fact up on the internet online. i can tell you i have not heard any news telecasts or news broadcasts about mexico sending f16 fighter jets to bomb arab countries. i am not a military person. i have aged and am very old and have lived a long time and noticed that mexico is not bombing the muslims. terrorism is ugly and terrorist attacks in paris killed less people that a flight to indonesia which crashed and killed ...

time warner cable refuses to cancel my service after 3 phone try

3 phone tries. try number 3 and time warner cable refuses to cancel my cable service. holding customer hostage. each time i phone time warner cable services in my city and each time i am on hold for 60 minutes. each time, time warner tries to persuade me to keep services with them even though the picture delay, the picture going dark, the outages, the broken cable boxes, the cable boxes that turn on and turn off, the cable boxes that say: sorry, service error - please try again later. time warner disaster. time warner scary service. so i called 3 times to cancel my time warner cable service. provided the account number. at the end of the "persuasion" - i said CANCEL. next month, i get the ...

spent a few hours looking at pictures photo albums with mother

incredible. spent several hours looking at old black and white photo albums with mom. a blast from the past. a look at childhood. a look at old pictures where you had to stand still for 10 seconds flat for the picture to develop. the black and white picture days where you had to develop negatives in a dark room. the days of negatives. none of the old pictures were labeled. there are boxes and boxes of old pictures of relatives, friends, acquaintances and strangers. no writings on the pictures. no markings. no labeling at all. no stories to the pictures. frustrating. only memories from pictures that will have to be passed down from generations. only the stories will be remembered when ...

Chris Ortega & Carlo ball - JC velecom, titan & more

Chris ortega & Carlo ball. You want to AVOID these guys like the plague. They are malicious theives and have held 1.4 million usd of mine. I hope they have a good time with that. ...

RE: Free Consultation Not Really Free? GQLaw Law Office of Gary

In response to the June 17, 2015 post from the person who believes that I am not a customer service attorney. Though I do not know who it was, I did receive the following request on June 16, 2015: "tax abatement through bankruptcy - to gary, good day, how long is the bankruptcy process? what is the charge of bankruptcy and abatement for state and federal taxes?" ...

jamba juice 3545 del mar heights lazy workers out of order drink

wanted a get a nice smoothie so i stopped at the jamba juice. they have this almond milk matcha green tea mix which i like. the drink is pretty filling and a nice blend. problem with the jamba juice at 3545 del mar heights del mar is that the workers are lazy. the workers have social conversations while working. sports. girls. school. work. all topics. i enter and order my drink. 20 minutes later i am still waiting. a guy that was 2 spots behind me in line has his name called before me. what is this a steak or hamburger joint where his meat is cooked medium rare and mine is well-done so I have to wait, even though he ordered after me. anyway, his name was called and he picks up his order. ...

review of chelsea handlers breasts mediocre grandma boobs flaws

chelsea handler of chelsea lately fame boobs. mom boobs. areola poorly shaped. boobs are in pre-sag mode. grandma boobs. breasts that 50 cent did not want to suck on. handler sex on howard stern that the sex was ordinary; then on the finale of the chelseas handler show chelsea lately, said that 50 cent was a fabulous lover. liar. anyway, looking at this site popsugar and saw boob shots of chelsea handler skiing and riding horses, but the boobs are not falling the way they are suppose to. the breasts are simply not tantalizing. look, chelsea handler is old. chelsea has old woman breasts. nothing wrong with old breasts. not hanging too low. not poking anyones eye out. very mediocre breasts. ...

tyra banks is an old and ugly woman talk show host super model

tyra banks is a very old and ugly super model. apparently, you can not just be a model anymore; you have to be a supermodel. tyra banks has a large forehead. the forehead attached to tyra's head is so large that other foreheads are able to nest in it during the day. damn, that is a huge head with a forehead in the middle of it. tyra banks has a successful talk show. tyra banks wears a lot of makeup. the makeup just covers her head and oozes all over her face creating different colors and sizes and shapes on an art board she calls a face. tyra hosts her talk show and recently tyra banks wanted to make waves by showing what her face and head would look like without makeup and without a ...

hallmark channel movies all have the same theme cats dogs happy

watching this stupid hallmark movie about everyone being happy and nothing going wrong. in this latest installment, hallmark movie: the nine lives of christmas has to do with women who are rivals with each other, over a guy. usual movie theme. but in this movie, somehow the casting director cast a very very old woman who is about 40, to be the love interest of this fireman played by a young stud in his 20's so the love angle is not believable. the young fireman has to be the worst actor i have seen in my life. if you mute the movie, the guy has the most weird facial expressions. it is a disaster. eyebrows lifted. eyebrows down. the movie is about 2 people's love of cast. they meet they ...

the make cancer history campaign by md anderson is condescending

condescending. that is the word i associate with md anderson's make cancer history campaign. a bunch of actors make commercials about how they will fight cancer. the way they are fighting cancer is through research. while you are reading and studying, cancer and cancer cells are killing vital organs. md anderson make cancer history commercial wants to battle cancer with hope and with knowledge. meanwhile, the cancer is attacking the body. the make cancer history commercial by md anderson cancer center is laughable. 2 in 4 people will get cancer by the end of their life. md anderson is based at the university of texas. the commercial by md anderson does not talk about the latest drugs or ...

white house whitehouse.gov petitions ezra schwartz american man

whitehouse.gov is a forum where american citizens can be heard by president obama but there is a fine print that says that security matters may prevent an official statement from the executive branch. the issue of transparency is one that barak obama wanted to address in this first and second term in office. the we the people website states that an official response to a petition that garners 100,000 online signatures. a person enters their email address, first name, and last name. once one hundred thousand virtual names are entered into the we the people database, then a formal response is granted by the white house and president. this petition corresponds to ezra schwartz who was ...

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Sunday 22, November, 2015
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greyhound breeding horror spain torture dog competition acid cig

an article about how in parts of rural spain, the dog laws are not enforced and dogs are bred to be raced and to be tortured. dogs hanging to trees. dogs left to die. dogs burned with cigarettes. dogs thrown over fences. dogs entered in competition and punished and beaten for coming in last. acid thrown on the skin and face of dogs. laws do not help or are non-existent. dogs forced to keep up and run behind trucks . greyhounds abandoned with broken legs. greyhounds dying. greyhounds starving to death. this is happening in spain. crazy. rural breeders in spain breed the greyhound dogs and leave them to die after the hunting season and after using the greyhound dogs for their own purposes. ...

from you flowers customer service order delayed not fulfilled

ordered from a flower company called "from you" flowers. i was told my order would be delivered on a saturday and paid extra for a better upgraded experience. i come to find out from you flowers company did not update nor upgrade my order, even though the website sent me a confirmation email. so now the recipient did not get the flowers shipped to them. from you flowers told me late that they do not have a distributor or store in the area that i sent my lovely delivery of flowers to. very disappointed in the delay and non fulfillment of the flower purchase. will not be purchasing another order fromyouflowers.com ; this was especially a potent and powerful flower order. sad. upset. i feel ...

puran file recovery system blocks computer system freezes laptop

poorly reviewed. bad review of the puran file recovery system. i searched google with the worlds undelete and recovery and puran came up on the first page. what a mistake to try and install this undelete file system. frustrated with its use. spent hours searching my computer system on my laptop. kept freezing up. kept dying. finally after 3 hours, puran file program gave me the success message. i had high hopes for the puran software but when i searched my file to see if it was part of the file system in the puran index, puran froze. i managed to unfreeze puran but it went into scan mode, deleting the thousands of files puran recovery told me it found a few seconds later. no back button. ...

flowers experience ftd 1-800-flowers from you flowers proflowers

well, i just tried ordering flowers. first i went to ftd and they said my recipients zip code in the state of michigan was invalid. liars. the postal code is valid. i then went to 1-800-flowers and they wanted me to wait two weeks till december for the delivery date. this order was sympathy flowers for a funeral and they want such a long delay. i then went to proflowers. again with the invalid zip and postal code in michigan. simply a silly experience. each of the flower sites: ftd, proflowers, 800 flowers tease you with a "do you want to save" offer. of course nothing is saved as they mark up the price 20% higher and then "automatically" take the discount at the checking cart - You can ...

condusiv diskeeper undelete review waste of time worst company

wasted several hours going through the condusiv diskeeper siite. this website asks you to register, send them your email address and personal information, in order to give you a trialware link. i checked my email 4 times for a trial ware link and finally clicked on the disk keeper undelete link. this million dollar company is a failure. just look at the error that was sent to me when i clicked the download button: server error: 404 - File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. wasted several hours. this is the worst company condusiv. how can customers download links? they can not. waste of time. ...

capriotti's sandwich shop las vegas hardrock hotel spa 24 hours

driving across the street from the hard rock hotel, i see this 24 hour spa. it says relax on it, which is a code word for a hand job. there is a cvs pharmacy there, where my friend approached the ceo of seeking arrangement there; brandon wade; who was buying beer with a hot, sexy blond from the website. i had to kill some time and decided either to get a massage before i ate, or eat first. well i saw people eating sandwiches and walked over the capriotti's sandwich shop. i was thinking of giving up meat and becoming a vegetarian or a pescatarian, because every time i see meat, i see dead animals; but the problem is that meat is too damn tasty. so i walk int the capriotti's sandwich shop in ...

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Thursday 19, November, 2015
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antigua sues united states gambling lawsuit losing money sites

antigua has gone to the world trade organization to sue the united states over not allowing u.s.a players to gamble on websites that are hosted in their country. antigua issues licenses to gambling websites. the sites are hosted and have servers in antigua. poker sites, blackjack sites, baccarat sites; all types of gambling sites are regulated by the country and island of antigua in the Caribbean. the wto has authority to regulate dispute between countries because 122 countries chose to give the wto, based in geneva switzerland the power. well, the united states chose not to honor their committment to the wto contract. antigua won. the wto sided with antigua and was awarded some money. the ...

treasure island casino hotel internet access poor coverage rooms

the treasure island hotel casino has probably the best location on the las vegas strip, with pedestrian bridges connecting mirage, wynn, encore, palazzo, harrahs and venetian. what the treasure island casino does not have is reliable internet connection. after paying the so called resort fee which i properly refer to as a ripoff fee. i get to the rooms and i can not get more than 2 bars. the wifi sucks. what i am paying for. common treasure island get your act together. i can not get 3 of 4 bars on my wifi internet connection. poor coverage. poor internet access. small rooms. no signals through the walls. the treasure island casino needs to improve their cable ...

grimaldi pizza las vegas venetian canal shoppes fashion mall wow

wow. grimaldi pizza in las vegas is to die for. this is some of the best pizza i have ever tasted. it is a coal, brick, oven pizzeria. i was amazed at first bite. first of all, the pizza is thin crust. it melts in your mouth. my friend ordered the margarita pizza and i order cuattro which is italian for four cheeses. the four cheese pizza was 8 stars out of 10. there was probably 1 cheese that did not mix well with the other 3 cheeses; but hey; we are talking about cheese here. you really can't go wrong with cheese. you have this delicious coal, brick crust in these amazing ovens. i was in heaven. the smalls are medium sized. the mediums were large. the large were huge. the prices were ...

shaving kit razors hard rock hotel failure review iss safe shave

iss institutional supply solutions given to patrons of the hard rock hotel and casino. my shaving experience there is terrible. i tried to get a nice shave after tipping the hardrock doorman 20 bucks. little did i know the shavers provided by the hard rock are not sharp. the shaver or should i say razors are dull; not sharp at all. i spent 45 minutes with a hard rock razor and a backup hard rock razor in front of the hard rock casino mirror. the hard rock provided a cheap "safe shave" brushless shave cream. one of the shavers from hardrock broke. the other hardrock hotel shaver bent and was about to break and i had to glue it together, then tape around it. the stupid cream that hardrock ...

spawtlightdog.com spawt light dog review bad treatment of dogs

had to write this review of spawtlightdog.com which is on E street in downtown san diego. took my dog here several times because of some good reviews or some good word of mouth only to discover bad treatment of the animals, namely the dogs, and my own dog being pulled and yanked by the neck by spawtlight employees. spawtlightdog is located at 915 estreet, san diego ca 92101. the location was close to my, school and home so i brought my little guy in. i handed the leash to an employee and the spawtlightdog employee started yanking and pulling on the leashe to the point where my dog's neck was stretched and the dog was in serious pain. i was a dumb and cruel owner for allowing this behavior ...

passion for photography is about capturing the moment emotion

Passion for Photography. Photography is about capturing the moment, the emotion, the action, the subject, the memory, the beauty and the purpose of life. Being photographers give us access to things most people will never see and experience many will never understand. Seeing the natural world around me in a more intimate way, meeting amazing people I never would have met, amazing places that I wouldn’t have seen if I wasn’t on the prowl for new and exciting locations to ...